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Wichita, Kansas Deserves the Best in Foundation Repair and that’s What We Deliver

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Foundation problems are a headache for many homeowners in Wichita, KS and the surrounding region. No matter how well your foundation was constructed, it is only as strong and durable as the ground beneath it.

Olshan Foundation Repair has been at this for more than 90 Years, and in that time we’ve seen it all, heard about it all and fixed it all, many times over. Our foundation repair and waterproofing services have stood the test of time in this industry, and they will stand the test of time in your home as well.

We proudly service homeowners in Wichita from our office in Nearby Missouri. Fortunately, not all cracks require foundation repair. About 23% of the homes we visit in Kansas do not require foundation repair.

Want to know if you’re dealing with a minor cosmetic problem instead of major structural damage? Find out, and discover what sets Olshan apart. Schedule a free assessment.

Leaky Basement? You Can Count on the Experts at Olshan

Basement homes in Wichita, KS are prone to both flooding and seepage issues.

  • Flooding – when rainwater aggressively enters the basement through cracks in walls
  • Seepage – when moisture penetrates the basement from under the slab, outside the walls or through windows

The good news is, Olshan offers a wide variety of basement solutions to help keep your basement dry, even when it rains.

Recently, Aaron Goucher, General Manager of Olshan serving the Wichita, KS area shared his best advice with the folks at the Wichita Eagle News on what you can do when your basement starts to leak.

All Foundations, All Repairs, Always the Best.

Whether your Wichita residence has a slab, basement or crawl space foundation, if signs of breakdown or dysfunction are present we will diagnose the problem and repair it, fast, affordably and effectively.

Driven by perfectionism, we’ve embraced and improved upon the latest technology in the foundation and home repair field. Here’s a sampling of Olshan’s outstanding products:

  • Cable Lock™ ST Plus: Some contractors use steel piers to repair sagging foundations while others prefer concrete pilings. We decided to combine both, and that led to the creation of this one-of-a-kind foundation recovery product only available at Olshan.
  • Wall Lock™ System: Bowing or bending basement walls undergoing foundation-related stress are returned to full verticality, with a super-powerful anchoring system that can be installed from inside the basement (meaning no exterior excavation is required).
  • Water Lock™ Plus System: When you need interior basement waterproofing, no system will help stop water with a stronger guarantee of continuous performance. If water gets into your basement, Water Lock™ Plus will take it out and get rid of it, it’s as simple as that.
  • Crawl Space Encapsulaton: Crawl space encapsulation has never been done this thoroughly and professionally. If you’ve had a moisture problem in your crawl space SafeSeal™ will dry it up and send it packing.
  • SafeAdjust® Support System: This system offers crawl space adjustable reinforcement, restoring sagging floors and improving structural stability.

wichita basement repair

These are just some of the excellent services we offer homeowners throughout the Wichita area, and all are setting new industry standards and helping our clients solve their slab, basement and crawl space foundation problems with total peace of mind.

When Wichita, KS Foundations Go Bad, Soil is Often the Culprit

cracked slab wichitaIn Kansas there’s about a 50/50 chance your home has been built over soil that is subject to water-related soaking and expansion, but in Wichita this sponge effect is even more common.

Clay in the soil is responsible for this phenomenon, which can cause destructive upward pressure if it occurs beneath a home’s foundation. Meanwhile when areas are subject to drought (which of course is all-too-common on the Plains) the soil beneath the home may go through a constant cycle of expansion and shrinkage, with every change in soil volume putting even more stress on the foundation.

Needless to say, at some point something’s got to give.

Sinking, sagging, sliding and heaving foundations are the result of soil instability under and around the home, and here are some signs that will indicate if you have this problem:

  • Cracks that are growing in size in the basement or in the foundation itself
  • Windows or doors upstairs that stick or show gaps where none existed before
  • Strange, musty odors emanating from downstairs
  • Obvious signs of moisture penetration in basements or crawl spaces
  • Insects appearing in abundance in the lower areas of the home
  • Bowing or curving basement walls
  • Upstairs walls that tilt, crack or separate

Besides excessive water penetration, there are other causes of soil instability and foundation problems in Kansas. Tree roots that extend too far under the home are one, and of course as many Kansans realize earthquakes are another (did you know Kansas is a top five state for earthquake frequency and damage?).

But regardless of the cause, when the foundation starts to go the rest of the home will go with it, and if you let it slide (figuratively and literally) some seriously expensive repairs may inevitable.

But if you call Olshan as soon as you suspect something is wrong these worst-case scenarios can be avoided. Our Certified Structural Technicians will diagnose the problem and recommend solutions that will help stop your foundation’s cracking and crumbling in its tracks.

Try to Fix Basement Leaks Yourself. But if that Doesn’t Work Let Us Handle It

basement waterproofing wichitaWe hear from a lot of people looking for advice on how to maintain their foundations or repair existing damage on their own.

In these situations our recommendation is pretty simple: if at first you don’t succeed, instead of banging your head against the wall by trying again and again, you should call Olshan and let the experts do it for you.

You can certainly try filling in the cracks in your basement walls with a vinyl concrete patch or similar product. You can put a dehumidifier in your basement or crawl space to see if that eliminates your moisture problem. You can call in a Wichita exterminator to take care of your insect problem and likely get excellent results for a while.

But if the cracks continue to get bigger, the water continues to accumulate or the bugs come swarming back in, it means your foundation’s decline is worsening.

Unlike that famous Kansan, Clark Kent, we don’t have a secret identity or any superpowers. But what we do offer is a level of skill, experience and instinct that separates our company from the crowd.

We can rescue your foundation and help preserve your home’s value and structural integrity, and if you are worried about the expense of a major foundation repair please don’t be, because we have convenient payment plans and affordable solutions that will protect your home and pocketbook.

We can offer much more than repairs. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say, and with our superior Exterior Water Management services we can keep your foundation and the soil beneath it safe and sound and free from future destruction.

In Wichita Olshan is Getting the Job Done

Like a tornado sweeping across the Kansas landscape, Olshan is revolutionizing the foundation repair industry in Wichita.

We know that for you, just as for Dorothy, there’s no place like home, and if you have issues with your foundation we can save your residence from the terrible winds of fate.

Follow the yellow brick road straight to our door and you’ll find true foundation repair wizards. At Olshan we’re the real deal, and if you work with us we’ll do our best to wow you and repair your Wichita homestead.

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Thank you again, to all of the men involved with our repairs. And, thank you for being a company that we can trust and depend on when things go wrong around our home.

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