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At Olshan, We Provide Warranty Backed Foundation Repair and Outstanding Customer Support to Customers in the San Antonio area

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foundation-repair-san-antonioEstablished right here in Texas back in 1933, Olshan Foundation Repair has been providing both homeowners and commercial property owners with reliable structural repair solutions for over 90 Years.

We stand by the work we do. Which is why our services are backed by the best warranty plan in Texas. We also offer ongoing customer support well after the project has been completed.

The integrity of every structure depends on a sound foundation. It’s important to address foundation problems early, before the damage spreads beyond manageable repair. The good news is, our Certified Structural Technicians are available to complete a thorough structural assessment of your home or business before providing you with a detailed job assessment and quote – free-of-charge.

Not all properties we visit require foundation repair. In fact, about 20% of the homes and businesses we visit have minor cosmetic issues than can be easily addressed.

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Olshan’s San Antonio Office Featured in KSAT12 News Story

Dry, hot weather leads to foundation problems. Do you know how to spot the difference between a cosmetic crack and structural damage? Learn how to identify emerging foundation problems around your home, and find out what you can do to help stop the problem from getting worse with help from Olshan Certified Structural Technician, John Campbell. John also serves as the President of the National Foundation Repair Association’s San Antonio Chapter. Click here for the full story.

We Offer Payment Plans as Low as $125/Month

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Services Available in San Antonio, TX

What Causes Foundation Problems in San Antonio?

Olshan Foundation Repair - San Antonio is a HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved ProSan Antonio isn’t known for high rainfall. Most precipitation occurs during the early fall and late spring, but the area typically gets less than 30 inches of total rainfall per year.

San Antonio is near the edge of the humid subtropical climate zone. The amount of humidity in each season can fluctuate depending on the influence of the Gulf of Mexico, in addition to the winds.

The soil composition in San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding cities such as New Braunfels, San Marcos, Uvalde and Seguin is made up of moderate to highly expansive types of soil. During and after periods of heavy rainfall, the soil absorbs the moisture and expands like a sponge, while the opposite is true during dry spells.

When rain is introduced to expansive soils, the dirt can start to lift up and put pressure on the home’s foundation, even as the center of the foundation stays dry.

During drought conditions, the moisture content from the soil gets released. As the soil shifts underneath the foundation, cracks can begin to develop inside the home.

Are Foundation Problems Common in San Antonio?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. According to Google Trends, an online database that tracks search activity across the globe, San Antonio is consistently among the most active metro areas for searches related to foundation repair. The chart below shows how the San Antonio region compares to the rest of the United States when it comes to search activity for foundation repair.

The good news is that foundation problems can be repaired and even prevented, but you will need to keep an eye out for signs of a developing problem. Catching foundation issues early-on is critical.

If you think you might have a foundation problem it’s probably a good idea to contact a professional.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in San Antonio?

Here are some more details on the average cost of foundation repair in the San Antonio area from our jobs to date in 2022.

What is the average cost of Foundation Repair in San Antonio and its surrounding area?
We are seeing an average cost of repairs to foundations come in at $11,698.79 for 2022. Repairs that are not addressed immediately can grow into big expensive problems. We recommend contacting Olshan’s experts at the first sign of damage.

What is the average cost of Foundation Waterproofing in our area?
Foundation waterproofing from the interior can cost significantly less than exterior waterproofing because it doesn’t involve much excavation.  Waterproofing from the exterior can cost significantly more. An estimate is the best way to get an accurate number, but in the San Antonio area we’re seeing an average of $12833.84 spent on basement waterproofing in 2022.

What is the average cost of fixing drainage issues in foundations, crawl spaces, and basements in the San Antonio area in 2022?
Drainage issues are many times the culprit of poor grading, shifting foundations, or poor maintenance to a home’s exterior. Irrigation and watering issues can also cause drainage problems around your home.  We’re seeing an average cost of drainage system repairs in San Antonio come in at $7,129.23 so far in 2022.

There are a few small places in my foundation that need some concrete repair.  We’ve fixed the cause, now we just need some fixes put in place to accommodate past damage. What’s the current average cost of Concrete Repair in San Antonio in 2022?
Repairs to concrete that don’t involve extensive excavation and mitigation measures are averaging about $2,264.29 in 2022.

What are the average costs associated with Pier and Beam foundation repair in San Antonio?
Soil composition and drainage can cause the older-style pier and beam foundations to shift and sink. Getting those old homes leveled can solve a plethora of other problems including doors that don’t shut, walls that crack, floors that creak, and more. We’re seeing an average cost of around $8,573.88 to repair and level pier and beam foundations in the San Antonio area in 2022.

What’s the average cost of Crawl Space Encapsulation in San Antonio for 2022?
Crawl space encapsulation is an extensive process that adds a waterproof membrane to your crawl space’s floors, sealed vents, insulated walls, and other fixtures – along with the setup of a crawl space dehumidifier. While extremely effective to cut back on mold and mildew in a damp crawl space – which will save money and health issues for years to come, it’s not an inexpensive fix. We’re seeing an average of $9,810.00 for crawl space encapsulation in San Antonio for 2022.

What’s the average cost of Concrete Leveling with Polyurethane injection for uneven sidewalks and patios in San Antonio this year?
Uneven concrete can become a hazard for the residents of your home, guests who visit, or patrons of your commercial/business location. The average 2022 cost of repair to date is around $1735.57  – which is likely much less than an emergency room visit or insurance claim!

We need some foundation repair done to our commercial/industrial building. What is the average cost of Foundation Repair with Waterproofing in the San Antonio area?
Foundation repair for commercial/industrial property can be tricky and expensive – depending upon the type and care given to your foundation. In 2022 we’re seeing an average cost of $12,750.00 for San Antonio commercial property foundation repairs in 2022.

The expert team at Olshan in Nashville has seen an overall average foundation repair service cost in the neighborhood of $9,865.85 so far in 2022.

*All of the averages given above are based on booked work but are the average for the DFW area. These numbers are not an exact quote and should not be construed as such, they are provided for information purposes only. Call our foundation repair experts for an exact quote.

You can also use our cost calculator below to get an estimate as to the cost of repair in your area.

Try Our Foundation Repair Cost Calculator

Try Our Foundation Repair Cost Calculator

Use our handy calculator to get a rough estimate of what it might cost to repair or waterproof your foundation.
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Common Signs of Structural Damage to Look for

brick wall crackMost homes in San Antonio have a slab-on-grade foundation. There are several signs to keep an eye out for that can indicate problems with this foundation type. Most concrete slab foundation problems originate from one or more of these five areas:

  1. Seasonal weather changes
  2. Poor drainage
  3. Expansive clay soil
  4. Trees and tree roots
  5. Under-slab plumbing leaks

Left unaddressed, these problems create visible damage to the home. For example, you may start to see separation between the walls and ceilings or the floor. The same phenomenon may occur with your doors and windows. You might also notice that the doors and windows of your home begin sticking or not closing fully. Small cracks may appear near the door frames.

Think you might have a foundation problem? Call Olshan for a free estimate.

Repairing Slab Foundation Homes – Cable Lock ST Plus

Foundation repair piling.It’s important to contact a structural specialist immediately if you suspect problems with your foundation. When the issues are very serious, pilings are usually recommended to lift the home.

At Olshan we use the Cable Lock ST Plus foundation repair system. It combines the durability of concrete pilings with the strength of steel to penetrate deeper than other pilings.

Cable Lock ST Plus (U.S. Patent #8,500,368) is highly effective in the clay-rich soil that is common in the San Antonio region.

Cable Lock ST Plus offers significant improvements in the quality of installation, cost-efficiency and long term reliability when compared to outdated foundation repair methods.

Foundation Repair Installation Process

Meet Your Team of Certified Structural Technicians

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Why Choose Olshan?

foundation repair warrantyWe set the industry bar high with unmatched customer service and broad experience. Every member of our staff prides themselves in knowing the in and outs of foundation repair.

We provide the highest quality services at affordable prices – backed by available warranty programs.

Call us today at (210) 495-5758 or fill out the quick contact form to schedule your free, no-obligation structural assessment.

Our service area covers the greater San Antonio area. We provide foundation repair in Austin, Bloomington, Buda, Cibolo, Converse, Corpus Christi, Cost, Cuero, Driftwood, Dripping Springs, Ecleto, Edna, Fulton, Ganado, Gillett, Glidden, Goliad, Gonzales, Hallettsville, Inez, Kenedy, Kerrville, Kingsbury, Kyle, La Vernia, Leesville, Lockhart, Lolita, Luling, Marble Falls, Marion, Martindale, Maxwell, McQueeney, Meyersville, New Braunfels, Nixon, Nordheim, Port O Connor, Refugio, Rockport, Round Rock, Runge, San Antonio, San Marcos, Seadrift, Seguin, Schertz, Smiley, Stockdale, Sutherland Springs, Tivoli, Westhoff, Wimberley, Wrightsboro, Yoakum and Yorktown. Call (210) 495-5758 for more information about services available in your area.

Since 1933, we have assisted our clients with effective foundation solutions that resolve current issues and prevent future problems.

Olshan San Antonio in the News

  • 2022 Drought Conditions Affecting San Antonio Homes

    What our happy clients have to say on Google:

    Olshan came out to repair the foundation of my home. They were professional and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. They were on time with all of their appointments and finished ahead of schedule.
    Heather C did the initial consultation and impressed me with her customer-first type of approach. On the day of the repairs, Carlos and his crew arrived and went right to work. They kept me apprised of the work, answered my questions finishing ahead of schedule.

    If you have a need for work they are a great company to work with.

    Greg H.
    June 2020

Meet the San Antonio Team

Heather Claxton

Heather Claxton

Certified Structural Technician

San Antonio

Rich Bond

Rich Bond

General Manager

San Antonio

John Campbell

John Campbell

Certified Structural Technician

San Antonio

Sara Landry

Sara Landry

Certified Structural Technician

San Antonio

Michael Johns

Michael Johns

Certified Structural Technician

San Antonio

Nik Tavarez

Nik Tavarez

Certified Structural Technician

San Antonio

David Wells

David Wells

Certified Structural Technician

San Antonio

Thank you again, to all of the men involved with our repairs. And, thank you for being a company that we can trust and depend on when things go wrong around our home.

Ben & Cindy C., Livingston, TX
Over 90 years of Service