Cable Lock ST Plus Foundation Repair System

Breakthrough with Cable Lock™ ST Plus – A Deeper, Stronger & More Durable Foundation Support System

Cable Lock ST Plus Foundation Repair System installed under a concrete slab brick home

Here’s what makes Cable Lock™ ST Plus more reliable:

  • Combines Strength and Longevity Concrete with Depth of Steel
  • Steel Sections Penetrate Deeper
  • Concrete Sections Provide a Stronger Repair
  • The Cable Locks the System Together

Cable Lock™ ST Plus Foundation Repair Helps Reverse Cracks in Walls, Sticking Doors & Sagging Floors

For many years, the foundation repair industry has used steel piers or concrete pilings. Each type has its advantages.

The breakthrough Cable Lock™ ST Plus Foundation Repair System combines the strength and longevity of a concrete piling with the depth of a steel pier locked together with a Cable. The smaller diameter steel sections can go deeper, punching through harder clay and rocky soils. The larger concrete sections provide greater bearing area for a stronger repair. Plus the Cable locks the system together.

Cable Lock™ ST Plus System Advantages

The earth beneath your home consists of several layers or strata that have different compositions. Some consist of clay soils that shrink when dry and expand when wet. This causes stress on your foundation and often results in its downward movement.

  • The Depth of Steel—Smaller diameter steel segments penetrate deeper into soils less
    affected by weather.
  • The Strength and Longevity of Concrete—The concrete cylinder provides more
    surface area for better support which won’t corrode in moisture.
  • Cable Locks System Together—The Cable ensures alignment, verifies depth and provides steel reinforcement.
  • No Heavy Equipment Used—Easy on your home and family.
  • Available Lifetime Transferable Warranty—Peace of mind

View The Cable Lock™ ST Plus System Up-Close.Cable Lock ST+ foundation repair system.

Comparing Foundation Repair Pilings – At a Glance

foundation piling chart

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Installation Process – How it Works