Foundation Waterproofing

Musty basement or crawl space smells are typically the result of wet, leaky conditions. A wet basement often means a leak. Water enters your home in several ways—from floor cracks, through wall cracks, from under the footer, from over the footer, from sweating walls, subsurface water and from window wells. Once the origin of the water has been addressed, foundation waterproofing can prevent future water leaks.

Over-saturated soil underneath the house foundation can cause expansive clay soils to expand and heave upward, eventually creating cracks. Water can enter the basement through these cracks. Hydrostatic pressure often causes foundation wall cracks, which allows water seepage into the basement.

Health Risks

Water also can build up behind blocks of cinder block basement walls. When this happens, water can leak into the basement and mold can develop behind the wall. Mold not only smells bad, but it presents serious health risks, especially to anyone suffering from respiratory illnesses, allergies and asthma. Waterproofing foundations may help prevent this type of water damage. Waterproofing foundation walls can help reduce the excessive moisture that causes wall sweating.

Poor exterior drainage contributes to excess water under the footer supporting the foundation. This water can make its way into foundation cracks and then into the basement. When water moves through the space between the footer and the wall that sits atop it, it can seep foundation cracks and cause damage.

WaterLock™ Plus System

Olshan is home to the exclusive Water Lock™ Plus System and a wide variety of innovative waterproofing products and services. Our waterproofing systems allow homeowners to reclaim valuable living space by reducing wet conditions. The old, damp, wet basement can be transformed into a usable room, ideal for a family room, kids’ play area, extra bedroom or home office. The Water Lock™ Plus System features dual-channel waterproofing technology designed to control water seepage with multiple, redundant control measures.

If you’re tired of your wet basement and are concerned you may have foundation problems, an Olshan foundation specialist can perform an inspection and provide a foundation repair estimate along with waterproofing recommendations.

Olshan backs services with an available Lifetime Transferable Warranty.