Foundation Repair Resources

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Foundation problems are caused by a variety of elements and conditions – from problematic soil to tree root intrusion. Once foundation deterioration begins, the effects are manifested in a multitude of home repair issues. Cracks in walls and flooring are some of the most noticeable signs of foundation problems. Foundation repair can stop foundation damage from progressing to an unmanageable state.

Assess Damage

foundation repair resources

Before foundation repair can begin, it’s important to assess the damage. There could be several factors at the root of your foundation issues. Does your home sit on soil filled with clay minerals? Expansive clay soils absorb water more readily than other soils. The soil will expand when wet and press up into the foundation. As the soil dries, it shrinks and the foundation settles. This continual heave and settlement can create foundation cracks and damage.

If soil settlement from expansive clay soil is creating foundation problems, you can avoid additional damage by keeping water away from the foundation. To direct water away from the house, make sure your gutters have down spouts that are sloped away from the house to prevent water from pooling at the foundation. Continual watering of flower beds or landscaped areas located next to the house’s foundation also can contribute to excessive water collection in the soil beneath the foundation.


Water leaking from cracked plumbing under slab foundations is another factor that could lead to foundation problems. When tree roots crack these pipes, water can seep into the home or fill the crawl space with unwanted moisture. Waterproofing the foundation can help eliminate some of this invasive moisture. You can also implement crawl space encapsulation to provide moisture management. This will help provide a moisture barrier, reduce humidity in the house, keep out bugs and eliminate the growth of mold, which thrives in moisture.

Tree roots also can cause foundation issues. A deep root system can leech large amounts of moisture from the soil under a foundation. This may cause soil shrinkage and foundation settlement. House leveling may be a necessary foundation repair for this type of damage. Olshan’s piling systems can provide needed house leveling. This type of foundation repair can fix foundation settlements such as tilting, uniform settlement and differential settlement. To determine what’s at the root of your foundation issues contact a certified repair specialist to inspect your home and provide a foundation repair estimate.