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Is your Cincinnati home showing the warning signs of foundation damage? Olshan Foundation Solutions can help. For more than 90 Years, we’ve specialized in foundation repair and waterproofing.

Cincinnati Foundation Issues

crawl-space-damage-ohioCincinnati foundation damage is often due to water leakage. Whether from heavy rains or poorly draining soil, water can enter a structure through basement walls, cracks, basement windows, through the slab or basement floor, through the natural seam in the foundation, and even through humidity and moisture vapor in the air. Olshan’s foundation repair professionals can stop these leaks before they spread — and fix damage that they’ve already caused.

Signs of Foundation Damage

A damaged foundation may lead to a number of problems; these can include:

•    Mold and mildew
•    A musty smell
•    Rotting carpet or woodwork
•    Cracks in the walls or floors
•    Bowing or sagging walls
•    Dropping or shifting basement floors

Over time, these issues lead to an unstable foundation, weakened walls, an unhealthy living environment, and decreasing home values.

How Can Olshan Help Your Foundation?

Olshan Foundation Solutions specializes in repairing foundation and water damage, as well as preventing future damage through waterproofing. We offer a range of services in the Cincinnati area, including:

•    Foundation repair
•    Wall anchoring
•    Basement waterproofing
•    Exterior damage repair
•    Crawl space repair
•    Crawl space encapsulation
•    Exterior water management

Olshan’s Cincinnati foundation repair and prevention services are based on our patented Cable Lock technology, an advanced repair system that utilizes the power of steel cables and the strength of concrete pilings. We can also transform your leaky basement into a dry, comfortable and secure living space using our Water Lock Plus or Baseboard Water Channel systems in conjunction with other products and services. Many of our effective methods are covered by an Available Lifetime Warranty, so you can enjoy peace of mind. Financing is also available for added convenience.

When you need professional help with your foundation and basement, call on the experience and expertise offered by Olshan Foundation Solutions. Call Olshan for your free estimate today!

Thank you again, to all of the men involved with our repairs. And, thank you for being a company that we can trust and depend on when things go wrong around our home.

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