Foundation Erosion

soil erosionHouse foundation problems typically stem from the continuous changing of soil conditions due to various issues, including erosion. Erosion in general can be problematic for your home’s foundation. Foundation erosion can be connected to the changing seasonal weather that affects soil conditions.

Soils that more readily absorb water may contribute to erosion and other issues. In areas with expansive clay soil, poor exterior water drainage can over-saturate the soil, causing it to expand with the excessive water and exert pressure onto the foundation. This often contributes to foundation problems such as cracks and erosion.

Erosion & Drainage Problems

Foundation erosion can occur when water collects and pools next to and under the foundation. If your home does not have a good exterior drainage system, this may be a problem. Any time downspouts are not connected to gutters and/or diverted away from the house foundation, water can pool. Over time, this continual sluicing of water towards the foundation soil can cause erosion.

Too much water near the house and its foundation is never good. If your patio, walk, driveway or landscaping has not been properly sloped away from the house, water will run back towards the foundation. Water can be a strong force and over time can cause the foundation soil to erode. Likewise, if you continually water flowerbeds nearest the house, the excessive water can act as an erosion factor. Soil erosion can cause the house foundation to settle downward.

Foundation Inspection

Homes with foundation settlement need a foundation inspection from a certified repair specialist. Settlement from foundation erosion can create structural problems. A cracked foundation will be part of the problem, but inside the home you also may see sagging floors, crooked doors, cracks in walls and baseboards or molding that has separated where their mitered corners meet.

A house or slab foundation that has settled due to erosion or other reasons needs to be reinforced. Olshan uses a Hybrid Piling System and a Cable Lock™ ST Plus for house leveling. The Hybrid Piling System combines both steel and concrete component for the best support. A foundation repair specialist can help you determine which foundation repair methods are the best solution for your home.