Crawl Space Encapsulation

Wet, moldy crawl space? Strange smells making their way up into your home?

Olshan offers a variety of cost-effective crawl space encapsulation services to improve indoor air quality and help eliminate moisture.

Here’s what makes Crawl Space Encapsulation so great for homeowners

  • Lowers uncomfortable humidity inside your home
  • Helps prevent musty crawl space odors from creeping into your home
  • Improves air quality inside the home
  • Reduces mold growth
  • Appliance life is lengthened
  • Heating and cooling costs can be reduced
  • Reduces allergens
  • Creates a clean environment for storage
  • Can increase the longevity of flooring
  • Deters pests & insects from living under your home
  • Helps prevents structural damage from wood rot
  • Can increase the resale value of your home

Olshan offers a full range of Crawl Space Encapsulation services

  • Interior Drainage systems installed inside the crawl space to help remove intrusive water out and away from underneath your home
  • Exterior Drainage Systems, like french drains, installed outside of the crawl space to help eliminate standing water before it collects underneath your home
  • Vapor barriers installed on walls and floors help keep moisture & pests outside
  • Dehumidifiers designed to decrease excess humidity and improve indoor air quality inside the home
  • Sump pumps can be used to forcibly discharge standing water from underneath the home

Encapsulated crawl space.

Moisture can enter the crawl space from multiple areas

  1. Water intrusion from under & over the footer
  2. Subsurface water
  3. Wall water intrusion from cracks
  4. Bleeding and sweating walls, vents or windows
  5. Excessive moisture in the air

crawl space moisture points of entry

Crawl Space Drainage

crawl space drainage systemDrainage systems can be installed both inside the crawl space and on the exterior of the home. Each drainage system is configured to your home and may include EZ drain (interior), pipe & rock (interior), french drains, subsurface drains, downspout extensions, gutters and more.

  • Helps eliminate water intrusion from under and over the footer
  • Helps eliminate subsurface water
  • Helps alleviate excess humidity
  • Improves structural performance

Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

Our 7mil reinforced SafeSeal vapor barrier defends your home from moisture. Can be used on both walls and floors for full encapsulation.

  • 7mil liner
  • Seals crawl space from moisture
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Can be installed on walls and floors
  • Anti-microbial and mold resistant
  • Helps protect against wood rot and decay

Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

crawl space dehumidifierCirculating the air in your crawl space is a great way to improve indoor air quality throughout your home. Dehumidifiers help create a healthier, more pleasant environment.

  • Decreases levels of moisture in the air
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Commercial-grade
  • Reduces stress on your AC unit
  • Dual filters
  • Connects to Olshan drainage system

Crawl Space Sump Pumps

crawl space sump pumpSump pumps forcibly discharge pooling water out and away from your crawl space. We offer a variety of sump pump options to meet your home’s needs, including battery-backup systems that can operate during power outages.

  • Batter backup systems available
  • 4″ solid discharge pipe
  • Warranty available

Protect Your Home & Start Living Better with The Complete Crawl Space System

crawl space encapsulation with dehumidifier and sump pump

Not sure if we offer crawl space encapsulation in your area?