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Olshan Dallas Tapped to Correct Shoddy Repairs Completed by Another Company

CBS11 recently featured Olshan General Manager Blane Bartley in a segment on how to protect your home from severe drought conditions. Showing practical examples that everyone can understand, Blane pointed out that making foundation repair a priority and working with reputable contractors (who put your best interests first) are the most important things you can do to secure your most important investment – your home.

Real homeowners who appear in the segment share cautionary tales about the risks of working with contractors that haven’t been fully vetted. They also remind everyone that foundation damage is a community issue. As you’ll see in this news feature, the streets, sidewalks, and playgrounds we all share face equal exposure to serious drought-related damage.

Like CBS11, you can rely on Olshan Foundation Solutions as a trustworthy source of foundation advice and expertise. Professionals like Olshan’s Blane Bartley are the subject matter experts network news outlets turn to first when they need authoritative sources for breaking stories like this.

Houston Drought Causing Foundation Problems

KPRC 2 News called on Chris Cates, our Houston General Manager, for expert commentary in their segment on weather issues plaguing area homeowners. Chris explained how extreme heat and extended drought conditions put foundations at risk for damage from increased settling. As supporting soil dries out and pulls away from the house, foundations can shift, sink, and lose their load-bearing capacity.

In this news feature, Chris walks viewers through some of the most common warning signs of foundation damage. He also makes practical recommendations that homeowners can put in place to protect slabs and foundations and prevent more serious deterioration. Foundation repairs can be costly if problems are left unaddressed, and Chris’ tips on foundation watering can potentially save homeowners thousands if they follow a consistent watering regimen.

Olshan has been helping homeowners protect their property with full-service foundation repair and restoration expertise since 1933. It’s no wonder that media outlets like KPRC 2 rely on Olshan for straight, authoritative answers when Mother Nature threatens homes in the gulf region.

San Antonio Drought Conditions Causing Foundation Problems

News4, San Antonio’s NBC News affiliate, recently featured Olshan’s John Campbell, a veteran Certified Structural Technician. They called on John for expert commentary in their feature about the effect of extreme heat on homes. John explained how record-breaking hot and dry weather can stress your foundation by causing the supporting soil to shrink and pull away.

One of the houses John pointed out in his on-camera segment has settled as much as two inches in just a few months because of weather extremes. According to John, trees and shrubs trying to survive drought conditions draw even more moisture away from foundations, potentially leaving them unsupported and at risk for expensive damage. Soaker hoses have been an effective do-it-yourself approach to foundation protection, but in this news feature, John points out that extreme conditions may call for more robust interventions.

Like News4, you can rely on Olshan for authoritative information about keeping your foundation in top shape for years of worry-free living.

“La tierra se comprime”: así es como la sequía está afectando los cimientos de las casas en Houston

This Univision 45 Spanish language segment delivers first-rate expert perspective on the damage that Houston’s extended drought and extreme heat is inflicting on local homes. Olshan Project Manager and foundation expert Daniel Garcia gives Spanish-speaking viewers timely insights on what’s happening to their foundations and what they can do to protect their property.

In this news clip, Daniel walks viewers through what happens to foundations when there’s not enough natural water in the soil. As the supporting earth dries out, foundations can sink and lose their load-bearing capacity. This in turn can cause the house to settle unevenly and parts of the structure can begin to separate. As a preventive measure, Daniel recommends a weekly foundation watering and inspection routine to maintain proper soil moisture.

Since 1933, Olshan Foundation Solutions has been providing homeowners with trustworthy foundation restoration and repair services. When floods, drought, or extreme weather increases the risk of foundation damage, trusted media outlets like Univision 45 reach out to Olshan as an authoritative source for expert foundation advice.

July 20, 2022

The Best Foundation Repair Companies of 2022 – BobVila.com

Olshan Services Bob Vila

“Why It Made the Cut: With three flexible warranty options and virtual foundation evaluations, Olshan Foundation Solutions may be the ideal foundation repair solution for some homeowners.”

“Homeowners who want top-tier warranty coverage and customer support might find what they’re looking for in Olshan Foundation Services. Repairs are covered under Olshan’s flexible warranties: the basic warranty and an additional warranty to cover the foundation beyond the work and materials. Additionally, Olshan offers the option to warranty specific areas of the foundation due to damage susceptibility. This company offers email-based scheduling for convenience and can perform an initial evaluation virtually, meaning homeowners don’t have to meet a technician to get a quote.”

February, 2022

Waterproofing basement walls: Best ways to stop yours leaking

Synopsis: See what one of our basement waterproofing experts has to say about addressing the minor repairs in a timely fashion to prevent larger issues down the road. Learn about preventative measures you can take to safeguard your basement & crawl space against water damage.

8/2/2012 – KHOU.com

Tulsa Drought Turns Small Cracks Into Big Problems

Synopsis: A brutal heatwave in Oklahoma turns a small crack in a Tulsa resident’s home into a major problem. In fact, homeowners all over Oklahoma are experiencing foundation cracks. The good news – Olshan appears on the scene to help.

7/26/2012 – ABC13.com

Rains following drought means new foundation issues

Synopsis: Dry weather isn’t the only culprit when it comes to foundation repair. With heavy showers resulting in foundation movement for homeowners in the Greater Houston area, Blane Bartley of Olshan Foundation Repair Houston shares tips to catch warning signs early.

7/25/2012 – todaysthv.com

Heat, drought affecting foundations in Arkansas

Synopsis: It’s busy season for foundation repair companies as hot temperatures wreak havoc on homes across Arkansas this summer. Shannon Kemp of Olshan Foundation Repair Arkansas explains how the hot, dry conditions are causing foundation cracks and gives tips on how to prevent foundation problems.

11/8/2011 – KTUL.com

Have Earthquakes Damaged Your Home? Experts Say Check It Out

Synopsis: Earthquakes in Tulsa, Oklahoma have caused structural damage to homes throughout the Oklahoma area. For Pat Smith, once small foundation cracks grew bigger. Meanwhile, many other homeowners are seeing signs they need an Oklahoma foundation repair contractor.

8/29/2011 – KHOU.com

Record Drought strikes at home foundations

Synopsis:Doors that won’t close right, cracks in the walls – signs of a shifting foundation spurred on by this summer’s drought in Houston. In fact the drought has been so bad that the number of Houstonians contacting Olshan for help is at an all-time high.

8/23/2011 – KHOU.com

Drought causes problems with foundations

Synopsis: The drought has left lawns in Texas bone dry and now many homeowners are noticing foundation problems. This article explains how Dorothy Groves used the Cable Lock system to raise her house and correct foundation movement in her home. It also covers foundation repair prevention using a soaker hose.

6/17/2011 – KHOU.com

Ongoing drought creates foundation problems

Synopsis: We’re right in the middle of one of the worst droughts in Texas history. The dry soil means foundation repair headaches for homeowners across the state. Olshan Foundation Repair crews have been particularly active in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Beaumont.

10/3/2010 – New York Times

Olshan Foundation

Synopsis: Olshan Foundation provides insight on foundation repair to the New York Times as Olshan offices across the Midwest are being flooded with foundation repair calls during the drought. Homeowners are worried about foundation repair costs and foundation repair damage resulting from structural movement.

2/16/2010 – Great Day SA

Olshan Helps the Rivera Family (video)

Synopsis: Olshan lends a helping hand to a family in San Antonio in need of foundation solutions.