Lumber Seal Coating

Defend against Mold and Destructive Wood Decay

Olshan’s Easy-to-Install Lumber Seal Coating Keeps Your Crawl Space Home Safe, Dry & Clean

Due to invasive moisture and humidity, crawl space (also known as pier and beam) homes are susceptible to costly moisture-related problems. These problems are often exacerbated by poor drainage conditions, humid coastal climates and the absence of crawl space vapor barriers.

crawl space encapsulation in virginia beach, vaCommon problems include often include:

  • Sagging floors
  • Cracks in walls
  • Wood decay
  • High humidity
  • Mold & fungus growth
  • Damage to flooring

As soon as moisture starts to accumulate underneath your home, the clock is ticking. Time and nature are working against your home. Left untreated for a long period of time, you may eventually be burdened with serious structural damage and a bill for expensive repairs to restore both the structural damage and correct the moisture issues.

The good news is, there is an easy preventative service designed to help shield the wood underneath your home from the hazards of destructive moisture.

Protect Your Home. Invest in Lumber Seal to Keep Your Crawl Space Safe from Moisture

Lumber Seal is a Non-Toxic, V.O.C. Free, Crawl Space Framing & Subfloor Polymer Sealer specifically designed to PROTECT your structural Framing and Subfloor System from excessive moisture absorption and rapid moisture uptake that deteriorates and rots lumber and accelerates the growth and damage by wood destroying mold and fungus. The sealer forms a tough, durable micro-film once dry that protects your crawl space framing and subfloor in one step. Lumber Seal’s micro-film resists mold and fungus (ASTM D3273) and is USDA and FDA compliant.

Our long-chain polymer technology utilizes controlled desiccation osmosis to immediately begin drying out lumber and stabilizing the lumber’s moisture content to acceptable levels when situations of repairs are required like sagging floors, hardwood cupping, etc. Lumber Seal works to prevent these costly issues from occurring, saving homeowners the trouble and expense down the road.

Worried about moisture wreaking destructive damage underneath your home? The Orange means you’re protected!

Lumber Seal works on ALL structural framing including the floor framing system, wall and attic framing including interior and exterior roof decking and on all types of lumber including Engineered Joists, OSB, Plywood, Spruce, Pine, Oak and Fir. It dries to durable satin finish and is a semi-transparent orange. This allows homeowners and potential home buyers to easily recognize this home’s floor framing system is protected by Olshan.

Lumber Seal delivers an affordable and unmatched level of protection and peace-of-mind in re-active damage repair, pro-active damage prevention, stage or budgetary situations.

The Orange Means Your Home is Protected

Lumber Seal is an important part of maintaining a healthy crawl space home over time

Here’s What Makes Lumber Seal so Great for Your Crawl Space Home

  • Protects against wood rot & decay
  • Helps to prevent sagging crawl space floors
  • Improves air quality inside the home
  • Deters mold and fungus growth while lowering humidity
  • Can help reduces allergens
  • Creates a clean, dry environment for storage
  • Can increase the longevity of flooring
  • Deters pests & insects from living under your home

Invest in Lumber Seal to protect your pier and beam subfloor from moisture. Schedule your  free evaluation and get a quote from Olshan.

Keep Dry with Moisture-Resistant Lumber Seal Coating. Here’s How it Works

Lumber Seal protects the entire floor framing system including joists, subflooring, girder beams, sill plate and rim band directly and controls automatically the correct moisture balance for wood to achieve strength, resist environmental issues and control warp, deflection, deterioration and rot of joists and subfloor materials that make up your home’s structural floor and wall framing systems. 

Using long-chain polymer technology, the permeation of moisture and organic food source (wood) is protected by a high adhesion coating that was designed over 20+ years ago, enhanced and strengthened to now be Commercial Grade. Our coating has been applied by tens of thousands of customers, reviewed by chemists, independently tested for factual content, exceeds all ASTM guidelines and requirements and real-world extreme tested during the early stages of its existence. Reviewed by insurance companies for coverage, scientists for non-toxicity, leaching, mold growth potential, absorption rates for moisture as well as adhesion,  Lumber Seal stands alone as a proven, modern method of protecting your home. 

Lumber Seal can be sprayed under your home without the need for removing pre-existing mold and fungus unless those conditions are deemed heavy or extreme.

Warranty-Backed Service to Protect Your Home

  • V.O.C. free
  • Fema flood grade rated
  • Warranty included
  • Coats entire floor framing system

Make the smart choice. Protect your home and start living better with Olshan.