Crooked Doors

The foundation of your home can suffer various problems. Shifting soil causes foundation movement and eventually cracks in the concrete. When the soil under a home’s foundation becomes saturated, it can expand and heave upward toward the underside of the concrete; when it dries, the soil contracts. This constant upheaval causes cracks and more problems that can lead to foundation damage.

Foundation problems occur in both slab foundations and foundations under multi-story structures. As a cracked foundation begins to settle, structural damage can occur. Inside the home, issues can appear in all areas of the house — from crooked doors to warped flooring and windows that stick.

Identifying Foundation Shift Issues

A foundation that has heaved and shifted may affect the way the doors in the home hang. Crooked doors are more than just an annoyance, they can be a sign of foundation problems that must be addressed by a qualified repair specialist. Uneven doors do not close properly, often popping open each time you try to close them. An uneven or crooked door also may seem not to fit into its space correctly. This may be because the foundation has settled or moved. If the settlement is severe, it can lead to structural failure of the building.

What is the Solution?

crooked doorA home suffering structural failure needs to have its foundation stabilized. Foundation leveling sometimes involves stabilizing the home using steel or concrete pilings beneath the foundation. While foundation repair methods can vary depending on the exact problem, Olshan has developed their own Hybrid Piling System to stabilize compromised foundations and correct structural failures. When this type of foundation correction is employed, issues such as crooked doors, sagging floors and sticking windows may be fixed.

Olshan’s hybrid piling installation can be completed in about two days and comes with an available lifetime warranty. Trained repair specialists will inspect your crooked doors and look at any other signs of foundation damage in and around your home. If foundation reinforcement via hybrid piling installation is needed, only trained personnel will supervise and complete the process. Call a trained specialist today to get started.