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Are you experiencing signs of foundation problems in and around your home?

Prolonged periods of excess rainfall can cause the clay soils of Texas to expand and swell, putting pressure on your home’s foundation. Conversely, hot, dry periods cause the soil to contract, which can cause areas of your foundation to sink.

As if protecting your home’s foundation in Central Texas wasn’t already difficult enough, other factors, like tree roots or poor drainage can also cause cracks to appear in walls, cause doors to stick or lead to sagging floors.

Fortunately, Olshan Foundation Repair is here to help. We have been providing quality foundation repair services in Texas for over 90 Years.

The integrity of every structure depends on a sound foundation. It’s important to fix cracks or shifts in your foundation before the damage spreads beyond repair. Our Certified Structural Technicians are here to complete a thorough foundation assessment of your home. Then, provide you with a detailed repair plan along with an accurate pricing estimate.

A professional assessment from Olshan is 100% free, yours to keep, and there is no obligation to buy.

Low $125/Month Payment Plan Available

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Improve Structural Stability by 87% With Olshan

  • Available Lifetime Warranty
    We stand by our work. Select repairs are backed by an available lifetime Warranty and hassle-free maintenance programs. We’re available well after the job is done to help make sure your systems maintain peak performance.
  • Patented Technology
    Our exclusive Cable Lock™ ST Plus System is the leading foundation repair system available anywhere. It offers significant improvements in quality of installation, cost efficiency and long term reliability.
  • Trained Structural Technicians
    All foundation assessments are performed by Certified Structural Technicians. Since no two homes are alike, our Technicians carefully investigate the problems affecting your home to identity the best possible solution for your home and budget.
  • Over 90 Years of Services
    We measure our experience by generations; Since 1933 our reputation for integrity, honesty, and quality craftsmanship have set the standard in Texas home structural repair services.

Olshan is Your Trusted Texas Expert

Common Ways to Repair Foundation Damage in the Waco & Temple, TX Region

Foundations in the Central Texas region can be repaired using a wide variety of methods. The three most common solutions include:

  • Underpinning Using Pilings or Piers –The most common solution. Posts are driven underneath the concrete slab to help offset the load, reduce stress and stabilize the structure.
  • Slabjacking or Mudjacking – This procedure involves injecting a compound underneath the foundation and into voids that exist between the soil and concrete slab.
  • Grouting – This method of repair attempts to alter the soil conditions underneath the foundation until the soil conditions become stable. It is often used to treat sinkholes.

A foundation specialist, Structural Engineer or one of our own Certified Structural Technicians can help determine which repair is best for you. However, in the Central Texas region, the most common and effective procedure typically requires the installation of pilings.

The types of pilings available include the concrete pad, drilled piers, helical piers, steel peers, pressed pilings and the Cable Lock ST Plus.

Over the past 90 Years our Certified Structural Technicians and research team have discovered that the Cable Lock ST Plus system is the most effective.

This patented system combines the durability of concrete pilings with the strength of steel pilings, resulting in a stronger, more reliable solution. In fact, we’re so confident in the Cable Lock ST Plus System that we back it with an Available Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

Pilings & drainage installation

How to Mitigate Foundation Problems in the Waco-Temple-Bryan-College Station (WBCS) Area

Central Texas is home to the beautiful Texas Hill Country, world-class high school football, scenic views, Fort Hood and great food. It has also become one of the fastest growing regions in the state.

For homeowners, home-buyers and commercial real estate owners, Central Texas is also infamous for its high occurrence of foundation problems.

Fortunately there are some simple preventative measures that can be taken to help.

What to do when it’s wet?

While a little water is good for a foundation, too much water near the foundation can cause it to shift. To prevent excess water from pooling near your structure, it’s important to install and maintain an effective gutter and downspout system and make sure all water discharges away from the foundation.

If you have an adequate gutter and downspout system and still have problems with water pooling near your home, we highly recommend looking into a drainage system. A simple french drain can help prevent thousands of dollars in foundation damage and also keep your lawn from turning into a swampy mess.

What to do when it’s dry?

During a drought you’ll run into the opposite problem. The foundation gets too little water causing structural movement. To alleviate the root cause of this problem, you should consider a foundation watering program to help maintain sufficient moisture levels.

Large trees can consume thousands of gallons of water a week. If the roots are near your foundation they will remove vital moisture from the earth, causing the foundation to sink, which often leads to cracks. Root barriers or tree removal are a great, inexpensive way to remedy this common problem.

If you’re already seeing cracks it’s important to schedule a structural inspection.

Why choose Olshan?

We set the industry bar high with unmatched customer service and over 90 Years of experience here in Texas. Every member of our staff is screened, tested and certified.

Olshan Foundation Repair serves Waco, Bryan, College Station, Killeen and surrounding areas with the highest quality services at affordable prices. Call us today at 254-772-9449 or fill out the quick contact form to schedule your free estimate.

Other common towns often visit include; Belton, Navasota, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Robinson, Elm Mott, Brenham, Lorena and Hearne.

Our job just finished up last week and Rigo and his team were outstanding. The work ethic, professionalism, and attention to detail were exceptional. Could not believe how good the house looked following the two weeks of dirt, concrete, and shoveling... I will gladly suggest Olshan to those asking about foundation repair in the future.

Steven O'Neal, Waco, TX
Over 90 years of Service