Sump Pumps & Gravity Discharge

We Install Dependable Sump Pump Systems you can Trust

olshan battery backup sump pump systemReliable basement defense systems to fit problems of any size.

When used properly, a quality sump pump system is often an essential part of an effective waterproofing repair plan. It is also a great way to help prevent a wet basement.

At Olshan, we carry a variety of sump pumps. This helps us tackle water intrusion problems of all sizes. More options means we can find the best solution for you, without increasing your budget.

Popular features include a battery backup that helps keep our sump pumps operational during storms, when power outages are more common (separate circuits may be required for use).

When it comes to preventing a wet basement or crawl space, never settle for a second rate sump pump and never pay for more than you need. Let an Olshan Certified Structural Technician design your free, no-obligation basement waterproofing repair plan today.

Olshan Basement Sump Pumps

  • Forcibly removes and discharges basement water away from your home
  • State-of-the-art submersible technology
  • Includes available secondary backup pump for added peace of mind
  • Innovative “top suction” method prevents air lock and increases durability
  • Corrosion resistant build quality

Crawl Space Units Also Available

Available Add-on Features Include:

  • 1/3 or 1/2 HP Pump
  • 1 Yr Manufacturer Warranty
  • Flow Rate Range
  • 4” Solid Discharge Pipe
  • WiFi Alert Notifications
Note: Products and services may vary by market.

Why Choose an Olshan Sump Pump For Your Basement (or Crawl Space)?

Sump pumps have gotten somewhat of a bad reputation, and rightfully so… much like an older crawl space ventilation system, an outdated sump pump can cause more trouble than it’s worth. We all have memories of that scary looking, scary sounding sump pump from back in the day. But things have changed!

Unlike the relics of yesteryear, our technologically advanced sump pump systems actually work. And they even look good too! No more headaches and no more flooded basements.

We stand by our sump pump installations by of offering a convenient, worry-free maintenance program. When it comes to preventing a wet basement never settle for a second rate pump. Choose Olshan.

How Does it Work?

submersible sump pump systemWe often recommend incorporating a sump pump system in many of the homes we visit as part of a comprehensive waterproofing strategy. Sump pumps forcibly remove excess water that collects in the sump basin, helping to keep your basement dry. When combined with other basement repairs, such as Water Lock™ and Exterior Water Management, sump pumps add an extra level of protection against moisture intrusion.

We treat our customers’ homes as we would treat our own, and we know there is nothing more comforting to a homeowner than peace of mind. That’s why we use state-of-the-art, submersible sump pump systems complete with a built-in secondary backup pump.

Submersible sump pumps feature a motor that is sealed inside the sump basin, hidden below water level. And the backup failsafe ensures reliable, worry-free operation at all times. Should your sump pump fail for any reason, the battery operated backup pump will kick into gear automatically – no user interaction required!

With Olshan’s submersible sump pump there’s no need to worry about a power outage during a big storm – you’re covered for up to 20 hours!

In addition, our sump pumps use a “top suction” method instead of the traditional bottom suction found in older models. This means our sump pumps are not vulnerable to air lock. It also reduces the amount of debris intake, allowing for a longer lifespan.

Gravity Drain – Water Discharge Alternative

gravity drainNot every basement requires a sump pump. Depending on your home and landscape, sometimes a gravity fed drain makes the most sense.

This method utilizes gravity to discharge water from your home. To qualify, conditions call for an adequate slope away from the structure. This service often requires excavation from under the footer and exterior landscaping.

Installation includes:

  • 1 Yr Workmanship Warranty
  • 4” Corrugated or Solid Pipe
  • Exterior Drainage
  • Properly graded slope
  • Pop-Up Drain Emitters
Note: Gravity Drain product & service may vary depending on repair plan configuration

Each homeowner’s case is unique. Schedule a free, no-obligation waterproofing inspection today and we will assess your unique conditions to determine which method of water discharge works best for you.

Sump Pump vs Gravity Drain – Which Works Best for me?

Requirements Sump Pump Gravity Discharge
Requires Power Source
Requires Shallow Footing
Forces Water Out of System
Requires Maintenance
Flexible Location
Adjusted for Water Volume
Requires Slope
Flow Rate Good Best
Noise Fair
Energy Efficient Good Best
Warranty Good Fair

How to Fix Sump Pump Problems?

Experiencing problems with your sump pump? Sometimes a simple do-it-yourself fix is all you need. View Olshan’s sump pump troubleshooting guide for help. If that doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to consider a reliable Olshan System that includes available ongoing customer support. Schedule an assessment today.