Guide to Foundation Repair

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guide to foundation repairYour home’s structural integrity depends on the strength of your foundation. It supports everything else –walls, windows, floors, doorways, roof – so when your foundation is damaged, it can cause serious problems throughout your home.

Like most things in life, your foundation is subject to environmental stress. Expanding and contracting soil, excessive moisture and inadequate drainage are some of the most common threats to your home’s foundation. Over time, environmental stressors can cause a foundation to shift, crack or settle unevenly. And homeowners often miss early warning signs of foundation damage.

This Guide May Save you Big Bucks

Homeowners spend about $4 billion annually stabilizing faulty foundations, and those costs may increase as more homes are built in areas known for shifting soil.

Understanding risk factors and signs of foundation problems can help you protect your most valuable asset from irreversible damage. Download the Guide to Foundation Repair to learn the most common signs of foundation damage, methods of repair and associated costs, as well as how to choose the right company to repair your foundation

Easy DIY Foundation Repair Tips

  • How to Look for Signs of Foundation Problems
  • The Essential Homeowner’s Checklist for Foundation Repair (Interior & Exterior)
  • Different Types of Foundation Problems
  • Learn What Causes Foundation Problems
  • How Expansive Clay Soils Affect Home’s in Your Area
  • A Complete List of Foundation Repair and Waterproofing Methods
  • How to Select a Foundation Repair Contractor
  • The Cost of Foundation Repair
  • And much more!

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