Foundation Repair for Homeowners

While the foundation may not be the most exciting topic of discussion for homeowners, it is one of the most important aspects of the home. Foundation problems can cause significant structural problems that can lower the value of a home, and even present some hazardous situations depending on the severity of the foundation damage. As with most household needs, an ounce of prevention is sometimes worth a pound of cure.

Why homeowners should educate themselves

Foundation damage is nothing to trifle with. Ignoring it can only make matters worse. The longer you delay foundation repairs, treatments, or even preventative maintenance, the more likely you are to deal with significant or even irreversible foundational damage that can be costly or incredibly difficult to repair. Know what to look for.

What homeowners should know

  • Learn all about moisture – Moisture is the leading cause of foundation damage. Learn about what types of moisture can affect your foundation’s health and stability over the long and short term. Have a professional inspect your plumbing system and roof for leaks and standing moisture problems.
  • Know your soil – Learn about the soil dynamics of your region. Most importantly, if you live in an extreme climate, learn all about expansive soil. Expansive soil occurs when the soil expands and contracts as it absorbs high moisture and then dries out. This soil pressure can cause your foundation to move and shift, which can lead to significant damage to your foundation.
  • Common signs of foundation problems – Learn the common signs of foundation damage. These include bowed walls, cracked walls, and musty smells coming from the basement, and standing water around your home. If you can catch these problems early you can prevent major repairs later on.

To find out more about how preventing foundation damage can save you money in the long-run, get in touch with an Olshan foundation repair specialist today!