Musty Smell in Basement or Crawl Space

A musty smell in the basement or crawl space can be an unpleasant, nose-wrinkling odor. Musty or moldy smells wafting from the basement can be a red flag indicating water damage and foundation problems. Water can seep (or sometimes flow) into basements in multiple ways. Any water seepage or wetness in the basement or crawl space eventually will create musty odors that must be eliminated.

One of the ways you can help prevent water issues is to make sure your gutters are designed to divert water away from your home. You should also assess any soil erosion around your home, which can contribute to foundation issues. Another source of water issues can be overwatering your garden. If the garden is located close to your house and you water it excessively, this can lead to water running off towards the foundation and entering the basement. After water trickles or seeps in the basement, it becomes stagnant when left unchecked. Mustiness is the result.

Signs of a Deeper Issue

That mustiness that you smell is an indication of a deeper, more critical issue. Mold. Mold in any area of a home poses potential health risks. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your child sneezes every time he rolls his bike out of the basement. Or your family may experience unexplained headaches or other health issues. It’s important to be away that mold inhalation causes allergic reactions in some people. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the allergic reactions can include but are not limited to sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and skin rashes. Asthma attacks may be triggered by mold as well. To remove mold problems and musty smells in the basement, the water problem must be fixed.

The Solution

Waterproofing the basement can help in some situations. However, foundation repair often is the solution. Repairing any foundation problems can eliminate water leakage and the resulting wet basement with its musty smell and mold issues. Contact a Certified Repair Specialist to determine the best solution for your specific repair needs.