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Port Arthur homeowners have frequently encountered problems caused by soil instability. The heaving, sinking, or washing away of soil beneath a home can damage or displace a foundation, creating a cascade effect that ultimately compromises the structural integrity of the house the foundation was built to support.

If this hasn’t happened to you yet it still could, and if you do nothing it may in fact be inevitable.

But there is good news: as a Port Arthur homeowner, you have access to the highly trained Structural Technicians at Olshan Foundation Solutions, the premier foundation repair provider in Texas. At Olshan we enjoy an unparalleled reputation for technical excellence and customer service, and if you have a foundation problem we are ready to help.

If you’ve noticed any signs of foundation trouble or would simply like to have your foundation checked to be sure everything is okay, contact us today to arrange a free inspection.

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South Texas is Prone to Foundation Upheaval

Port Arthur foundation repairThe aftermath of Hurricane Harvey was devastating for Port Arthur residents, many of whom experienced flooding. Many of those that did not flood still experienced foundation problems as the intense washing of the soil left many homes on uneven ground.

In addition to the ongoing risk of flooding, the soil in the Port Arthur area is often rich in clay and therefore vulnerable to repeated cycles of water saturation and excessive drying. As clay soil soaks up water following rainfall or flooding it expands in volume, only to dry up and contract during the scorching days of a Texas summer. Foundations rise and fall as soil volume changes, and this causes damage that may be undetectable at first but could eventually lead to a major problem.

In this part of the country, nature can put your home and foundation through a rough and treacherous ride. Fortunately, Olshan offers solutions for foundation problems both big and small.

Foundation Repair in Southeast Texas

Soil instability and volatility put your slab foundation at risk for sinking, sliding, cracking, crumbling, and dislocation, which can lead to excessive and destructive moisture penetration. Foundation damage is troublesome and will only get worse over time, and that is why you should take action as soon as trouble is observed.

If you’re seeing the signs or feeling the effects of a deteriorating foundation, Olshan in Port Arthur can give you exclusive access to the most innovative and reliable foundation repair system available: Olshan’s patented Cable Lock™ ST Plus Foundation Repair System.

Combining the penetrating utility of steel piers with the solidity of concrete pilings, the Cable Lock™ ST Plus represents a true breakthrough in foundation repair technology. Cable Lock™ ST Plus interlocking support columns will help lift your home’s foundation, helping to make it resistant to further heaving, sinking, cracking, or movement.

While the Cable Lock™ ST Plus is usually the best choice, in some instances we may recommend simple pressed pilings as a more budget-friendly alternative. This reliable, time-tested method of foundation reinforcement is entirely suitable for many homes and many types of foundation problems. This solution has helped many homeowners restore their homes and foundations to good health, and with Olshan’s expert installation services you’ll be able to rest easy knowing the job has been done right.

Contact us today to arrange your no-cost evaluation. If we find signs of foundation damage we’ll let you know what your options are and give you an accurate quote and repair plan, as well as easy payment options.

Cracks in Concrete? Introducing the Concrete Crack Lock

One recent example of Olshan’s commitment to excellence is our brand new, patent-pending Concrete Crack Lock™ wall crack, floor crack, and slab crack repair method. Crack Lock™is the latest in a long line of exciting innovations offered by the team at Olshan.Cracks can deepen and widen if left unaddressed. The Concrete Crack Lock™ system helps improve the appearance of cosmetic cracks by sealing the crack and reducing further expansion.

Designed for fast and mess-free installation, the Crack Lock™ is strong, minimally invasive, and cost-effective.

Port Arthur Home Elevation (Shoring) to Protect Your Home Against Future Flooding

Hurricane Harvey affected many south Texas homeowners, and many are now seeking extra protection against the risks of future flooding.

There is a solution. Home Elevation or “shoring” allows homes or buildings to be elevated anywhere from a few inches to 20 feet above their current grade, without damaging the. The process can be completed in a reasonable amount of time – in fact the elevation itself only takes a few hours – and once the home elevation is complete your home will sit above base flood elevation.

At the cutting edge of the house raising field, only Olshan offers the Unified Lifting System is conjunction with the Cable Lock ST Plus Support System.

Could home elevation be a viable alternative for you? We can help with that. We offer a free, no-obligation home elevation consultation, and if you choose to undergo the home elevation procedure we can provide payment options that will keep the process more affordable.

Olshan Foundation Repair is Your Most Reliable Choice for Foundation Repair & Home Elevation in Southeast Texas

As a homeowner in the southeast Texas region, you cannot afford to take the health of your foundation for granted. Please contact our Port Arthur team (located in Beaumont) today to speak with a representative who can answer your questions and setup a convenient appointment time for your free evaluation.

Olshan has the skills and knowledge to tackle any foundation or home elevation project, no matter how unique or challenging.

Thank you again, to all of the men involved with our repairs. And, thank you for being a company that we can trust and depend on when things go wrong around our home.

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