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olshan foundation repair raleigh truckIt’s impossible to overstate the importance of concrete as a modern and durable building material. However, it often requires regular maintenance and specialized care to ensure both safety and endurance.

Raleigh, the “City of Oaks,” is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. The Wake County, North Carolina metropolis has a unique location where the Piedmont region on the west meets the Atlantic Coastal Plain on the east. Homeowners must account for relief differences, moisture concerns, and higher rainfall: while the United States averages 38 inches of rain a year, Raleigh averages 46 inches, a full eight inches higher.

What Is Foundation Settling?

A home settling is a natural and largely unpreventable process. HomeSelfe describes it as “a home’s gradual sink into the ground over time. Settling occurs when the soil beneath the foundation begins to shift.”

Signs that a home is settling include:

  • Difficulty opening doors and windows
  • Gaps emerging between windows and walls
  • Slanting floors
  • Water pipes that bend, twist, and even burst
  • Foundation cracks

A cracking foundation requires vigilance and immediate response in order to prevent the issue from worsening.

Foundation Repair & Underpinning Using Cable Lock ST Plus

Quality Solutions Without the Home Intrusion

According to home improvement blog Hunker, some cracking is normal over a concrete slab’s lifespan: “In fact, most slabs are constructed with control joints along which cracks are supposed to occur.”

However, excessive cracking indicates a problem with the slab. Olshan focuses on the root of the issue instead of just the symptoms to ensure a long-lasting thorough repair. Due to modern innovations and strategic development, a few cracks in a slab no longer necessitate a full-scale concrete renovation. Olshan’s Crack Lock™ system focuses on a less is more philosophy: less concrete is removed, less epoxy is used, and there’s less mess all around, which means less hassle for homeowners. It’s also highly adaptable for numerous locations around the home, including foundations, columns, concrete subfloors, basement walls, swimming pools, and more.

The CrackLock system was designed with safety, security, and expediency in mind. While the phrase “foundation repair” can conjure up images of excavation and a disrupted life, nothing about Olshan’s CrackLock process could be farther from the truth!

The process is the perfect mix of simplicity and efficacy. Olshan’s Certified Technicians remove a small piece of concrete from across the crack, then drill two small holes at each end. A fast-drying epoxy is then inserted in the cut, followed by the CrackLock. That’s all it takes! In addition, CrackLock allows homeowners to move right on with their lives: the former cracks can be refinished, painted over, and even have new flooring installed on top.

Where Can CrackLock Be Used?

The CrackLock system is wonderfully versatile and can be used in all of the following:

  • Poured walls
  • Swimming pools
  • Concrete slabs

What Causes Concrete to Sink?

There’s no one issue that’s solely responsible for sinking concrete. Multiple factors can contribute:

  • Soil changes
  • Foundation settling
  • Unsupported concrete
  • Burrowing animals, like groundhogs, moles, raccoons, and squirrels
  • Poor craftsmanship

Uneven Surface Decreases Value, Safety, and Appeal

Sinking concrete creates complications beyond just an unsightly appearance. Sinking can lead to sagging floors, irregular sidewalks, sinking driveways, and more. No one likes a trip hazard! All of these factors impact your home’s curb appeal as well is its resale potential, so a fix from Olshan’s experienced professionals is crucial.

crawl space repair postA Quick, Clean, and Complete Solution

Just like with CrackLock, Olshan’s PolyLift™ solution is designed to be minimally invasive so life can continue as normally as possible. Unlike outdated mudjacking or slabjacking methods, which pump a mud and sand slurry beneath the foundation, PolyLift uses a lightweight Polyurethane mixture that’s renowned for durability.

The foam mixture forms a barrier between soil and concrete while providing an industrial-strength repair that’s often completed in minutes! Once the injection process is completed, the area is patched, smoothed, and restored. It’s perfect for sidewalks and driveways, pool decks, slab foundations, basement floors, and more.

Why Choose PolyLift?

The PolyLift solution has some stellar advantages over mudjacking:

  • It’s convenient. Homeowners and business owners alike don’t have to worry about large crews, noise, or interruptions.
  • It’s noninvasive. Instead of expensive and difficult demolition, all it takes is a series of 5/8 inch holes (about the size of a dime) drilled in the concrete to inject the foam.
  • It’s more affordable compared to other methods.
  • It doesn’t harm landscaping

With over 86 years in business, Olshan Foundation Solutions understands the challenges Raleigh homeowners can face. We’re delighted to offer a complete range of foundation services including basement waterproofing, foundation repair, basement wall repair, crawl space encapsulation, sump pump installation, drainage services, and more! Call 919-617-6471 today to schedule your free consultation today.

Thank you again, to all of the men involved with our repairs. And, thank you for being a company that we can trust and depend on when things go wrong around our home.

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