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Structural Repair Services

  • Foundation Repair
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  • Wall Anchoring
  • Crawl Space Repair
  • Exterior Water Management
  • Exterior Waterproofing
  • Basement Air Quality and Humidity Management

Improve Structural Integrity in Nashville, TN

nashville-value-featuresOnly Olshan offers decades of experience, proven results and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Are you worried about foundation problems or a wet basement? Left untreated, structural damage can worsen over time, leaving you with a major headache.

With Olshan, scheduling a free, no-obligation assessment is easy. Simply schedule an appointment that is convenient to you, and we will send a Certified Structural Technician over to perform a thorough evaluation of your home.

Not all homes we visit require repair (about 20% do not), but for those that do, we offer a variety of cost-effective products and services designed to fix structural and water intrusion problems of all types and sizes.

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Olshan Offers

Available Warranty Programs – We stand by our work. Most services are backed by available warranty programs.

Industry Leading Technology – If your foundation repair contractor is not using the patented Cable Lock™ ST Plus System, you (and your home) are settling for less than the best.

Convenient Payment Options – Olshan offers a variety of payment plans to fit your needs, including a low fixed-rate program. Fix your home for as little as $125/month!

Certified Technicians – Assessments are conducted by experienced, Certified Structural Technicians.

Comprehensive Approach – We offer a variety of products and services, allowing our Technicians to design a repair plan unique to your home and budget.

Homeownership is an accomplishment that you should take pride in. Of course, taking care of your property and ensuring that it maintains its value over time is equally important. Olshan Foundation Repair specializes in slab foundation repair, crawl space repair, encapsulation, basement waterproofing, indoor air quality, basement wall repair, and drainage for both homes and businesses in the Nashville, TN region.

Due to time and mother nature, some foundation problems are simply unavoidable. Our experts help identify and suggest ways to fix problems before they spread. We welcome the opportunity to meet your needs. Take a few moments to fill out our simple online form and schedule a free estimate today.

Olshan Foundation Solutions provides the following services in Nashville, TN:

Comprehensive foundation repair – We will assess and repair your foundation using secure Cable Lock™ ST Plus technology, which is covered by our available lifetime warranty.

Basement and crawl space waterproofing – Our technicians evaluate the forces affecting your basement or crawl space before developing a comprehensive repair plan unique to your home. Products and services include exterior wall waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, interior drainage, exterior drainage, sump pump installation, gravity drains and more.

Drainage – Proper drainage is an important part of a Healthy Home. We offer multiple drainage services designed to fit your needs.

Wall Repair – Olshan offers a wide variety of wall repair services designed to fit any home and any budget.

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Average Costs of Some Basement, Foundation, and Crawlspace Repairs in 2021 for Nashville, TN

Here are some more details on the average cost of foundation repair in the Nashville area from our jobs to date in 2021

What is the average cost of Foundation Repair in Nashville and its surrounding area?
We are seeing an average cost of repairs to foundations come in at $8495.43 for 2021. Repairs that are not addressed immediately can grow into big expensive problems. We recommend contacting Olshan’s experts at the first sign of damage.

What is the average cost of Basement Waterproofing in our area?
Waterproofing from the interior can cost significantly less than exterior waterproofing because it doesn’t involve much excavation.  Waterproofing from the exterior can cost significantly more. An estimate is the best way to get an accurate number, but in the Nashville area we’re seeing an average of $8,805.00 spent on basement waterproofing in 2021

What is the average cost of fixing drainage issues in foundations, crawl spaces, and basements in the Nashville area in 2021?
Drainage issues are many times the culprit of poor grading, shifting foundations, or poor maintenance to a home’s exterior. Irrigation and watering issues can also cause drainage problems around your home.  We’re seeing an average cost of drainage system repairs in Nashville come in at $4,199.95 so far in 2021.

What are the average costs associated with Crawl Space Repair near Nashville in 2021?
Crawl space repair generally happens because waterproofing, draining, and other maintenance either did not work or was not addressed early enough. While the average cost of fixing drainage issues is only $4,199.95, the average cost of crawl space repairs in Nashville is averaging nearly double that at $8,747.25 for 2021

What’s the average cost of Crawl Space Encapsulation in Nashville for 2021?
Crawl space encapsulation is an extensive process that adds a waterproof membrane to your crawl space’s floors, sealed vents, insulated walls, and other fixtures – along with the setup of a crawl space dehumidifier. While extremely effective to cut back on mold and mildew in a damp crawl space – which will save money and health issues for years to come, it’s not an inexpensive fix. We’re seeing an average of $8,873.09 for crawl space encapsulation in Nashville for 2021

We need some major foundation repair done, with waterproofing (maybe from the interior?)  What is the average cost of Foundation Repair with Waterproofing in the Nashville area?
Foundation repair and waterproofing combine two of our most often booked repairs. When you need both, you’re looking at fixing some significant damage to your home or business’s foundation. In 2021 we’re seeing an average cost of $12,506.50 for foundation repair plus waterproofing in our area.

The expert team at Olshan in Nashville has seen an overall average foundation repair service cost in the neighborhood of $7,478.53 so far in 2021

*All of the averages given above are based on booked work but are the average for the DFW area. These numbers are not an exact quote and should not be construed as such, they are provided for information purposes only. Call our foundation repair experts for an exact quote.

We Take Care of Homeowners

We know good, trustworthy companies can be hard to find. That’s why our friendly team of Certified Structural Technicians are always look out for your best interests. We know foundations, which is why our Nashville team has been featured in the New York Times.

From the beginning to the end of the repair process, we keep the lines of communication open so there’s never any confusion regarding the services or costs involved. If something changes during your foundation repair or basement repair project, we will quickly let you know, and when we set a deadline, we stick to it.

At Olshan, your satisfaction is our first priority, each and every time.

Olshan Serves Nashville, Tennessee and Surrounding Areas

Our service area also includes; Franklin, Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Brentwood, Gallatin, Cookeville, Russellville, Lebanon, Smyrna, and Mount Juliet. Correct minor problems now and avoid major repairs in the future, call 615-367-2800 to schedule.

What our 86+ happy clients have to say on Google:

After talking with three companies and doing a lot of research online, we opted to use Olshan, based on several factors: online reviews, the company’s suggestions/equipment, its BBB record and pricing–it was slightly less expensive than our second choice. Choosing a company for this type of work is challenging, to say the least: it’s expensive, and you won’t really know if their suggestions work until after it rains. It’s been two months since we had the service, and we’ve only had one or two sustained rains since then, so it may still be a bit early. With that as background, we were very pleased with Olshan and the team that did the work: timely, professional and easy to work with. And Tommy, the supervisor, could not have been more accommodative. We think the results are going to work well, too (which, after all, is the real test): after three inches of rain last week, our basement is still bone dry, and that’s a first!
Steven G.
October 2019

The crew just left earlier today (as I write this review). I can't emphasize enough just how awesome they were. Professional, friendly, thorough. Truly above and beyond. I made a joke as they were leaving that they should stop back by some time but honestly, starting with the initial rep that came out to the guys here working, that's just how personable they all were. I've dealt with many contractors over the years but these guys impressed the heck out of me. Most importantly, they solved the foundation/drainage issue I had, and ended up providing a solution to the air quality issue in my home (which was on my to-do list), all at a surprisingly reasonable cost. Really refreshing experience!

Paul G., Nashville, TN
Over 87 years of Service