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For homeowners in the Topeka, Kansas area, we’ve prepared this basic foundation repair guide that covers the essentials you need to know to protect your property. If you still have questions, we’d be happy to talk with you about your individual situation at no cost to you.


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Things to know and look for

void in soil due to drought conditionsFirst, Kansas soil and groundwater conditions can be hard on your home’s foundation. Kansas is known for a mix of clay, silt, sand, and loam that can create what’s known as the “clay bowl” effect. If the right precautions aren’t taken during excavation, the soil contacting your foundation might not have the right load-bearing capacity, or groundwater might accumulate around vulnerable parts of the structure.

Hydrostatic pressure resulting from water pushing inward on the structural parts of your foundation can cause it to shift or weaken over time. This might show up as bowed basement walls, or interior signs of wear, like saggy or creaky floors, sticky doors and windows, or finish materials that start to crack or separate. In basements and crawl spaces, these issues might show up as mold, mildew, mineral stains on masonry, or musty odors that won’t go away.

Foundation repair basics

All homes tend to settle over time due to the laws of physics and the normal properties of common building materials. If you notice any of the common signs of foundation trouble, there’s no need to panic, but it is important to check them out as soon as possible. These kinds of issues don’t go away by themselves and once they get started, tend to get worse over time. The good news is that if you catch them early, many of these issues can be corrected inexpensively, often with supplies you can easily buy and install yourself.

For the bigger jobs, there are reliable and time-tested methods that reputable foundation repair companies can use to restore your foundation to like-new condition.

Concrete structures can also be vulnerable to wear and damage in other parts of your property. Driveways, patios, garage floors, and slabs can be leveled using a specialized polyurethane foam that sets quickly – in most cases you can walk and drive on the repaired areas the same day. Since Topeka sits in a major alluvial plain, groundwater can also threaten your home if it isn’t managed properly. The right foundation repair partner can help you manage drainage around or under your home to make sure that your structure stays dry and safe year-round.

Finally, when unwanted moisture invades your crawl space, a qualified foundation repair expert can tailor an array of crawl space repair or encapsulation remedies to your specific needs. They may recommend things like interior or exterior French drains, sump pumps, or strategically placed support jacks to keep your crawl space dry, aligned, and stable.

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