Drainage System Installation

Performing our work is designed to be easy on you and your home.

subsurface drainage installed hidden into grass

Quick, clean and safe. Performed by an expertly trained and experienced crew. Completed on time. And done right.


Site Preparation
Our crew begins by marking the ground for placement of the Olshan Drainage System pipe. Grass is carefully removed and saved prior to digging the trench.

Creating and Grading the Trench
The trench is dug and cleaned to accommodate the Olshan Drainage System pipe. Next, the trench is carefully graded and leveled to ensure proper water flow. Often, surveying equipment is used to determine the proper height, slope and fall of the trench.

Pipe Assembly and Trench Insertion
Our Olshan Drainage System pipe with flushable technology is placed in the trenches.

Basins and Gutters
Special 12″ x 12″ Low Profile Basins are installed at appropriate intervals along the system. It is important to tie gutter downspouts (if available) into the Olshan Drainage System.

The Finishing Touches
Trenches are reā€“filled with dirt. Dirt in the trenches is tamped down for soil compaction. Each catch basin is graded for proper water flow into the system. The area is thoroughly cleaned.