Breakthrough Water Management Technology

Olshan’s Drainage System is the first drainage technology breakthrough in over a generation.

olshan drainage system installed to drain water away from home's foundation

  • First Technology Breakthrough in Drainage in Over a Generation
  • Flushable Technology
  • One-of-a-Kind Water Management Solution
  • Available Maintenance Program

The Olshan Drainage System’s Advantages

  • The Olshan Drainage System is customized for your home by one of our Certified Structural Technicians. This specific design helps to minimize soil movement and the resulting foundation damage.
  • The Olshan Drainage System uses a 12″ x 12″ Low Profile Basin that eliminates standing water in the system.
  • Debris and sediment can clog other systems and create a breeding ground for insects and mold. Olshan Drainage Water Management Solution allows the maximum amount of water flow and eliminates clogging.
  • The Olshan Drainage System Pipe is flushable. This results in a clog–free system. And allows your drainage system to remain fully functional over time.
  • With our exclusive inspection and maintenance service, your Olshan Drainage Water Management Solution can be worry free for up to ten years or more.

Drainage System detail

Olshan Drainage System: The First Technology Breakthrough in Drainage in Over Thirty Years

Only Olshan Foundation Solutions can offer you both our decades of experience along with the unparalleled performance of our fully integrated System. This one-of-a-kind technology keeps your system performing at its peak over the long term. The patent-pending pipe can be configured to remove surface or subsurface water.

The Olshan Drainage System subsurface pipe improves on the French drain by using a continuous open channel. This provides a clear path to remove underground water thereby reducing—or eliminating—excess moisture.

Or get the best of both by using our Double Barrel™ System.

The Olshan Drainage System is a breakthrough in drainage technology and combines surface and subsurface water management solutions.

Other Drainage Solutions Offered

French Drain – Traditional system uses standard methodology with a 4″ perforated pipe.


Downspout Extension – Designed to move water away from your home’s structure.


Double Barrel Drain – Combines surface drain with a subsurface drain that collects water below grade.

double barrell drain

EZ Drain – Lightweight and easy to use, helps move intrusive crawl space water out and away from underneath the home.


Surface Drain – Installed with a solid pipe to capture and remove surface water.

surfance drain

Olshan offers comprehensive Water Management solutions, designed to keep the flow of surface and subsurface water going in the right direction, away from your home’s foundation. Schedule a free, no-obligation Water Management Assessment to have a Certified Structural Technician design a custom drainage solution for you.