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Best Jackson, TN Foundation Repair and Waterproofing Services Near You

As homes age, it is inevitable that repairs will be needed, and this includes the foundation. Over time, the natural settling of the earth can put stress on the foundation of your home or business, resulting in the formation of cracks and weaknesses. These issues can lead to moisture problems and, in some cases, compromise the structural integrity of the building. Therefore, it is crucial to address foundation repairs promptly to ensure the stability and longevity of your property. By taking proactive measures to address any foundation issues, you can protect your home or business from further damage and maintain its overall integrity.


Image of a recent foundation repair completed in Jackson, TN by Olshan Foundation RepairIf you’re a homeowner in Jackson, TN concerned about foundation issues or water in your crawl space, look no further than the comprehensive services provided by Olshan Foundation Repair. Ignoring foundation problems can lead to worsening structural damage and significant headaches in the future. Thankfully, Olshan makes it easy to address these concerns. By scheduling a free, no-obligation assessment at your convenience, a Certified Structural Technician will conduct a thorough evaluation of your home.

While not all homes require repair (approximately 20% do not), for those that do, Olshan offers a range of cost-effective solutions tailored to fix various types and sizes of structural and water intrusion problems. Trust in Olshan’s expertise and commitment to delivering reliable and effective foundation repair in Jackson, TN.

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Low $125/Month Foundation Repair Payment Plans Available

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Slab Foundation Repair In Jackson, TN

Olshan Foundation Repair offers an innovative solution for concrete slab foundation repairs. They utilize various methods, including pilings, piers and polyurethane injection, to repair slab foundations of homes in Jackson, Tennessee. Among these options, Olshan highly recommends their patented Cable Lock™ ST Plus piling system.

The Cable Lock™ ST Plus combines the strengths of concrete and steel pilings, creating a durable and reliable foundation repair solution for slab foundations. Unlike systems such as steel piers or concrete pads, the Cable Lock™ ST Plus uses a cable to secure the pilings together, resulting in a superior and longer lasting repair. This advanced system offers exceptional strength and is a cost-effective alternative to expensive helical piers.

Olshan stands behind the Cable Lock™ ST Plus with an Available Lifetime Transferable Warranty and ongoing customer support, ensuring long-term stability for the repaired foundation. To explore how the Cable Lock™ ST Plus can address issues like cracks and uneven doors, as well as improve the overall structural stability of your home, schedule a free foundation repair assessment with Olshan. Their experienced team will evaluate your needs pertaining to foundation repair in Jackson, TN,  and provide expert guidance on utilizing the Cable Lock™ ST Plus system to restore the integrity of your home’s foundation.


Cost-Effective Services For Foundation Repair

Olshan Foundation Repair in Jackson, TN is your trusted source for comprehensive foundation repair services. With their advanced Cable Lock™ ST Plus technology, they offer secure and reliable solutions to address various foundation issues, all backed by an available lifetime warranty.

Basement Wall & Foundation Repair

Don’t let basement problems like bowing walls or floor cracks cause structural damage and devalue your home. Recognizing signs of basement foundation issues such as water intrusion, excessive humidity, bowed walls, and wall cracks are crucial. Ignoring these problems can lead to further damage, including loss of living space, structural issues, wood rot, and mold growth.

At Olshan Foundation Repair, we offer comprehensive solutions for water, structural, and air quality problems in your basement. Our range of services caters to issues of all sizes. Our innovative Cable Lock™ ST Plus pilings provide reliable structural repair, while techniques like Wall Lock™, Wall Anchors, Adjustable Wall Braces, Carbon Fiber Strips, and Epoxy Crack Injections address basement wall repair. For water infiltration, we offer interior basement waterproofing options such as:

  • Water Lock™ Plus
  • Wall Shield
  • Baseboard Water Channel
  • Sump pumps

Our exterior basement waterproofing methods include:

  • Exterior Moisture Barriers
  • Excavation & Gravel Fill
  • Dimple Boards
  • Basement Footer Drainage
  • Foundation Drainage Solutions.
  • Polyurethane leak sealant.

Reclaim your basement and maximize its potential by developing a custom repair plan with Olshan. Schedule a basement assessment today, and our Certified Structural Technician will identify the root cause of your problems and recommend a solution that aligns with your project goals and budget. Trust Olshan Foundation Repair to restore stability, functionality, and peace of mind to your basement.

Crawlspace Encapsulation & Waterproofing

Crawl space foundations, commonly found in Jackson, such as pier and beam, are susceptible to structural and moisture damage. Warning signs of crawl space problems include:

  • Sagging floors
  • Sticking doors
  • Excessive indoor humidity

If these issues are left unattended, they can result in wood decay, bug infestation, mold growth, and even more severe structural damage. Olshan Foundation Repair offers a comprehensive range of solutions to address crawl space issues. Our services encompass crawl space interior waterproofing, utilizing effective methods like EZ Drain Plus, Pipe and Rock, and sump pumps.

For exterior waterproofing, we provide downspout extensions, French drains, footer drains, and surface drains as effective solutions. To tackle crawl space structural problems, we employ SafeAdjust™ Support Columns and/or Cable Lock™ ST Plus. Our powerful DeepAdjust™ combines these methods for optimal results. In addition, we offer wall repair techniques using Wall Lock™, Wall Anchors, Adjustable Wall Braces, Carbon Fiber Strips, or Epoxy Crack Injections.

To ensure comprehensive protection, our crawl space encapsulation solutions include SafeSeal™ Indoor Air Quality control. This involves the installation of moisture barriers, water-resistant liners, and a dehumidifier or air exchange system. To prevent subfloor wood rot and crawl space mold, we also provide LumberKote, a highly effective spray-on polymer seal.

If you are seeking to secure your crawl space home, reduce mold growth, and enhance air quality, don’t hesitate to contact us for a complimentary repair plan. Our experienced team will assess your crawl space, identify underlying issues, and offer personalized solutions to cater to your specific needs.

Contact Our Foundation Repair Experts In Jackson, TN

Here are the reasons why homeowners with foundation repair issues in Jackson, TN should contact Olshan Foundation Repair:

  • Available Warranty Programs – We stand by our work and offer warranty programs for most services, giving you confidence and protection.
  • Industry Leading Technology – Our use of the patented Cable Lock™ ST Plus System sets us apart from other contractors. Choosing Olshan means choosing the best technology for your foundation repair.
  • Convenient Payment Options – We understand the financial impact of foundation repair, which is why we offer flexible payment plans, including a low fixed-rate program. You can address your home’s needs for as little as $125/month.
  • Certified Technicians – Our experienced and Certified Structural Technicians conduct thorough assessments to accurately diagnose and address your foundation issues.
  • Comprehensive Approach – With a wide range of products and services, we can design a repair plan that is tailored to your specific home and budget, ensuring a comprehensive solution.

At Olshan Foundation Repair, we specialize in various areas, including slab foundation repair, crawl space repair, encapsulation, basement waterproofing, indoor air quality, basement wall repair, and exterior water management. We prioritize the preservation and value of your property, and our experts can identify and address foundation problems before they escalate. Take the first step towards a stable and secure foundation by filling out our simple online form to schedule a free estimate today. We happily provide foundation repair services to Greater Nashville, Clarksville, Hendersonville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Jackson, and throughout Tennessee!

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