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What are the Warning Signs of Foundation Problems in Tampa?

foundation-repair-tampaFoundation problems can become a headache for homeowners and business owners alike. The longer they fester, the worse they become, often resulting in the need for expensive repairs. To spot foundation repair Tampa problems, keep an eye open for signs of distress both inside and outside the home. Symptoms may include uneven or sagging floors, doors that stick and fail to shut properly, cracks in walls on the interior and exterior of the home, cracks in the concrete slab, crooked doors, chimney cracks and water that pools near your home’s foundation.

Water pooling near the home is one of the leading causes of foundation problems in Tampa. Constant levels of elevated moisture near the foundation can cause soil stability issues that result in damage. This is a problem that can usually be avoided by installing a drainage system. Proper drainage is an essential component of a healthy foundation and can even prevent foundation damage from occurring in many cases.

Tree roots are another harmful problem than can negatively impact the health of your foundation. Large tree roots near the home can siphon away “good” moisture from underneath the home, causing stability issues. Over time, the area becomes excessively dry, causing the foundation to settle.

For a complete list of foundation problems, view our helpful Guide to Foundation Repair.

If you do in fact have serious foundation problems, it is critical to contact a reputable foundation repair company that can provide a thorough and accurate structural assessment.

What’s Causing Foundation & Sinkhole Problems in the Area?

Around 20,000 years ago, geologists estimate that the sea level around Tampa, Florida was anywhere from 200 to 300 feet lower than it is today, exposing vast expanses of relatively soft carbonate rock to random sculpting by rain and other natural forces. Rising seas gradually deposited other materials that filled in the unevenly weathered surface, each reacting differently as subterranean aquifers built up around them.

Over millennia, some of this material either dissolved or was carried away by rapid and powerful underground streams, leaving voids as small as your fist up to massive subterranean caverns. The most dangerous kinds of sinkholes, like the recent big one in Florida, are called “cover-collapse.” Geological forces gradually weaken the harder surface material (called the “overburden” by geologists) until it collapses into the cavity below. Unfortunately, anything sitting on that patch of ground falls with it.

The limestone terrain and expansive clay soils found throughout Tampa don’t make life any easier. The lack of soil stability in our region is the leading cause of foundation and sinkhole problems. When buying a new home in Tampa, it’s important to research the soil conditions in the neighborhood. Luckily, issues can be avoided or corrected with the help of experienced foundation repair and sinkhole remediation technicians.

Foundation Repair Quotes in Tampa

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