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Structural Repair Services

  • Foundation Repair
  • Drainage Services
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With over 87 Years of experience, Olshan provides Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas with cost-effective, high-quality Foundation Repair and Drainage solutions.

Our team of Certified Structural Technicians are standing by to carefully investigate the problems affecting your foundation, to develop a custom repair plan that works for you and your home.

Our repairs are built to last – backed by an Available Lifetime Warranty. Schedule your free in-home evaluation now.

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DFW 11 News – Olshan Foundation Repair Called in to Correct Shoddy Repairs

Olshan was called in on this project to correct inferior repairs completed by another company just 2 years prior. By repairing your home right the first time, combined with Olshan’s trusted Texas Warranty, you can avoid future headache.

Olshan Dallas General Manager, Blane Bartley, also shares important tips on how to preserve your home’s foundation before problems get worse.

“There are simple measures you can take like a soaker hose…20-24 inches out around the perimeter of your house,” explained Bartley. “You’re trying to get it tacky, almost like playdoh tacky. And it’s hard to do. We’re in drought conditions and with wind and with restrictions it’s a big challenge for homeowners right now.”

Still, Bartley says even with water restrictions in place in some communities, it’s important to spend your watering allowance where it matters.

“The grass is gonna die – it will come back,” said Bartley. “This is your biggest investment. Focus on the perimeter of your house and watering that as much as you can.”

Read the full article.

Top Signs You Might Have Foundation Problems if you Live near Dallas

foundation damage dallasThe first signs of foundation damage are often identified by cracks in walls, doors that stick, uneven floors and even plumbing leaks. Homes in the Dallas area are susceptible to foundation problems due to the expansive clay soils covering much of the DFW area.

Expansive clay expands and contracts as the weather changes and is often worse in the dry, summer months. The lack of a proper drainage system can often make things worse, causing the earth beneath your home to shift, resulting in foundation movement. If you suspect you may have foundation problems, it’s important to have a professional inspect your home.

What are some of the costs of Foundation Repair in the Dallas area?

We have provided some averages based on the jobs we have completed in 2022 so far.  Please do not use these as exact quotes, we’re happy to come to give you a free estimate, just give us a call.  You can also use our cost calculator (below) to get an idea of the cost of your repairs.  Regardless of your choice for gathering information – a quote from one of our experts is your next step!

What is the average cost of Foundation Repair in 2022?
We are seeing average foundation repair costs in the Dallas area come in around $11,208.* Add in extra waterproofing, it rises to about double that cost.

What is the average cost of installing or repairing foundation drainage in 2022?
Drainage repairs and/or installation jobs are running an average of $5,994 in 2022. These costs are spread over a wide variety of jobs, so be sure to contact us for more information.*

What is the average cost of Crawl Space Repair in the Dallas area in 2022?
Crawl space repair can involve a wide variety of fixes – we’re seeing average costs of around $12,981 for 2022.  Contact us for an accurate and exact quote!*

What is the average cost of concrete leveling in 2022 in the Dallas Fort Worth area?
Using a polyurethane leveling method, the average price was $3,266. Learn more on our Dallas/Fort Worth Concrete Leveling Page

What is the average cost of Basement Waterproofing around the Dallas/Fort Worth area in 2022?
We’re seeing an average cost of $6,731 for foundation waterproofing in the area. Basement waterproofing from the exterior is more difficult and averages $15,154. Again, this can vary, so an accurate quote tailored to your exact needs is an important step in the process.*

What is the average cost of Commercial and/or Industrial Foundation Repair in the Dallas, TX market this year (2022)?
We’re seeing commercial and industrial jobs average around $10,343 in the Dallas area this year. These jobs can vary greatly due to property logistics and need, so be sure to have one of our experts come take a look and create a quote specific to your situation.*

What is the average cost of foundation repair in the DFW/Dallas Fort Worth area in 2022?
If we average all the jobs we’ve done for the year so far together, we’re seeing an average service cost of $7,740 in 2022.  That’s a very wide variety of services and costs, so your situation could be much less expensive – or more.  The cost of the service is entirely dependent upon your specific situation and needs. Let us come take a look and give you a free estimate.*

*All of the averages given above are based on booked work but are the average for the DFW area. These numbers are not an exact quote and should not be construed as such, they are provided for information purposes only. Call our foundation repair experts for an exact quote

Try Our Foundation Repair Cost Calculator

Try Our Foundation Repair Cost Calculator

Use our handy calculator to get a rough estimate of what it might cost to repair or waterproof your foundation.
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Why choose Olshan? Foundation services include:

Repairing cracked or damaged foundations using innovative, long-lasting technology exclusive to Olshan

Foundation inspection and damage assessment performed by an experienced Certified Structural Technician

Installing exterior drainage solutions such as french drains, surface drains, subsurface drains and root barriers that help prevent foundation damage

Residential, Business and Commercial services designed to help prevent or fix foundation damage

Repairing Your Home with Olshan is Easy

We set the industry bar high with unmatched customer service and a broad range of experience. Every member of our staff prides themselves in knowing the in and outs of foundation repair.

Olshan Foundation Repair provides the highest quality services at affordable prices. Call us today at 972-238-1600 or fill out the quick contact form to schedule your free estimate.

Easy Payment Plans As Low As $125/Month

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Act Fast to Minimize Foundation Damage

The integrity of every structure depends on a sound foundation. It’s important to fix cracks or shifts in your foundation before the damage spreads beyond repair. Our Dallas foundation repair experts complete a thorough foundation evaluation before providing you with a detailed job assessment and written estimate — there’s no cost or obligation.

Fortunately, about 20% of the homes we visit do not require repair. Low-cost, cosmetic crack treatments, drainage system improvements or even tree removal will often provide the desired results.

If your home does not need repair we will be glad to give you the good news and direct you to a more suitable solution.

Slab Foundation Repair Using the Cable Lock ST Plus

Due to the hot summers and soil conditions of Dallas, TX, we often recommend the Cable Lock ST Plus foundation repair system, our most popular repair. This patented approach to structural repair combines the strength of concrete with the depth of steel and can only be found at Olshan.

Our Installation Process Includes:

  • Worksite is Safely and Carefully Prepared
  • Steel and Concrete Pilings are Driven with Cable Locking the System Together
  • Trained Personnel Direct the Repair Process
  • No Heavy Equipment Used—Easy on your home and family.
  • Available Lifetime Transferable Warranty—Peace of mind

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Since no two homes are alike, and our primary goal is to recommend the best possible structural solution, we do also offer other methods of foundation repair, such as helical piers.

We Service Dallas, TX & Surrounding Areas

foundation-repair-dallasOur service area covers the greater Dallas, Texas area.

We provide foundation repair in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Carrollton, Plano, Lewisville, Mesquite, Garland, Waxahachie, The Colony, Richardson, Coppell, North Richland Hills, McKinney, Arlington, Irving, Hurst/Euless/Bedford, Grand Prairie, Frisco, Denton, Weatherford, Mansfield, Grapevine and other surrounding locations.

Call 972-238-1600 for more information about services available in your area – we have 22 locations across Texas!

What our 214+ happy clients have to say on Google:

Olshan was the most professional, thorough, responsive, prompt, respectful, honest, efficient, and hard-working contractor I’ve ever dealt with!! Specifically Robert, Armando, and Pedro! They were detailed, professional, and actually listened to my questions, answered them honestly, and demonstrated actions that matched their words! The finished project is amazing. Their teams respected our home and property, cleaned up every evening, and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks, Olshan! I’d recommend them to anyone!!
Dean S.
November 2020

Honest and trustworthy. I had foundation repairs completed with a different company several years ago. Cracks appeared and my front door would not open beginning two years ago. I had difficulty getting the previous company to come out. Other companies came out, recommended several thousand dollars worth of work and informed me it may still not fix my problem. Scott with Olshan came out, reviewed my situation and gave great advise which did not include any work at that time. After further investigation I realized my front door is back in line and works fine. Guess all of the rain this spring has helped things go back into place. Thanks to Scott for being on time, friendly, honest and helpful. Would recommend this company!

Kevin, V. Dallas, TX
Over 87 years of Service