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Olshan Offers Innovative Foundation Repair Technology in Victoria, TX

In Victoria and throughout the Golden Crescent, foundation damage is a common, yet often under-diagnosed problem. South Texas homeowners often fail to realize there’s a problem until major damage materializes, and by that point affordable repairs may no longer be practical.

Fortunately, if you live in the Victoria, TX area, solutions to your foundation-related troubles are only a phone call away.

Established in 1933, Olshan Foundation Repair is the most respected name in foundation repair industry. Put 90 Years of experience to work for you. Schedule a free, no-obligation Structural Evaluation now.

Low $125/Month Payment Plan Available

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Concrete Foundations in the Golden Crescent are Prone to Upheaval. Partner with Olshan to Keep Your Home on Solid Ground

Concrete slab foundations may appear indestructible, but if you go beneath the surface of your home or business you’ll discover your foundation is only as secure as the soil it sits on—and that soil (especially in Texas) often expands and contracts, putting tremendous vertical and/or horizontal pressure on rigid structures (like slab foundations) that weren’t designed to move.

In Texas, clay-laden soil is common, and when the soil underneath a home is heavy in clay it readily absorbs moisture from any source that provides it: rain storms, runoff from hillsides, poorly-designed drainage systems, plumbing leaks underneath a home… regardless of the source the soil will act like a sponge, and as it swells in volume it can lift a concrete foundation up out of its footprint.

Meanwhile, the all-to-common drought conditions of Texas can cause the opposite effect: drying soil will steadily contract, causing anything that sits above it (like a concrete slab foundation) to sink back into the earth.

Since the trouble occurs deep underground, it can be hard to detect a burgeoning foundation problem, but here are a few signs to watch for:

  • Cracks in lower-level walls, either inside in the basement or outside in the brickwork.
  • Water pooling near your home or teady and sudden moisture penetration crawl spaces.
  • Doors and windows that stick or seem to be misaligned (when they were perfectly fine before).
  • Sagging floors or ceilings.
  • Unpleasant odors emanating from down below the crawl space.
  • Frequent cracking or creaking sounds that seem like your house or place of business is “settling.”

Ultimately, diagnosing a foundation problem is not always a do-it-yourself affair, which is why we encourage you to contact us right away if you have concerns. We will send a Certified Structural Technician to your home to perform a full and complete evaluation, and if a problem is found you will receive a detailed repair plan that is yours to keep and review at your leisure — 100% free-of-charge.

Effective and Affordable Foundation Repair Options for Homeowners in Victoria, TX

In some cases, minor repairs combined with other changes may be enough to solve your foundation troubles.

For example, if your foundation has been damaged not by water intrusion, but by tree roots growing underneath your home (an occasional cause of foundation displacement), radical intervention may not be necessary once a tree removal company has eliminated the source of the problem.

Or, if you have moisture problems caused by inadequate drainage around your home, you may be able to mitigate the damage with a simple DIY drainage system designed to funnel water away from the foundation.

If you are having a more serious issue with your foundation, we offer a variety of high-quality, technically-advanced solutions that can help stabilize your concrete slab or crawl space support beams, putting your home or business back on solid ground.

Cable Lock™ ST Plus

When slab foundations begin to heave, sink and/or slide they must be propped up, jacked up or otherwise lifted back into place. Then they must be stabilized to prevent further upward, downward or sideways movement.

One way to gain stability is by vertically installing concrete columns or steel piers directly beneath the foundation.

Or better yet, by installing both concrete columns and steel piers, locked together in powerful assemblies by a galvanized 200,000 steel cable secured at each end by Olshan’s sturdy Sure-Lock™ technology.

This is our patented Cable Lock™ ST Plus Foundation Repair System.

The steel piers at the bottom of each Cable Lock™ ST Plus assembly allow for maximum penetration into solid soil several feet below your home’s foundation, while the concrete columns offer sturdy and reliable anchoring that prevents your foundation from sliding horizontally or sinking back into the earth.

PolyLift™ – Victoria, TX Concrete Lifting

When soil density has declined and is no longer adequate to support a concrete slab or other type of concrete installation, the concrete will begin to sink into the earth. This can happen when soil heavy in clay is excessively dry, or when soil’s structural strength has been compromised by constant expansions and contractions caused by moisture absorption.

A good way to solve this problem is by injecting an environmentally safe, water-resistant polyurethane mixture into the ground beneath the sagging concrete structure, in enough volume to lift the foundation (and anything it supports) back to an acceptable level. The polyurethane mixture is resistant to expansion, contraction or washing, and if injected in sufficient volume the concrete it supports should hold its position.

Polyurethane lifting is simple, fast and efficient, and our PolyLift™ Concrete Lifting/Structural Repair System incorporates all the best this methodology has to offer. With the PolyLift™ method the polyurethane mixture is pumped in through tiny holes drilled directly into the concrete, and once the concrete rises to the proper level the process is stopped and the holes are filled, leaving little-to-no trace to suggest repairs had been performed.

The PolyLift™ System is incredibly versatile and can be used to lift sagging sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, sections of streets and a full range of residential and commercial concrete slab foundations.

Under-Slab Plumbing Problems are a Hidden Threat. Olshan can Help Expose Them.

The movement of concrete slab foundations can damage sewer pipes running under your home. Leaking pipes beneath the slab is one possible cause of foundation problems. So either way, plumbing problems are a frequent companion of decaying or collapsing foundations.

Under-slab plumbing problems are difficult to diagnose without expert intervention, but fortunately for you that is exactly what Olshan can provide.

But how will you know if there’s an issue? Some possible signs of under-slab plumbing leaks include:

  • Mold and mildew under floor covers.
  • The sound of running water in the basement even when no faucets are on.
  • Higher-than-expected water bills.

Olshan’s licensed plumbers use a process called hydrostatic testing to check for under-slab plumbing leaks.

Olshan employs only the best-trained professional plumbers, and their ability to uncover and fix under-slab plumbing leaks can save you a lot of money—and heartbreak—in the long run.

Only Olshan, Since 1933

Established in 1933, Olshan provides time-tested solutions to Victoria, TX residents and business owners trying to manage foundation problems.

We provide accurate diagnoses and fast and efficient solutions for residential and commercial foundation issues. When you call Olshan you can rest easy knowing that our highly-trained and certified professionals are here to help.

Thank you again, to all of the men involved with our repairs. And, thank you for being a company that we can trust and depend on when things go wrong around our home.

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