About the Wall Lock™ System

Our patented Wall Lock™ System remains the most advanced wall anchoring method available.

The Wall Lock™ Anchoring System allows you to reclaim the valuable square footage in your basement with superior wall anchoring performance.

What’s more, no company—other than Olshan Foundation Solutions—can offer you both our decades of experience and the superior technology of the Wall Lock™ Anchoring System.

  • No Messy Exterior Excavation
  • Reaches Virgin Soil Which Increases Holding Capacity
  • Each Wall Anchor is Pull Tested at the Time of Installation
  • Backed by Olshan’s Available Lifetime Transferable Warranty

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The Wall Lock™ System’s Advantages

  • No messy exterior excavation
  • Reaches virgin soil which increases holding capacity
  • Each wall anchor is pull tested at the time of installation
  • Backed by Olshan’s Available Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Water Lock Plus Detail

Here’s Where Our Customers GAIN From Our Experience:

Galvanized Steel: The Wall Lock™ System is galvanized to prevent corrosion.

Angle: The Wall Lock™ System is installed at an approximate 12°, allowing it to activate in stable soils with greater bearing capacity.

Inspectable: After the Wall Lock™ System is driven, it is pulled. The pulling is a proof test of the Wall Lock™ System’s holding capability.

No Digging: The Wall Lock™ System is installed from inside the basement. No digging is required, so landscaping is not disturbed. Most Wall Lock™ jobs take just 1–2 days.

basement wall anchor animation

olshan basement wall anchors