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CLST+ Foundation RepairAs a homeowner or business owner in the Jonesboro, AR area, there is an unfortunate reality you must face: your foundation is vulnerable to the ravages of time, climate and unpredictable subsoil conditions.

The soil in northern Arkansas is volatile. It expands as it soaks up water and contracts as it dries, and that puts significant strain on your foundation, which sits directly on soil that is often nowhere near as stable as it appears. In fact, according to the NEHRP Soil Classification Map of Northeast Arkansas, most of the soil in this region is classified as “vulnerable to potential failure or collapse.”

As the years pass, cracks can form in the concrete, leaving your home vulnerable to moisture problems underneath your slab, basement or crawl space foundation. Over time, the continuous sinking, twisting, heaving and buckling of your foundation will eventually cause damage to the home or commercial building it supports, and from that point on the situation will rapidly deteriorate.

This may sound like a grim scenario, but Craighead county is a region we’ve become extremely familiar with since our inception in 1933. We’ve been repairing foundations in this region for a long time and we back repairs with an available lifetime warranty. It is our commitment to technological innovation and impeccable customer service that has allowed us to prosper for so long.

Waterproofing is another of our specialties, and if you have moisture problems in your basement or crawl space we can help you eliminate them.

If you have the slightest doubt about the health of your foundation, please call us today to schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation. If you have a problem we’ll have the answers, that is what we do.

Common Indicators of Foundation Problems in Jonesboro, AR

The early indicators of foundation problems are often subtle, and if you don’t know what to look for you might miss them. This is unfortunate, because foundation problems usually grow progressively worse and can cause immense damage if left unchecked.

Here are some signs that all is not right with your foundation:

  • Ever-widening cracks on foundation slabs, basement walls, or basement floors
  • Worsening moisture problems in basements or crawl spaces
  • Unpleasant odors wafting into your home from below (especially in crawl space homes)
  • Sagging wooden floors or beams
  • Mold, mildew, insect, or rodent infestations
  • Spidery cracks and other signs of stress and strain on upstairs walls
  • Doors or windows that suddenly stick or show newfound gaps
  • Bulges or bowing of basement walls
  • Measurements that show your home is tilting and is no longer level

These are all signs of a building under tremendous stress, and foundation movement over expanding and contracting soil inevitably affects the entire structure it supports.

Get The Best and Most Up-to-Date Concrete Slab Foundation Repair Service in Jonesboro

Many companies rely on outdated techniques for concrete slab repair, such as mudjacking or primitive piling and pier methodologies that act as band-aids rather than long-term solutions. But Olshan has developed a specialized system of foundation stabilization and reinforcement that leaves these outdated methods in the dust.

foundation repair illustration

We are pleased to introduce northern Arkansas homeowners and business owners to the most powerful foundation restoration system currently available anywhere in the marketplace: Olshan’s Cable Lock™ ST Plus Foundation Repair System.

The components of the Cable Lock™ ST Plus Foundation Repair System are a set of rigid steel and concrete support columns that can be driven into the earth around the perimeter of a troubled foundation. Sharpened steel piers on the bottom end allow for deep-earth penetration and anchoring, while dense concrete pilings on top give the Cable Lock™ ST Plus system its superior horizontal and vertical resistance capacity. The whole pier/piling assembly is held firmly together by a galvanized, unbreakable steel cable, permanently secured at the top and bottom with our patented Sure-Lock™ technology.

The Cable Lock™ ST Plus combines the deep anchoring capacity of steel piers with the unquestioned strength and durability of concrete pilings, and that is what separates it from alternatives. With the intervention of the Cable Lock™ ST Plus, you’ll be able to help stop your foundation’s movement.

As always, we offer a free, no-obligation foundation repair evaluation before any work begins, and should you choose to have the Cable Lock™ ST Plus Foundation Repair System installed you’ll have the additional comfort of a lifetime transferrable warranty to back the value of your repair.

Waterproofing, Wall Repair, Outdoor Drainage, Indoor Air Quality and a Whole Lot More

Olshan is a versatile service provider, able to help you with all your foundation, structural and moisture-related problems.

Are you worried about …

  • Basement walls that are bowing, cracking, or leaking like a sieve?
  • Crawl spaces that are perpetually wet and overrun with insects, rodents, or snakes?
  • Water accumulation around the perimeter of your home, even after relatively minor rainstorms?

These are common complaints we hear from our customers, and we have developed customized solutions to address them all.

Crawlspace Encapsulation and Repair

crawl space repairOur patented CrawlSafe™ encapsulation system offers full, immediate and comprehensive moisture removal and protection for homeowners with crawl space foundations.

The CrawlSafe™ package includes:

  • The SafeSeal™ encapsulation liner to prevent all water infiltration.
  • The Water Lock™ Water Removal System for complete moisture evacuation.
  • The HumiGo™ Ventilation System for dehumidification and air freshening.
  • Expert installation services from Certified Technicians with multiple years of experience.

The CrawlSafe™ encapsulation system is the ultimate in crawl space sealing technology, and your safest guarantee against future moisture problems.

Crawl space foundations are also prone to cracking, crumbling and sinking. To combat this, we offer the DeepAdjust® Structural Repair System.

The DeepAdjust® System includes SafeAdjust® steel support columns that can be installed directly beneath your floor, to prop up sagging wooden beams, plus steel piers for supplementary reinforcement. The latter can be driven deep into the earth below your home, providing additional stability and strength to a damaged crawl space foundation.

Basement Wall Repair and Waterproofing

Want to know if your foundation is under stress or duress? Check your basement walls.

Bulging, bowing, or cracking basement walls are a sign of groundwater accumulating around your foundation, saturating the soil and applying horizontal pressure that is significant enough to cause lasting damage. If water is actually coming through the walls, that development calls for a swift and aggressive reaction.

Basement problems may require a variety of solutions, including basement wall repair, interior waterproofing, exterior waterproofing and improvements in exterior drainage. Olshan has extensive expertise in each of these areas, offering a mixture of options that should solve your problems quickly and definitively.

These repair and remediation options include:

A free and comprehensive assessment will reveal your true foundation repair, basement repair, drainage and waterproofing needs. You may need major or minor intervention, but either way Olshan has ideal alternatives for every contingency.

Foundation Problems in Jonesboro? Olshan is Here to Help. Free-of-Charge

When you encounter foundation troubles you need reliable advice, expert service and proven remedies you can afford. For homeowners and business owners in Jonesboro and the surrounding are, Olshan offers all three, and when you choose Olshan you’re selecting a foundation repair company that has drawn rave reviews for more than 90 Years.

In Jonesboro, Bono, Cash, Bay, Gilkerson, Antioch, Bowman, Lunsford, Winesburg, Brookland, Egypt, Lake City, Blytheville, and everywhere in between, Olshan is ready to ride to the rescue. Foundations repair is our continuing mission, and when your foundation is damaged or deteriorating we will restore it to good health and work to ensure that it stays that way.

Call us or email us today to schedule an appointment for your free evaluation. Our certified technicians will answer all your questions and provide you with solutions that work for your home and your budget.

Thank you again, to all of the men involved with our repairs. And, thank you for being a company that we can trust and depend on when things go wrong around our home.

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