SafeSeal™ System Installation Process

Completing the work right the first time is our highest priority. That’s why our encapsulation procedure will be implemented by our professionals. At Olshan, we know that making things easy on you and your home during the performance of the work is very important.

Crawl-CS-Install1 Crawl-CS-Install2 Crawl-CS-Install3 Crawl-CS-Install4

Preparation of the Area Under the Home
Olshan technicians will illuminate the space, identify the targeted areas and prepare the installation areas.

The patent-pending Water Lock™ Plus System is installed around the interior perimeter of the crawl space to capture and expel water.

Placement of the SafeSeal™ System Liner
Our crew will seal vents as needed along with any areas where outside air may enter. At this time our crew will cut the SafeSeal™ Encapsulation Liner on site to your home’s specifications and install it using special sealants and fasteners for a custom fit.

Air Quality—Installation of the HumiGo™ System
The HumiGo™ Ventilation System helps condition the air in your crawl space and expels odor and gases, by creating an air exchange. This improves overall air quality in your crawl space, thus creating a safer environment.