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While concrete is an important and durable building material, it still requires maintenance and specialized care to ensure its longevity. Decatur is known as River City for its unique location in both Morgan and Limestone county along the Tennessee River. Homeowners on both sides of the county lines must account for the yearly average 56 inches of rain a year, how it effects soil, and how that can impact their homes.

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Foundation Settling. Normal or Problematic?

HomeSelfe defines settling as “home’s gradual sink into the ground over time. Settling occurs when the soil beneath the foundation begins to shift.” Signs of a settling foundation include gaps between the walls and windows, sticking doors and windows, and slanted floors.

While settling is a normal process, it requires ongoing monitoring from homeowners, as it’s a major factor that can contribute to foundation problems like cracking and sinkage.

What Causes Concrete Foundations to Sink in the Decatur, AL area?

Multiple factors can contribute to concrete sinkage:

  • Soil changes
  • Foundation settling
  • Unsupported concrete
  • Burrowing animals, like groundhogs, moles, raccoons, and squirrels
  • Poor craftsmanship

Foundation Repair Costs in Decatur, AL

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Uneven Surface Decreases Value And Appeal

Sinking foundations can cause issues that go beyond an unpleasant appearance. An uneven walking surface can be a safety hazard. Sinking can lead to sagging floors (which, in turn, can lead to problems with your flooring materials). The problem extends to other types of concretes, leading to hazards such as uneven sidewalks, a sinking driveway, and more. All of these factors impact your home’s visual appeal as well is its resale value.

Contemporary Concrete Lifting

olshan serving decatur homeOlshan’s focus on developing modern and cost-effect home improvement solutions is on prime display with the PolyLift™ system. The innovative system is designed for both residential and commercial spaces. It’s remarkably versatile and can be used on slab foundations, basement floors, sidewalks and driveways, pool decks, and just about any type of concrete.

It’s designed for quickness and efficiency with minimal disruption to your home. Outdated mudjacking (also called slabjacking) involves pumping a soil and mortar-based solution under the slab, while the PolyLift system uses lightweight polyurethane foam. The foam mixture forms a barrier between soil and concrete while providing an industrial-strength repair that can be completed in minutes! Once the injection process is completed, the area is patched, smoothed, and restored.

Why Opt For PolyLift in Decatur, Al?

The PolyLift solution has numerous advantages over mud jacking:

  • It’s noninvasive. All it takes is a series of 5/8 inch holes (about the size of a dime) to inject the foam: no demolition!
  • It’s convenient. Homeowners and business owners alike don’t have to worry about noise, large crews, or interruptions.
  • It’s more affordable compared to traditional methods.
  • It doesn’t disrupt landscaping.

A Modern Crack Repair Solution

According to home improvement blog Hunker, some cracking is to be expected over a concrete slab’s lifespan, and many are constructed to accommodate that eventuality. However, excessive cracking indicates a problem with the slab. Instead of reaching for the jackhammer, Olshan focuses on the cause instead of just the symptoms to ensure a long-lasting comprehensive repair.

A few cracks no longer require a full-scale concrete renovation! With convenience and quality in mind Olshan developed a modern method to fix cracks. Olshan’s Crack Lock™ system focuses on a less is more philosophy: less concrete is removed, less epoxy is used, and there’s less mess all around, which means less hassle for homeowners. It’s also highly adaptable for numerous locations around the home, including foundations, columns, concrete subfloors, swimming pools, and more.

The process removes a small sliver of concrete across the crack. Two small hole are drilled, one at each end, then the space is filled with epoxy. With Crack Lock, there’s no need to worry about ruining a room’s look or feel: the repair can be finished over with paint or flooring to integrate seamlessly back into the décor.

With over 90 Years in business, Olshan Foundation Solutions understands the specific needs of northern Alabama homeowners. We’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of foundation services including basement waterproofing, foundation repair, drainage services, and more.

Thank you again, to all of the men involved with our repairs. And, thank you for being a company that we can trust and depend on when things go wrong around our home.

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