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Did you know Olshan has been repairing foundations for over 90 Years? We offer cost-effective structural solutions that are built to last. We proudly service the Omaha, NE area from our A+ BBB Rated office located in nearby Kansas City.

If your home is experiencing cracks in walls, damaged flooring, bowing basement walls, a wet basement, damp crawl space or water pooling near the foundation, schedule a free assessment.

Your free assessment includes a custom repair plan designed for your home. This repair plan is free-of-charge and yours to keep – there is no obligation to buy!

Honesty, Integrity and Innovative Solutions

Your home’s foundation may be as solid as a rock, but if the soils it sits on shift it won’t matter.

With an unmatched reputation for excellence, Olshan Foundation Repair will help you solve your foundation problems. At Olshan our focus is on your home’s future, and with state-of-the-art repair technologies at our disposal we can bring your slab, basement or crawl space foundation back from the brink of disaster.

If you know or suspect your foundation has been compromised call us today to schedule an appointment for a free evaluation and estimate from the foundation repair professionals here at Olshan. Don’t forget to ask about our convenient $125/month payment plan.

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How Do Foundations in Omaha Become Damaged?

Cracking, crumbling or cratering foundations are a result of changes in the ground beneath them. Clay-heavy soil, which is plentiful in the Omaha area, expands and contracts in response to its exposure to water, soaking up heavy rainfall, melting snow and standing water, surrounding your home like a sponge.

On the other hand, long-term droughts like those frequently experienced across the Midwestern Plains can dry out the soil and cause notable and potentially devastating shrinkage and contraction.

This variation in soil volume is not good for your home’s foundation, which will shift, buckle, crack and sag as the ground under it heaves or contracts. Soil strength is compromised during this process, and after prolonged water exposure it is no longer dense enough to hold the weight of the structure above it.

Even when your soil isn’t particularly expandable, it can still be subject to water erosion if you have a standing water problem or leaking water pipes under your home. Other homes are built on fill that hasn’t been sufficiently compacted to provide adequate support, and this can cause unexpected sagging even if the soil stays dry.

Fortunately, Olshan technicians have seen it all and know exactly what to do to counteract it. Schedule a free assessment now.

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Buying and Selling a Home with Foundation Problems in Omaha, NE

The real estate market in Omaha is red-hot at the moment, and in a seller’s market houses with pre-existing foundation problems are changing hands every week.

Before you rush to purchase a new home in Omaha you’ll want to check for signs of foundation damage, which could include:

  • Vertical or horizontal cracking anywhere in the basement
  • Bulging or titled basement walls
  • Standing water or high humidity levels in basements or crawl spaces
  • Doors or windows that stick or don’t close properly
  • Uneven or slanted floors
  • Strange odors emanating from below

floor cracks omahaThese and similar symptoms are a sign of a foundation sitting on unsteady ground. Foundations, and the homes that sit above them, weren’t built to move up and down or side-to-side, and when they do it’s going to cause problems.

But if your dream home has some pre-existing foundation problems, that doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. Olshan will work with the homeowner to find solutions, and we can also offer preventive maintenance that will help keep more problems from popping up in the future.

Do not ignore the signs of foundation damage. Act fast to minimize damage. Take quick action by calling Olshan.

The Cable Lock™ ST Plus System: Foundation Repair Our Competitors Cannot Match

Only Olshan offers the technologically advanced Cable Lock™ ST Plus system. Designed to lift sagging foundations and correct problems long term, even in the presence of expansive clay soils and extreme weather conditions.

Most foundation companies use steel piers or concrete pilings to repair sinking foundations. Both have their advantages, which is why we created a system that combines the strengths and capabilities of both.

The steel piers provide depth of ground penetration for superior alignment and anchoring, while the concrete pilings provide the brute strength and long-term performance homeowners expect when they invest in a foundation repair project. The piers and pilings are locked together by an powerful galvanized steel cable, creating a system of support that is perfectly coordinated and extremely powerful.

Crawlspace Foundation Repair and Damage Prevention

Should your potential new home—or existing home—feature a crawl space foundation, this is another area of specialty for us and we can help eliminate the moisture problems that can lead to wood rot, indoor humidity, and sagging floors.

With crawl spaces, the problem is often caused by unwanted water penetration, which can cause decay, insect invasion, mold, musty odors and overly humid indoor air in the spaces above.

Remedies are available that will keep your crawl spaces dry, including:

Our technicians are here to help you select and combine repairs to form a comprehensive and lasting solution to crawl space recovery.

Always Innovating, Never Duplicating

We’ve been doing this a long time, over 90 Years, but that doesn’t we still use the same tools. We remain ahead of the competition by researching and implementing the best products & services available.

Chose Olshan to handle your foundation needs and you’ll get the reliability and dedication so familiar to Nebraskans from all walks of life.

Thank you again, to all of the men involved with our repairs. And, thank you for being a company that we can trust and depend on when things go wrong around our home.

Ben & Cindy C., Livingston, TX
Over 90 years of Service