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shreveport foundation repairHomes in Shreveport, LA have unique issues due to flooding, water tables, and the density and porous nature of the surrounding soils.  If you’re seeing vertical cracks near windows, bowing walls, leaks, or dampness near your foundation or inside your crawl space – it’s time to have one of the experts from Olshan out to take a look.

You may even be seeing indicators inside your home. Doors might not close all the way, floors may become uneven, tile may crack, steps may not line up anymore, or cracks may appear in drywall. This is due to your foundation shifting to a degree that is outside of the tolerance of normal expansion and contraction that we normally see in Shreveport.  Any of these symptoms might be a reason to have your foundation health reviewed by an expert.

Ignoring small symptoms can lead to huge problems in your Shreveport home or commercial property, that’s why addressing issues right away can not only mitigate the cost of repair, it can save you from the headache of dealing with collapsed foundations, flooding and more.  Unassessed or untreated symptoms can be accelerated or exacerbated by volatile weather conditions in the region as well.

foundation repair installation process

Foundation Repair in Shreveport, LA

If your foundation needs repair in the Shreveport area, our local team is nearby and ready to help. We’ll assess the issue, discuss the options available to fix the problem, and get to work.  Our technicians have been working in the area for years, and have seen a wide variety of problems – you can trust that our encyclopedic knowledge of foundation repair options, along with Olshan’s patented  Cable Lock™ ST Plus Hybrid Foundation Repair System can solve most foundation problems. Our exclusive Cable Lock™ ST Plus System is the leading foundation repair method available anywhere, from any provider.  We have decades of research & experience behind our systems – ready to go to work for you.

The steel segments of the system provide added depth. The concrete sections provide a greater area to bear the weight of the walls and building – which adds strength.  The cable locks it all together. With Cable Lock™ ST Plus you get the best of both in one powerful hybrid system.

For homeowners, the Cable Lock™ ST Plus piling is an investment and can increase your home’s value, as you can choose a Lifetime Transferable Warranty. This gives you peace of mind knowing you have chosen Olshan, the leader in foundation repair, to protect your home.

olshan foundation repair shreveport, laFeatures Cable Lock ST+ Concrete Pad Concrete Pier Pressed Piling Steel Pier Helical Pier
Soil Penetration Best Poor Fair Good Best Good
Depth Can Be Verified Best Good Good Fair Fair Fair
Alignment Can Be Verified Best N/A Good Fair Fair Fair
Steel Reinforced Best Fair Good Poor N/A N/A
Supports Homes Directly Best Good Good Good Fair Fair
Load Tested During Install Best Poor Poor Best Poor Poor
Preserve Landscape Good Poor Poor Good Good Good
Cost of Materials Medium Low Low Low High High
Cost to Install Medium Low Low Medium High High
Time Needed to Install Low High High Low Medium Medium

House Leveling in Shreveport, LA

Settling of your pier and beam foundation may require repairs and you may need some house leveling work done. Shifting soils due to poor drainage or how much water they retain in any given season, insufficient compaction, even landscaping problems around the outside of your foundation can cause sections, corners or walls of your foundation to sink or shift.  When your house is not level, you see symptoms like doors and cabinets not closing or staying closed, latches on knobs not connecting, cracked tile & concrete, and even uneven steps and floors.  If you put a ball in the middle of a room and it rolls to one side 9/10 times, you might need to have your house leveled.  

Your first step should be to call an expert from Olshan to come and assess your home & foundation, pinpoint the cause of the symptom, and come up with a plan to help you fix it once and for all.  

What our Shreveport Clients Have to Say about Olshan

Had foundation repair work done in 2016 on my house in Shreveport, LA.  Workers arrived on the expected day on time and fixed the problem.  The work was done well and for a much better price than another company’s quote.

I called today to ask about the warranty since we are considering selling the home, and Megan was very helpful.  She gave me all the info I needed about what the warranty covers and how to transfer it to a new homeowner.  She even scanned and emailed the paperwork I needed and sent it within minutes.  Very friendly helpful service.

Liz G.
Shreveport, LA
April 2019

Thank you again, to all of the men involved with our repairs. And, thank you for being a company that we can trust and depend on when things go wrong around our home.

Ben & Cindy C., Livingston, TX
Over 90 years of Service