Foundation Repair Warranty

You’ve heard the home repair horror stories, where a simple repair turns into a nightmare of torn-down walls or incomplete renovations. One way to stay on top of your home repair and prevent high expenses down the road is to have your foundation assessed for damage.

Foundation repair issues can create huge headaches that can spiral from seemingly small problems into unmanageable, expensive messes. By identifying foundation issues caused by weather, soil shifts or other issues, you can prevent unmanageable repairs down the road.

With more than 90 Years of experience, Olshan offers comprehensive foundation repair solutions that will help you manage foundation issues and prevent other problems from occurring.  Our comprehensive foundation repair solutions will keep cracks in your foundation or foundation settlement from becoming unmanageable. When you work with one of our certified repair specialists you can determine what kind of issues that foundation damage may be creating in your home. Then, you can begin implementing a solution.

Warranty Options

All of our foundation repair methods are available with warranty options to give you even more peace of mind. We offer three warranty options to suit your needs. A partial exterior underpin warranty covers the left side and back of the home. That means that if damage occurs in these areas you are covered under warranty to protect against future settlement. An exterior underpin warranty covers the full perimeter of the home, but does not cover any interior settlements. Our most extensive warranty option is the exterior and interior underpin warranty. This warranty covers the full perimeter and the interior of the home to cover any adjustments needed for settlement that could occur in the future.

Available Lifetime Warranty

The available Olshan lifetime warranty is transferable, which means that if settling occurs during the warranty period, adjustments are covered, including all areas previously underpinned by Olshan and subject to the Cable Lock St Plus Warranty Terms and Provisions. Contact a qualified foundation repair specialist to plan a solution and help prevent additional damage.