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Foundation damage is common in homes and businesses in the Blytheville area. Older buildings are vulnerable to the ravages of time, but many newer structures sit on soil that is volatile and unstable, and in these locations foundation problems can develop in the virtual blink of an eye.

All across Mississippi County, foundations are in jeopardy, and your foundation may be on the list. If you don’t know what problem signs to look for, you’ll miss the evidence until it is far too late. As a Blytheville homeowner or business owner you cannot afford to take chances, which is why you should contact Olshan for a free, in-home evaluation.

At Olshan we deliver repair services that are top-of-the-line yet entirely affordable. Our initial evaluation of your home and property is absolutely free and includes a custom repair plan that is yours to keep, and that is a bargain you cannot afford to pass up.

Signs and Symptoms of Foundations Under Stress

Alluvial soils in eastern Arkansas are comprised of fine sand and clay, and it is the clay that expands and contracts as it first absorbs water from rain, runoff or flooding, and then later loses it when conditions are dry. These changes in volume and density will cause foundations perched on that soil to heave, sag and slide, causing progressive damage and deterioration.

Let’s not forget that Blytheville is firmly situated in the heart of the New Madrid Seismic Zone, which means your foundation is vulnerable to the effects of all the frequent small earthquakes that strike the region. You may not notice these tiny tremors, but they can gradually compromise the solidity of the soil beneath your home, adding even more instability to an already unstable situation.

Here are some distinctive signs of foundation stress and associated structural, water or air quality problems they can cause:

  • Cracks and crevices in basement floors or walls.
  • Walls bulging inward.
  • Sagging wooden floors in the home.
  • Spidery cracks forming in plaster walls or ceilings upstairs.
  • Doors or windows in the house that stick or appear crooked.
  • Bad odors wafting up from below the crawl space.
  • Family members plagued by allergy attacks or fits of itching.
  • Water trickling down basement walls or collecting in crawl spaces.
  • Insect invasions in basements or crawl spaces.
  • Mold forming on basement walls.
  • Higher-than-normal humidity levels upstairs.
  • Tilting of the entire structure.

Ultimately it takes an expert to spot and diagnose foundation-related damage, and that’s exactly what our Certified Structural Technicians are trained to do.

Want the Best Foundation Repair Solutions in Blytheville?  Olshan Has Them

blytheville foundation repair

If your free Olshan evaluation confirms the need for repairs, here are two groundbreaking Olshan products that can restore your sinking or sagging foundation back to a fully functional and stable state:

Cable Lock™ ST Plus. Some companies still put their trust in outdated older methods, but we’ve developed the most innovative and power-packed foundation lift-and-support technology in the country: the Cable Lock™ ST Plus Foundation Repair System.

Using the strongest materials available, Cable Lock™ ST Plus is a hybrid steel pier/concrete piling system. Steel pier segments are inserted deep into the earth around the edges of a sagging foundation, where the soil is the strongest, and concrete pilings are added to the upper part of the Cable Lock™ assembly for superior horizontal resistance. Cable Lock™ ST Plus columns are held together by a galvanized steel cable and secured in place on each end by our break-resistant Sure-Lock™ locking system.

Our technicians will install as many pier/piling columns around the perimeter of your structure as is necessary to lift your foundation to satisfactory position, and help to ensure it remains that way down the road.

PolyLift™ Polyurethane Injection System. If the soil beneath your home or business is losing its density and strength, or is contracting during a dry spell, your concrete slab foundations may begin to sag or slump in the middle. To lift those slabs back into place you must reinforce the soil that is expected to support them, and the most reliable and efficient way to do so is with our PolyLift™ Polyurethane Injection System. The PolyLift™ methodology is simple: through a series of small holes drilled in the concrete slab surface, our repair technicians will inject ample quantities of a two-part, environmentally-safe polyurethane mixture that will bind with the soil below. The injection process continues until the sagging concrete is raised to the correct level thanks to the additional support offered by our stable and long-lasting polyurethane mixture.

PolyLift™ technology can be used to lift almost any concrete surface back into place, so if you have sagging sidewalks, driveways, concrete pathways, swimming pool floors, parking areas or storefronts, Olshan has the solution that can end your troubles.

Structural repair is the fundamental core of our mission, but we do offer swift, safe and dependable solutions to other home and foundation-related problems. Here is a quick sampling of some of what we offer to homeowners in Blytheville, AR.

Crawl Space Recovery and Encapsulation

Crawl Space foundations are common in northeastern Arkansas, and chronic moisture infiltration is a problem for many homeowners who may not even realize how bad the situation has gotten. Fortunately, Olshan can help remediate your crawl space moisture problems, using the effective technological solutions that comprise our comprehensive CrawlSafe™ Encapsulation and Recovery System.

Our CrawlSafe™ technologies include:

SafeSeal™. This water-resistant encapsulation liner can cover your crawl space ceiling, walls and floors with no gaps or seams.

EZ Flo Drainage System. This water removal system will protect your crawl space interior and perimeter from groundwater infiltration.

Crawl Space Dehumidifers. A comprehensive ventilation and air quality solution that will purify your crawl space climate. We often recommend a dehumidifier for the best encapsulation service, and we have a full line of crawl space and basement dehumidifiers available for homeowners with moisture difficulties.

SafeAdjust®. These superior-strength steel columns will provide rock-solid support to crawl space beams sagging because of moisture damage.
The CrawlSafe™ encapsulation system is the finest crawl space waterproofing package available in Blytheville, and we can offer the best in professional installation services if your crawl space is in need of recovery.

Basement Waterproofing and Outdoor Water Management

Excessive water pressure from saturated soil can cause your basement walls to bow inward, possibly to the breaking point if nothing is done.
If those walls are cracking and water is leaking in and accumulating, the time to act is right now before the situation careens out of control.

Basements are both a warning system and a first line of defense against moisture penetration from the surrounding soil, and when signs of trouble are evident you need to act quickly to address them.

At Olshan we deal with all types of basement and foundation problems, large, small and anywhere in between. We offer a line of advanced products and procedures that will help reduce basement damage.

Here’s a brief look at some of your options:

Please call us today to schedule your free home and foundation assessment. After our technicians complete their survey they will give you a diagnosis and explain all your options, in detail and with full cost accounting. You may need major or minor assistance, or no services at all, but regardless of what we find Olshan has superb alternatives to offer.

What is the Cost of Foundation Repair in Blytheville, AR?

Olshan Has Stood the Test of Time—and with Our Repair Solutions Your Home or Business Can, Too

Since 1933, Olshan Foundation Repair is your one-stop destination in Mississippi County for foundation repairs, waterproofing, crawl space recovery, basement remediation, outdoor drainage management and indoor air quality improvement.

We are a time-tested company with time-tested solutions, and if you need help at your home or business in Blytheville—or anywhere else in Mississippi County and northeastern Arkansas—please contact us today.

Thank you again, to all of the men involved with our repairs. And, thank you for being a company that we can trust and depend on when things go wrong around our home.

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