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Contributor: Chris Cates

The Average Costs for a Foundation Repair Evaluation

What is the average cost of foundation repair? In 2023, the average cost of foundation repair  is $11,255.

This average can vary greatly depending on the extent of foundation damage your home is experiencing and where your home (or business) is located.

Determining the cost of foundation repair without an exhaustive structural assessment can be a real shot in the dark for homeowners. The build of the home, age of the home, severity of the damage, market, soil conditions, and the personal project goals of the homeowner are all important factors to consider.

Here is what it usually costs to have a professional foundation/structural evaluation of a home or business

  • Foundation repair company estimates – $0 – $249 (includes comprehensive evaluation, pricing & repair plan)
  • Home inspection with report – $350 – $640 (includes a general 1st stage assessment and recommendation if needed. If problems are identified, you will need a Certified expert)
  • Residential Structural Engineer report – $300 – $750 (includes a comprehensive evaluation & repair plan, but does not specify the cost of materials or labor needed to repair the home)
  • Commercial Structural Engineer report – $750 – $1500 (includes a comprehensive evaluation & repair plan, but does not specify the cost of materials or labor needed to repair the property)

The most important thing to do first is to have a trained expert investigate the severity of the damage. It is also important to do so as soon as possible, before the problem gets worse (and more costly to repair).

For an accurate foundation repair cost assessment we always recommend scheduling a free Structural Assessment with a foundation repair company or hiring an independent Structural Engineer, then providing the Engineer’s Report to a foundation repair company (like Olshan) for itemized pricing.

free foundation repair cost evaluation

Calculating the Cost of Repairs on Your Own

Small cracks can be patched cosmetically for as little as $300 using light repairs such as epoxy crack injections. If foundation problems are caught early enough, they can often be mitigated using preventative measures, such as installing a drainage system, adding gutters and downspouts, addressing grading issues by sloping the landscape away from the foundation and/or using a foundation watering program.

For more extensive structural damage, piers or pilings are the most common repair type used to stabilize the property. Pilings or piers are installed under the foundation and designed to penetrate deep into the soil underneath the home, providing the home with support and long-term protection against structural movement.

Once installed, piers or pilings will help stabilize the foundation, working to reverse the signs of foundation damage, like cracks in walls, cracks near windows, bowing walls and restore sagging floors.

How much do pilings and piers used for foundation repair cost?

The prices to install pilings vary by market (mostly due to regional soil types) and can be affected by home type, home build quality, soil type, stable soil depth, problems affecting the home, work site obstacles, material costs, installation method and foundation type (slab vs basement vs crawl space).

Foundation Piling & Piers (underpinnings) Cost Per Unit Installed

Underpinning System Cost Per Piling
Steel Pier $950 – $1300
Helical Pier $2400 – $4000
Drilled Pier $700 – $1000
Pressed Piling $900 – $1650
Cable Lock ST+ $1750 – $3200

Please note this is general ballpark pricing per unit. Several factors will ultimately affect final cost.

Using this frame of reference, if your home requires 12 support piers you may be looking at $9,500 – $16,000 in repairs.

According to CostHelper, a popular financial resource, “Repairs for a typical house with moderate foundation damage start around $8,000-$12,000 but can go as high as $20,000-$30,000.” It’s also noted that most home insurance policies do not cover foundation damage. However, payment programs are available.

Finding Qualified Structural Technicians To Price Your Repair

Foundation Repair CostWhen it comes to addressing foundation problems, you do not want to settle for a quick fix from unqualified technicians. Though some foundation repair consultants may quote you low prices, be wary of low rates that sound too good to be true. Make sure you’re working with a company that has an established history with your local BBB. Services from unproven companies can result in a less reliable analysis, which could mean that many of your issues will not be addressed, creating a need for even more costly repairs in the future – when that company may no longer be in business.

You need a solution that will deliver long-term results. Our team is thorough and efficient and will work quickly to make sure we address the problem in the best possible way – without leaving a mess. We inspect your foundation at every angle and offer an available warranty program to give you even greater peace of mind. Typical foundation repair services from Olshan range anywhere from $3,000 to $7,500 or even higher in some cases, like when dealing with extremely large properties.

Addressing Your Foundation Repair Cost Needs

foundation repair cost analysisThe good news is foundation repair costs aren’t always high. Sometimes your needs may require more of a prevention strategy rather than a complete foundation repair. In these cases, your cost could be as low as $500 to $3,000. We’ve built our reputation on honesty which is why in many cases we often recommend a different type of repair (like tree removal) or maintenance program (foundation watering routine).

No matter what solution you determine is best for your needs, the first step is to schedule an assessment with one of our specialists. We will help you make sure that the problem is addressed before it creates more expenses, and headaches, down the road.

Calculating Foundation Repair Costs

foundation repair costSince project scope differs so greatly and each homeowners’ structural problems are unique, prices can fluctuate drastically depending on your needs. At Olshan we don’t just treat symptoms, we find the cause of your structural problems. We offer free, no-hassle assessments if you would like help determining the the source, seriousness and cost of your foundation problem. We also offer a convenient payment program in most markets.

By identifying the source of your foundation issues early on you can help mitigate costly repairs down the road. Olshan offers a cost-effective and thorough foundation repair option; our technicians will painstakingly inspect your foundation to determine the exact cause and the best solution.

Chris Cates, Olshan Subject Matter Expert

Chris Cates

Chris has been in the foundation repair industry since the late 80’s. He has 40+ years of experience designing foundation repairs plans of all types and sizes. Chris' work and expertise has been featured in the local Houston media several times, including appearances on the CW39 News, Click 2 Houston News, ABC 13 News, The Sealy News and The Houston Business Journal. Chris' important work in research and development, played an integral role in the development of a patented repair method (US Patent #10,428,516 B2) designed to stabilize damaged tilt walls. Chris Cates is recognized as an innovator in the industry both locally and nationally.