Homeowner Foundation Inspection Checklist

Contributor: Aaron Goucher

Foundation Inspection Exterior of HomeFoundation damage can happen to any building at any time for many reasons. As a homeowner, it’s crucial to the life of your home to regularly check on the state of your foundation. It may be hard to know exactly what to check for as you inspect the foundation yourself. Here is a quick checklist to help walk you through what to look for in your foundation:

What to look for

  • Check for plumbing damage – Moisture is the biggest threat to the health and stability of your foundation. Have a plumbing professional at Olshan inspect plumbing systems for leaks or loose pipe fittings to ensure that no excess moisture is damaging the foundation.
  • Check the look and feel of the foundation – Inspect the foundation itself. Has the cosmetic look of the foundation changed drastically? Do you see any cracks or discoloration? If you have any doubts about its condition, call a foundation professional to inspect it for you.
  • Cracked floors/walls – Keep an eye out for cracked floors and walls throughout your home. These visual cues can be an indicator that your foundation is shifting.
  • Roof leaks – Have a roofing contractor regularly inspect your roof for leaks or other problems that may trap or release an excessive amount of moisture into your structure.
  • Musty smell or bugs in the basement – As you move through the basement of your home, do you notice bugs or a musty smell? These could be indicators of moisture and foundation damage.


Foundation Repair Checklist

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Your foundation should be checked regularly, especially if you live in a region with expansive soils. After an extreme cold or dry season, problems in the foundation can arise that you may not suspect. A thorough foundation inspection can help keep your home on solid ground. Call us today and one of our expert technicians will be happy to give your home’s foundation a free inspection.

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