Wall Shield Interior Moisture Barrier

Wall Shield Basement Wall Panels Provide Added Defense Against Basement Moisture & Seepage

wall shield basement moisture barrier

Wall Shield is an economical moisture defense upgrade that is designed to enhance your Basement Waterproofing System. This clean, low-maintenance material is installed on the interior basement wall to protect against intrusive water and moisture.

basement wall moisture barrier

The Wall Shield panels are installed directly over the basement wall.

Best of all, Wall Shield provides a clean, semi-finished look that is durable, washable and does not require painting (but it can be painted), making it a great choice for homeowners that already have, or want to create, a finished basement.

Wall Shield – How it Works

  • Wall Shield utilizes a 4-mil liner between the panel and basement wall. It is connected using joiners and sealed at the top to help ensure moisture vapor cannot escape.
  • Water passing through the wall is directed into the Water Management System, and discharged away from the foundation.
  • Wall Shield can be installed in basement homes with both major slab types (monolithic slabs & floating slabs).
  • Wall Shield is attached to the wall with special drilled-in fasteners.
  • Wall Shield helps reduce mold, mildew, and allergens by encapsulating wall moisture.
  • Designed to work with Water Lock™ Plus or most waterproofing systems.
  • Panels are washable, effective and easy to maintain.

Benefits of Installing a Basement Wall Moisture Barrier

  • Deter water intrusion at the footer (floor/wall joint)
  • Deter wall water intrusion from cracks and mortar joints
  • Deter seepage from window wills
  • Deter seepage and condensation from sweating walls
  • Reduce excess humidity and improve indoor air quality

Wall Liner Installed on Basement Wall Blocks Moisture

Find out how Wall Shield can reduce indoor moisture and beautify your basement, schedule a free assessment with Olshan.