Drought affecting your foundation? The Drought Defense System by Olshan swiftly and effectively safeguards against dry condition damages.

Foundation Damage in Drought Conditions Drought conditions pose a significant risk to home foundations. Extended dry periods can cause soil to shrink, leading to uneven settling, cracks, and structural damage. Understanding this risk is essential for homeowners, especially in drought-prone areas.

Olshan’s Drought Defense System: A Solution for Homeowners In response to these challenges, Olshan offers the Drought Defense System. This innovative approach helps maintain soil moisture levels around your home, countering the effects of drought and preventing foundation damage

  • Reduces foundation settlement
  • Prevents structural cracks
  • Enhances soil stability.
  • Maintains moisture balance
  • Improves property longevity
  • Deters basement issues
  • Strengthens concrete support
  • Minimizes repair costs
  • Increases home safety
  • Supports outdoor structures

Homeowners are using Olshan’s Drought Defense System to prevent damages caused in a dry conditions.  The innovative system is designed to actively protect and preserve the integrity of your foundation by maintaining the required amount of moisture level.

Defending your home from drought.

crack in soil due to drought conditions

Mother Nature:

Nature’s impact on soil can be profound and enduring. Dry soil often leads to a progressive deterioration over time, exacerbating foundation issues as the ground contracts and loses its supportive properties. This natural process can significantly compromise the structural integrity of a home.

Soaker Hose


DIY Soaker Hose:

Using a DIY soaker hose for foundation watering can be challenging. Achieving the correct depth for effective soil hydration is tricky, and there’s a real risk of over-watering. Plus, the lack of automation means it requires constant monitoring to ensure proper usage.

Foundation Repair by Olshan Foundation

Foundation Repair:

The average cost of foundation repair typically hovers around $12,000. This expense reflects the necessary investment in maintaining the structural integrity of a property and preventing further damage.


Foundation Watering System:  Comprehensive Drought Defense Solution.

Hidden watering system by Olshan Foundation SolutionsThe Olshan Foundation Watering System is an innovative subsurface solution designed to ensure optimal soil conditions for your home’s foundation. By maintaining moisture levels consistently, it works to prevent the soil shrinkage that can lead to foundation issues. This system removes the uncertainty from foundation maintenance, providing peace of mind and year-round protection. It’s a smart investment in the longevity and stability of your property.

Professional Installation

The installation of Olshan’s Foundation Watering System is a meticulous process that begins with extensive quality training. Each installation is custom-designed by a Certified Structural Technician to specifically address the unique needs of your foundation. The repair plan is further reviewed and approved by Olshan Plumbing experts, ensuring that every step of the process adheres to the highest standards. This collaborative approach guarantees a tailored solution that is both effective and durable, giving homeowners enduring protection against the diverse challenges posed by soil and climate conditions.

What Does Your System Include?

Olshan’s Foundation Watering System is a comprehensive solution designed to maintain soil health and protect your foundation. Here’s what the system includes:


Surface Dripline for Olshan's Foundation Water Repairing Solutions


Surface Dripline

Distributes consistent moisture, features clog-resistant Copper Shield Technology, and provides root protection.




Blackflow Preventer for Olshan's Foundation Water Repairing Solutions


Backflow Preventer

Ensures system and water supply safety, is freeze and corrosion-resistant, and operates efficiently with low-pressure loss.




System Controller for Olshan's Foundation Water Repairing Solutions


System Controller

Offers automated moisture delivery, is waterproof, and user-friendly with easy programming and maintenance.




Wye Filter for Olshan's Foundation Water Repairing Solutions


Why Filter

Guards against debris, ensuring smooth operation.




Access Box for Olshan's Foundation Water Repairing Solutions


Access Box

Aesthetically fits into the landscape and provides convenient system access.



Olshan’s Annual Maintenance Plan

Olshan’s annual maintenance plan ensures your Foundation Watering System operates optimally year-round. It’s designed for convenience, with easy scheduling and the assurance of a licensed inspector conducting a state-mandated yearly inspection. This plan offers homeowners peace of mind, knowing their system’s upkeep meets all regulations and standards for continued performance and foundation protection.


Advantages of Olshan's Drought Defense System

  • Olshan's innovative Foundation Watering System
  • Protect and monitor the soil underneath your home.
  • Automated Foundation Watering System - No manual work
  • Waters deep below your home's foundation - where it's needed most.
  • Helps prevent you from over-watering.

Process Implemented - How it Works


1. Trench

The first vital step in Olshan’s Foundation Watering System installation is trenching. This process involves carefully digging a trench around the perimeter of the foundation. Located approximately 12 inches from the exterior walls, this trench is excavated to a depth of up to 18 inches.

This strategic depth ensures that moisture reaches the deeper soil layers, providing consistent soil conditions to safeguard the foundation against the potential damage caused by varying moisture levels.

Deep Hydration

2. Deep Hydration

The second step in the installation of Olshan’s Foundation Watering System is the crucial deep hydration phase. A specially designed dripline is laid out within the previously created trench, equipped with strategically placed moisture emitters every 12 inches.

This setup is engineered to deliver consistent moisture directly to the foundation’s support zones, ensuring an even distribution of hydration to the soil and establishing a stable environment for the foundation.

Deep Hydration
System Protection

3. System Protection

The third step in the installation is crucial for ensuring the longevity and proper functioning of the system. A freeze-resistant backflow preventer is installed, acting as a safeguard against harsh weather conditions. This device ensures that the watering system, as well as your home’s water supply, remains uncontaminated and protected from the freezing temperatures that can cause damage during colder months.

Take Control

4. Take Control

The fourth step in fortifying your home with Olshan’s Drought Defense System is taking command of your foundation’s hydration needs. An easy-to-use controller is installed within a conveniently accessible box, empowering you to manage and adjust your foundation’s watering schedule as needed across different seasons for optimal soil moisture control.

Take Control

5. Subsurface

For the final step in Olshan’s Drought Defense System installation, all crucial components are interconnected using durable PVC piping, carefully positioned 12 to 18 inches beneath the surface. This subsurface installation technique ensures that the aesthetic of your lawn remains pristine while the system discreetly performs its vital function of foundation hydration.

Thirsty Foundation? Quench Cracks and Prevent Foundation Disaster

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Well, our foundation was repaired this week. It is AMAZING!!!!! Once they "jacked" it up you could immediately tell the difference! So cool! When you walk to that side of the house, you don't go downhill. Oh my goodness - what a HUGE difference. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

- Bev & Mike, Austin TX