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Foundation repair essentials Cleveland area homeowners need to know

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Here’s a lifeline for homeowners in the Cleveland, Ohio area who want trustworthy information on foundation repair, basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation. The more information you have, the better prepared you’ll be to make the right choices for your personal repair needs and budget.

Let’s walk through the basic things you need to know to protect your home.

All foundation and crawl space repair situations are not the same

Cleveland, Ohio Foundation Repair ServiceWhile the causes of failing foundations and leaky, smelly crawl spaces are similar, the level and types of damage you’ll experience can vary a lot from region to region and even from house to house. Here’s a quick review of the most common contributing factors.

  • Unstable soil around or beneath your home

  • Variations in construction materials and practices

  • Seasonal changes in soil moisture or groundwater

  • Hydrostatic pressure against foundation elements or basement walls

  • Extreme weather events or seismic activity

It’s important to note that in Northeast Ohio, as in most parts of the U.S., some settling is normal in all homes as they age. A few superficial cracks here and there can be corrected easily and inexpensively with simple cosmetic touch ups. When these trouble signs become more frequent or more severe, it’s worth having a professional inspector check them out.

  • Widening “stair step” cracks or separations in foundation or structural masonry

  • Expanding cracks in interior or exterior finish materials, especially where walls join

  • Pooled water or fresh stains or deposits inside your crawl space

  • Doors or windows that suddenly stick or shift out of alignment

  • Musty odors or signs of crawl space mold or mildew

The basics on foundation repair, basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation

So let’s say you’ve seen one or more signs that your home might need foundation or crawl space repairs. The good news is that unless the damage is unusually extensive, most corrective measures may be less intrusive or expensive than you may think. The important thing is to find a trustworthy expert who will give you a complete and transparent diagnosis and then recommend repair options that are best for your individual situation and budget.

Foundation repair

basement wall foundation repair Foundation repair technology has come a long way in the last few decades. At first glance, the options offered in the Cleveland area may look similar to remedies you’ll find all across the country, but here’s what many Ohio homeowners overlook. The solution that’s right for you depends a lot on variables like:

  1. The materials and construction methods used when your home was built

  2. The stability of the soil that’s holding up your foundation

  3. The length of time your home has been exposed to water, erosion or structural stress

Depending on the kind of foundation you have (for example, slab, masonry, reinforced concrete) problems can be corrected by a number of modern methods. Slabs can be lifted, realigned and stabilized. Bowed basement walls can be straightened, sealed and reinforced. Unsupported sections of concrete structures can be lifted and restored with steel helical piers.

Crawl space waterproofing and encapsulation

cleveland crawl space encapsulationWhen it comes to wet, flooded or smelly crawl spaces, you have two main options, with variations in between. The first option is waterproofing, which is a combination of measures to remove, reduce or control unwanted crawl space water and moisture. This may include caulking, sealing, pumping, dehumidification or localized drainage improvements

The second option is a more comprehensive approach called “encapsulation.” Rather than simply managing water infiltration as it happens, encapsulation augments waterproofing measures with wraparound sealing technology that eliminates incoming water or moisture at the source. Potential points of entry are sealed and then your entire crawl space is fitted with environmentally safe lining materials that permanently keep unwanted water and odors out.

Questions to ask before you hire a foundation or crawl space repair company

If you see signs of foundation trouble or water damage in your home, there’s no need to panic, but you should call a reputable inspector as soon as possible. Often, repairs can be surprisingly affordable, but foundation problems rarely go away by themselves. The longer you wait, the more your potential costs may go up as the damage spreads and worsens.

A trustworthy foundation repair professional will be happy to answer your questions:

  1. How long have you been in business in the Cleveland, Ohio region?

  2. Do you have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating?

  3. Do you provide free, no obligation evaluations and estimates?

  4. What kinds of foundation and crawl space repairs can you perform?

  5. Are your field representatives paid to push specific repair products over others?

  6. May I talk with customers who have used your products and services in the past?

  7. What happens if there’s a problem with my job and will you make it right?

  8. Do you offer any warranty protection on your work?

  9. Do you offer financing options?

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We can also transform your leaky crawl space or basement into a dry, comfortable and secure living space using our Basement Waterproofing Systems in conjunction with other products and services. Many of our effective methods are covered by an Available Lifetime Warranty, for years of worry-free living. Payment plans are also available for added peace of mind and convenience.

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