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https://www.olshanfoundation.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/DSC00870-compressed-scaled.jpgTupelo was the birthplace and childhood home of the king of rock ‘n’ roll, and it’s also a frequent destination for the recognized leader in the foundation repair industry—Olshan Foundation Repair, which has been providing expert services to satisfied homeowners since 1933.

Much as Elvis branched out to create a wide variety of music over the course of his long and brilliant career, in our eight plus decades in business we’ve also expanded our offerings to include a full menu of home structural repair options.

What can Olshan do for you? Our areas of expertise include:

If it relates to the health and structural integrity of your home or commercial building, trained technicians from Olshan can assess the damage (or hazards that will eventually lead to damage), recommend sensible solutions and provide you with the very best in home repair, recovery and remediation services.

When you contact Olshan to ask for help you can expect superior customer service and prompt attention to your concerns. With scores of satisfied clients in Tupelo, Ballardsville, Plantersville, Verona, Old Union, Brewer, Chesterville, Sherman, Endville, Saltillo, Eggville, Richmond, rural Lee county and elsewhere throughout the greater Tupelo region, Olshan has a strong reputation as a go-to source for indispensable foundation-related maintenance and repair.

Foundation Repair Technology Advancements in the 21st Century. The Techniques are Better and Olshan has Perfected Them All.

The foundation repair and home services industry is constantly evolving, and Olshan has been evolving right along with it.

As repair and maintenance technologies have improved we’ve adapted to the changes smoothly, successfully and proactively. Olshan is an innovative company by nature and we’ve been quick to adopt new methods for structural repairs and preventive measures, as a part of our commitment to providing our customers with the most reliable and efficient solutions.

Here are a few of the precision repair technologies that Olshan has helped pioneer:

  • Cable Lock™ ST Plus: The-state-of-the-art method for foundation support and reinforcement. The Cable Lock™ ST Plus system is comprised of interlocking concrete pilings and steel piers locked firmly in place with galvanized steel cable. These superior-strength underground columns prop up sagging foundations and restore structural integrity to homes stressed by soil expansion and contraction.
  • Wall Lock™ Anchoring System: To buttress and straighten bowing basement walls pushed to their limits by soil expansion and underground water pressure. The Wall Lock™ Anchoring System is minimally intrusive but unmatched in its ability to reverse the effects of excessive pressure on basement walls.
  • Water Lock™ Plus System: This double-channeled water capture and removal system for basements under siege from water intrusion is a true marvel of technological development and innovation. The Water Lock™ Plus System will stop your basement water intrusion problem in its tracks.
  • SafeSeal™ System: Effective crawl space encapsulation technology eliminates damaging water penetration in vulnerable crawl spaces. Encapsulation is the best solution for moisture contamination in crawl spaces, and on the scale of efficient performance the SafeSeal™ System is tough to beat.
  • SafeAdjust® Support System: The supremely effective SafeAdjust® Support System consists of stout reinforcement columns that ably and reliably support sagging floors and prevent floor, ceiling and wall cracking in homes built over crawl spaces.

Each of these systems is an improvement over the methods they replaced, although many of these lesser options are still the preferred choice for other Mississippi foundation repair and home service companies.

Signs of Foundation Damage and Water Intrusion in Lee County, Mississippi

The clay soils of Lee County, Mississippi are extremely reactive and volatile in the presence or absence of water, expanding or contracting rapidly and significantly in wet or dry conditions.

As this process unfolds the clay-heavy soil beneath the ground—and beneath homes and commercial buildings—heaves, swells and sinks, stressing foundations up to or beyond their breaking point.

This is the main cause of foundation damage and water intrusion in basements and crawl spaces, and if you’ve noticed any signs of trouble you should act immediately.

But what are those signs? Here are 10 of the most obvious:

  1. Cracking in basement floors, walls or foundation slabs.
  2. Inward bowing of basement walls.
  3. Sagging of wooden floors in the home.
  4. Cracks or separating corners in upstairs walls.
  5. Strange, musty odors emanating from crawl spaces or basements.
  6. Puddles on basement floors or signs of running water along walls.
  7. Insect infestations in basements or crawl spaces.
  8. Sinking or tilting of the entire home.
  9. Sticking doors and windows upstairs.
  10. Chronic moisture contamination in crawl spaces.

Any or all could be signs of foundation damage, which is irreversible only if you fail to do anything about it.


Olshan General Manager, Josh Kemp visits the birthplace of Rock Legend, Elvis Presley. Olshan was asked to provide an evaluation for foundation repair when the gift shop began sinking.

Olshan’s experts can spot trouble and recommend workable, efficient solutions. We repair and reinforce your sagging, buckling or cracking foundation slabs and/or basement walls, and take whatever steps are necessary to eliminate your water penetration issues if you have them.

You don’t have to diagnose foundation damage, basement troubles, water issues or hazardous air quality problems on your own. You may have suspicions but you won’t know anything for sure until you call in the experts, and Olshan is prepared to evaluate your foundation and related areas for damage and let you know if your concerns are justified.

Tupelo, Mississippi Foundation Problems and the Company that Knows How to Solve Them

Mississippi homeowners face special challenges based on soil conditions and location. Heavy moisture exposure can be a significant problem if your home is built over spongy and absorbent clay soils (a common reality in Mississippi, unfortunately).

But don’t despair: Olshan is here to help you deal with your foundation issues and all their ramifications. Our services are affordable (ask about our easy payment options) and versatile, and always implemented with superior efficiency thanks to the impressive qualifications and vast experience of our highly-trained technicians.

After more than eight decades in business our problem-solving skills have been honed to a fine edge—and that edge is the winning edge for you, if foundation issues are putting your home, and your life, under duress.

Thank you again, to all of the men involved with our repairs. And, thank you for being a company that we can trust and depend on when things go wrong around our home.

Ben & Cindy C., Livingston, TX
Over 90 years of Service