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In Southern homes where a basement is often impractical, an underground crawl space can provide extra storage space and provide convenient access to pipes and substructures while lifting the house up off the ground.

Unfortunately, a crawl space is not immune to complications. Moisture can create a whole host of issues in crawl spaces. Since Lee County averages 53 inches of rain a year, 14 inches higher than the national average of 39 inches, preventing crawl spaces from accumulating standing water is a priority for Auburn homeowners.

How Does Moisture Get In?

Moisture can enter the crawl space in a variety of ways:

  • Water intrusion
  • Through wall cracks
  • Underground water
  • Excessive humidity

Higher moisture levels set the stage for all kinds of issues. Do you have hardwood floors? Wood is a natural material that’s sensitive to moisture fluctuations. Excess humidity coming up through the crawl space can cause problems with both solid and engineered hardwood flooring materials.

A Healthy Crawl Space Means A Healthier Home

A crawl space in need of repair affects more than just your home’s stability: it can also impact your family’s well-being.

Mold flourishes in damp conditions, where it becomes a well-known irritant. The Spruce writes that unchecked crawl space mold will make its home all over the area, including on joists, ducts, and even on soft surfaces like fiberglass insulation.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, mold exposure can trigger coughing and wheezing as well as more severe effects on people with asthma or compromised immune systems. Stopping mold issues before they start will keep your family and your home healthier.

Other crawl space problems can include:

  • Unwanted animals nesting, such as snakes, insects, and rodents
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Wood rot
  • Decreased air quality

Physics and air flow dictate that heat and hot air rise in a process called the Stack Effect. This means that unpleasant musty odors will make their way from your crawl space up into your home, compromising your air quality and even your health. According to Home Energy Magazine, soil gases like methane and radon can be transmitted into your home through rising crawl space air.

Can Crawl Space Encapsulation Improve Air Quality Inside My Home?

crawl space wall waterproofedEncapsulation works by sealing the crawl space’s floors and walls with heavy-duty vapor barriers. Our SafeSeal™ technology  utilizes a thick barrier to seal and isolate the crawl space from moisture. It’s both antimicrobial and mold-resistant to improve air quality and the overall health of your home. In addition, it helps to prevent mold and wood rot from gaining any sort of ground in the space and prevents wood decay in the process.

Olshan takes a comprehensive approach to encapsulation by going beyond the vapor barrier and employing multiple methods to fight water. These options can include interior drainage, exterior drainage, dehumidifiers, and sump pumps. A Certified Technician will work with you to customize the best combination for your home.

Commercial-grade dehumidifiers installed in the crawl space work in tandem with the SafeSeal™ system to help reduce mold growth and allergens. As air is circulated through the crawl space, it keeps walls and building materials dry while also deterring pests and reducing the stress on your air conditioner. Installation is included as part of Olshan’s Complete Crawl space Recovery solution.

Why Is Crawl Space Encapsulation So Beneficial For Auburn Homeowners?

Keeping a home’s ecosystem intact starts from the ground up, and sometimes below! Crawl space encapsulation provides multifaceted benefits.

  • It lowers humidity inside the home
  • Air quality is improved and unpleasant odors are blocked from creeping up
  • It reduces mold growth
  • It can save money by reducing heating and cooling costs
  • It can improve quality of life by creating a more agreeable home environment

Olshan’s full range of crawl space solutions are designed for 360-degree home health that cares for both the structure and its occupants.

That approach doesn’t stop with the crawl space: Auburn homeowners can rest easy knowing Olshan also provides basement waterproofing, foundation repair, drainage services, and more! When it comes to foundation problems, there’s only Olshan.

How Much Does Waterproofing Cost in Auburn, AL?

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