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Structural Repair Services

  • Foundation Repair
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Basement Wall Repair
  • Crawl Space Repair
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Drainage
  • Concrete, Driveway & Sidewalk Lifting
  • Structural Engineer on staff

Improve Your Home’s Structural Stability with Olshan

Olshan is a proud provider of quality foundation repair and waterproofing services in Denver, CO and surrounding areas. In fact, we have been fixing foundations for homeowners and business owners for over 87 Years!

We know the integrity of every structure depends on a strong foundation, and we know how to craft long-lasting solutions for homes of all shapes and sizes.

Let our Structural Engineer design a custom repair plan that works for your home and budget. Schedule a free assessment – we’re here to help!

Olshan has a Structural Engineer on Staff

structural engineer report denverAre you looking for a Structural Engineer to inspect your foundation?

According to data from the popular home service website, HomeAdvisor, the average cost to hire a Structural Engineer for a foundation assessment and report is $521.

That’s a lot of money!

Olshan offers foundation repair assessments from a Structural Engineer 100% free-of-charge. Our engineer will provide you with a comprehensive repair plan that is yours to keep. There is no obligation to buy.

We also happily work with 3rd party engineers of your choosing to complete recommended repair plans.

Bentonite, Bedrock and Foundation Damage in Colorado

olshan man crawl space repairColorado is known for its volatile, expansive bentonite clay. When coupled with an arid climate and occasional floods or snow, it creates soil conditions that leave many Colorado homes vulnerable to foundation damage. This happens because an increase in subsurface moisture can lead to swelling, and a decrease in subsurface moisture can lead to shrinking.

It’s important to assess signs of foundation problems such as; cracks in walls, floors that sag or a wet crawl space, early, before the damage spreads. Fortunately, our team of Denver foundation repair experts are here to help. Our team includes a Structural Engineer on staff, available to provide you with a free, no-obligation foundation assessment and custom repair plan.

One of our Certified Structural Technicians will inspect your home and provide you with a detailed job assessment and quote. About 20% of the homes we inspect do not require repairs. In those instances we will be glad to provide you with a foundation maintenance program that can help mitigate future problems.

We also work hand-in-hand with 3rd party Structural Engineers to execute repair plans of all sizes, for both residential homeowners and commercial business owners. If you already have a repair plan, let us complete the project on time and on budget.

Schedule your free foundation assessment now.

Why choose Olshan? Denver Foundation Repair Services Include

  • Repairing structural damage for homes with concrete slab foundations, basement foundations or crawl space foundations
  • Waterproofing basement and crawl space homes from the exterior or interior
  • Repairing structural or cosmetic wall damage, such as cracks in brick or bowed walls
  • Preventing water from pooling near the foundation using the latest exterior drainage technology
  • Improving indoor air quality and reducing humidity in crawl space and basement homes
  • Leveling sunken concrete structures, such as; driveways, sidewalks, patios and pool decks
  • Residential & Commercial services available

Repairing Basement Damage and Moisture Problems

About 60% of the homes we visit in Colorado have basement foundations. Basement homes are susceptible to a wide variety of foundation problems. These include structural issues like cracks, walls that bow or uneven floors, as well as moisture problems, such as a wet basement, mold growth or uncomfortable indoor humidity.

Our repairs are designed to address the source of your basement problems resulting in a long term solution. This allows you to reclaim and enjoy the space for regular use. Our affordable basement repairs are easily made and help improve the value of your home.

Solutions available include:

basement waterproofing from exterior

Create your own custom basement repair plan today.

Crawl Space Encapsulation & Structural Repair

About 35% of the homes we visit in Colorado have crawl space foundations. Like basement homes, crawl spaces like the pier and beam foundation are susceptible to both structural, water and air quality problems. Common signs of crawl space problems include; sagging floors, cracks in walls or doors that stick and musty odors.

To address structural issues we offer:

To treat air quality problems in crawl space homes we offer crawl space encapsulation.

Due to the process known as the stack effect, much of the air you breath inside your home comes directly from the crawl space. For homes with wet crawl spaces, this usually results in a dank smell throughout the house. To remedy this we provide drainage solutions designed to keep water out and away from the foundation as well as crawl space encapsulation.

Crawl Space EncapsulationSafeSeal™ Indoor Air Quality control, using Moisture Barriers, water-resistant liner, and a Dehumidifier or Air Exchange System.

olshan crawl space encapsulation

Each custom Olshan repair plan is based on the homeowners goals and severity of the problems. Find out what works best for you, schedule a free assessment.

Sunken Concrete Driveway, Sidewalk and Flatwork Raising

repaired sidewalkPeriods of flooding or snow followed by dry heat can result in soil erosion. This never-ending cycle does a number on the concrete work here in Colorado, as evidenced by this recent article on local sidewalk damage. As the soil erodes, gaps between the dirt and concrete form, resulting in things like cracked sidewalks, heaving driveways or uneven patios.

A sunken driveway, sidewalk or sunroom is more than just an eyesore, it can also become a safety hazard! The good news is expensive concrete replacement can usually be avoided.

To repair sunken concrete, we offer PolyLift™. This 2-part environmentally safe compound is injected underneath the surface to fill voids and gaps between the structure and soil. The sunken concrete is gently lifted and restored to an acceptable level.

PolyLift™ is gentle, quick, easy and clean. If you’re looking to repair sunken or cracked concrete in as little as 1-day, click here to learn more about PolyLift™.

Repairing Concrete Slab Foundations

To repair foundation damage for homes with slab foundations, we offer a variety of effective repair methods. Our most popular repair plan utilizes the Cable Lock ST Plus system. This system includes the greatest aspects of steel pilings with the greatest aspects of concrete pilings to achieve a deeper, more secure repair.

The system is driven deep underneath the home, lifting the sunken foundation and leveling it to as close to the original build as allowable.

Since each home and landscape is different, our custom repair plans may call for other methods of repair, such as; helical piers, bell bottom piers, steel piers or pressed pilings. Here is a quick overview of the different piling types that are commonly used to repair foundations:

olshan foundation repair shreveport, laFeaturesCable Lock ST+Concrete PadConcrete PierPressed PilingSteel PierHelical Pier
Soil PenetrationBestPoorFairGoodBestGood
Depth Can Be VerifiedBestGoodGoodFairFairFair
Alignment Can Be VerifiedBestN/AGoodFairFairFair
Steel ReinforcedBestFairGoodPoorN/AN/A
Supports Homes DirectlyBestGoodGoodGoodFairFair
Load Tested During InstallBestPoorPoorBestPoorPoor
Preserve LandscapeGoodPoorPoorGoodGoodGood
Cost of MaterialsMediumLowLowLowHighHigh
Cost to InstallMediumLowLowMediumHighHigh
Time Needed to InstallLowHighHighLowMediumMedium

Alternatively, PolyLift (a more effective alternative to mudjacking) is sometimes recommended to fill voids in the soil and lift the foundation to an acceptable state.

To find out which service works best for you, schedule a free assessment now.

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We set the industry bar high with unmatched customer service and broad experience. Every member of our staff prides themselves in knowing the in and outs of foundation repair.

Olshan Foundation Solutions provides the highest quality services at affordable prices. Call us today at 303-625-7944 or fill out the quick contact form to schedule your free estimate.

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Olshan Foundation Repair is committed to quality. Our job presented challenges that prevented a completion to their high standards, they put the customer first and I was satisfied they did their best and didn't overcharge. I appreciate their integrity and honesty.

Tad Foster, Boulder, CO
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