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Structural Repair Services

  • Foundation Repair
  • Concrete Leveling - Garages, Driveways, Sidewalks
  • Sinkhole Remediation & Soil Stabilization
  • Bulkhead & Seawall Repair
  • Exterior Water Management
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Deep Foundation for New Builds

Foundations in Orlando form the backbone of every home, providing structural support and ensuring stability. The weather can be unpredictable and intense in Orlando, especially when hurricanes wreak havoc, and damage foundations that are especially vital. Extreme temperatures, humidity, and other environmental factors can also take a toll on foundations and crawl spaces, leading to issues like cracks, uneven floors, and compromised structural stability.

For these reasons, investing in reliable foundation repair services in Orlando is essential. At Olshan Foundation Repair, we understand the unique challenges faced by homeowners in Orlando and specialize in addressing many different foundation issues, including crawl space encapsulation and repair.

With our Certified Structural Technicians specializing in foundation repair and our proven foundation stabilization methods, we’re committed to restoring your home’s integrity and ensuring it is safe to live in for years to come.

Whether you’re dealing with settling, cracks, excessive moisture, or other signs of foundation damage, our skilled team is here to evaluate your foundation, diagnose any issues, and provide customized foundation repair solutions.

Orlando homeowners can trust Olshan Foundation Repair to safeguard the foundation of their home and keep it standing strong for years to come.



Foundation Repair Services We Offer in Orlando, Florida

At Olshan Foundation Repair, we recognize that there are different types of build types present in each home, each with its own set of challenges. However, our experienced team is well-equipped and trained to handle repairing foundation problems of any shape and size.

In Orlando, FL, we offer a comprehensive range of foundation repair methods for each type of foundation. Whether your home has a slab, crawl space, or basement foundation, we have the experience and tools to assess the damage and recommend the most suitable foundation repair solutions.

With our personalized approach, you can trust us to address any issues effectively, and repair them in a timely manner, leaving your home’s structural stability in good hands.


Orlando Slab Repair

Our team at Olshan Foundation Repair has created an innovative solution for concrete slab foundation repairs in Orlando, FL. Our team highly recommends our patented Cable Lock™ ST Plus piling system. The Cable Lock™ ST Plus method combines the strengths of concrete and steel pilings to create an effective solution. The combination of these two provides a durable and reliable repair slab foundations in Orlando.

Unlike other systems such as steel piers or concrete pads, the Cable Lock™ ST Plus uses a cable to secure the pilings together, resulting in long-lasting foundation repairs. This advanced system adds exceptional strength and is a cost-effective alternative to other slab foundation repair methods.

Backed by an Available Lifetime Transferable Warranty and continuous customer support, Olshan provides long-term stability for repaired foundations in Orlando. To address issues like cracks and uneven doors while improving the overall integrity and stability of the home, schedule a free foundation inspection with our team.

Our experienced team in Orlando, FL, will evaluate your specific needs and provide guidance on our Cable Lock™ ST Plus system to restore the integrity of your home’s foundation.


Exterior Water Management & Foundation Repair for Orlando

Don’t let poor drainage or excessive moisture compromise the structural integrity and value of the home. Recognizing signs of damage is important to preventing further damage such as rotten wood and mold growth. Signs of poor drainage around your foundation can include:

    • Standing water near the foundation
    • Lack of gutters and downspout extensions
    • Mold and musty smells in the crawl space

At Olshan Foundation Repair, we offer comprehensive solutions for Exterior Water Management in Orlando, FL.

Our range of services addresses issues of all sizes, from structural foundation repairs to drainage solutions to waterproofing. Our innovative foundation repair techniques like Cable Lock™ ST Plus pilings ensure reliable repairs.

To repair excessive water intrusions and mold growth, we provide interior waterproofing options. Our interior waterproofing services include:

Our team at Olshan Foundation Repair can help you repair your foundation water problems and maximize your foundation’s performance.

Contact us today for an Exterior Water Management evaluation to learn more about the foundation repair solutions we can offer you. Our Certified Structural Technicians will identify the root cause of your drainage problems and recommend a customized solution that aligns with your goals and budget.



Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation

We specialize in crawl space encapsulation and all manner of crawl space repair solutions, and provide services to address the unique challenges that crawl space foundations in Orlando, FL can present. Signs of a crawl space in need of repair includes:

    • Sagging floors
    • Sticking doors
    • Excessive indoor humidity

If left unaddressed, these issues may lead to wood decay, bug infestation, mold growth, and severe structural damage to the entire home. Our crawl space repair solutions include interior waterproofing methods, including:

    • EZ Drain Plus
    • Pipe and Rock
    • Sump pumps
    • Downspout extensions
    • Underground wall moisture barriers
    • French Drains
    • Footer Drains
    • Surface Drains 
    • Subsurface Drains
    • Sump Pumps
    • Vapor Barriers
    • Gravity Drains

These methods are all designed to provide maximum protection against water intrusion. For structural crawl space damage, we utilize various repair methods to provide the best long-lasting results. These methods include:

    • SafeAdjust™ Support Columns
    • Cable Lock™ ST Plus
    • DeepAdjust™

Additionally, our foundation repair methods can also repair the walls of a crawl space by using:

    • Wall Lock™
    • Wall Anchors
    • Adjustable Wall Braces
    • Carbon Fiber Strips
    • Epoxy Crack Injections

Our crawl space encapsulation services prioritize SafeSeal™ Indoor Air Quality control, which uses moisture barriers, water-resistant liners, and optional dehumidifiers or air exchange systems to combat and prevent wood rot and mold growth effectively.

We also offer LumberKote, a FEMA flood-rated service, that uses a durable polymer sealant to deter mold and water from damaging wood.

Contact us today for a complimentary structural evaluation, and let our team of foundation repair technicians provide you with crawl space repair and encapsulation solutions to help level your crawl space, reduce mold growth, improve air quality, and address any foundation damages.


Olshan's Cable Lock ST Plus solution for Florida homes

Olshan’s Cable Lock™ ST Plus, a patented technology outperforms traditional approaches, such as Steel Piers and Helical Piers.  We show the comparisons and pros & cons of these methods for your better understanding, so you can choose what is right for your home.

Take the proactive step today and ensure the longevity and stability of your property with Olshan’s expert foundation repair services.

Orlando PolyLift Concrete Leveling & Slabjacking

Concrete Leveling, also known as slabjacking, polyurethane injection or foam concrete repair is a fast-working solution designed to lift and level sinking concrete of any type in minutes-to-hours.

This modern mudjacking alternative is cost-effective, costing only a fraction of the cost of replacement. Here’s how it works; a tiny injection port is drilled in the sinking concrete. Our team pumps polyurethane foam under the concrete to fill the emerging void between the soil and structure. Once the concrete rises to an acceptable elevation, the hole is patched like-new.

PolyLift is great for sinking:

    • Garages
    • Driveways
    • Patios
    • Porches
    • Sidewalks
    • Pool Decks
    • Golf Cart Paths & Basketball/Tennis Courts
    • Commercial Building Slabs
    • And more!

If you are interested in boosting curb appeal and fixing the safety hazards that come with uneven concrete, contact Olshan now for a free onsite estimate or instant video quote.


Bulkhead Repair for Orlando Homes

Waterfront properties are common in Orlando, and maintaining the integrity of a bulkhead is crucial. Bulkheads, which are also known as seawalls, serve as protective barriers that protect shorelines and properties from the destructive and deteriorating forces of water. However, over time, a bulkhead can deteriorate due to continuous exposure to water and environmental elements, such as harsh tropical storms or hurricanes.

They can become cracked, unlevel, or start to sink, requiring bulkhead repair. Yet, restoring a bulkhead is a possibility, and our team can utilize our personalized cracked concrete repair method, PolyLift™, to correct any damage that has become apparent.

At Olshan Foundation Repair, our PolyLift™ method isn’t just used for bulkhead repair. It’s also a highly effective solution for cracked concrete repair in driveways, patios, and sidewalks. Whether the concrete has cracked due to settling, soil erosion, or other damaging factors, PolyLift™ is a durable and long-lasting solution. Our innovative technique restores the functionality and appearance of concrete surfaces, and ensures safety as well as enhances curb appeal.


Why Choose Our Foundation Repair Services In Orlando, FL Near You?

For those seeking reliable solutions for slab or crawlspace repair and waterproofing, bulkhead repair, and sinking concrete repair, Olshan Foundation Repair stands out as the go-to choice in Florida. With a wealth of experience and foundation repair expertise, we offer comprehensive services that provide solutions for homeowners in Orlando and beyond.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected through our long-lasting warranty programs. We want to provide homeowners with confidence and promise to produce quality and durability with all of our services. Setting us apart from our competitors is our dedication to innovation, which can be seen when we provide our cutting-edge technology such as the patented Cable Lock™ ST Plus System, guaranteeing you receive the most advanced solutions for your foundation repair or waterproofing requirements.

We guarantee meticulous foundation inspections and assessments, as well as expert diagnosis of foundation issues. With a focus on comprehensive foundation repair solutions, we offer unique and effective solutions to suit your specific needs and budget for various services, including:

  • Slab foundation repair
  • Concrete Leveling
  • Crawl space repair and encapsulation
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Indoor air quality solutions
  • Exterior Waterproofing
  • Bulkhead Repair

At Olshan Foundation Repair, we prioritize the preservation of your property’s structural integrity and value. Our proactive approach to identifying and addressing foundation damage and water damage ensures a stable and secure foundation for your home. Get started in securing stability & safety of your home by filling out our simple online form to schedule a free estimate today!

Just a few more reasons Clarksville, Tennessee homeowners choose Olshan for all their foundation repair & basement waterproofing services needs:

  • Available Warranty Programs – We stand by our work and offer warranty programs for most services, giving you confidence and protection.
  • Industry Leading Technology – Our use of the patented Cable Lock™ ST Plus System sets us apart from other contractors. Choosing Olshan means choosing the best technology for your foundation repair.
  • Convenient Payment Options – We understand the financial impact of foundation repair, which is why we offer flexible payment plans, including a low fixed-rate program. You can address your home’s needs for as little as $125/month.
  • Certified Technicians – Our experienced and Certified Structural Technicians conduct thorough assessments to accurately diagnose and address your foundation issues.
  • Comprehensive Approach – With a wide range of products and services, we can design a repair plan that is tailored to your specific home and budget, ensuring a comprehensive solution.

Let our foundation experts guide you toward the most suitable solution for your foundation repair and waterproofing needs to preserve the long-term stability and resilience of your home. Take the first step in securing stability & safety of your family’s home by filling out our simple online form to schedule a free estimate today or by giving us a call at (816) 517-8633.



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Danger of Sinkholes in Florida

Curious about sinkholes?  Find out some crazy facts about them?

Restore Sinking Concrete at Your Orlando, Florida Home with Olshan’s Patented Polyurethane Foam System

concrete leveling before and after polyurethane

Worried about sinking concrete? Talk to us about PolyLift™, an affordable technique to swiftly raise sunken concrete without any mess.

Sunken concrete is not only unattractive but is also a very real safety risk! Olshan offers a quick and cost-effective solution that delivers results in just minutes.

PolyLift™ is a powerful concrete leveling system engineered to gently lift sunken concrete efficiently and tidily. This method involves injecting a strong, eco-friendly polyurethane mixture beneath the concrete, effectively raising and leveling all kinds of uneven surfaces.

Applications of PolyLift™ include:

  • Concrete slab foundations
  • Sidewalk and driveway leveling
  • Garage floors
  • Patio, porch, and sunroom leveling
  • Pool decks
  • Concrete pads
  • Other types of flatwork

Both homeowners and business owners choose PolyLift™ to enhance curb appeal and reduce trip hazards.

Orlando’s Commercial-Grade Solutions for Sinking Concrete

polyurethane injected underneath sinking slabPolyLift™ is a quick, clean, and efficient method for concrete leveling, suitable for both residential and commercial settings. It is especially effective for:

  • Commercial buildings, offices, and apartments
  • Condominiums, pools, and storefronts
  • Golf courses and municipal streets

PolyLift™ restores sagging, damaged, or uneven concrete to near-original elevation in minutes, with minimal disruption, allowing business operations to continue without interruption.

Experience the benefits of PolyLift™:

  • Minimal impact on structural integrity
  • Quick installation—usually completed within minutes
  • Neat work area with easy-to-patch injection holes

Opt for PolyLift™ for a modern, cleaner, and more budget-friendly alternative to traditional mudjacking techniques.


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