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Dallas Concrete Leveling Services

If you have a concrete slab that is out of level, about to crack, or already cracking, the PolyLift™ system used by Olshan Foundation Repair is an affordable and long-lasting solution.  Years ago, lifting and leveling concrete was often repaired using a messy method called, “Mudjacking,” but new techniques and technologies work much faster compared to outdated mudjacking repairs. Our new PolyLift™ system is more affordable and works in minutes, instead of days. 

What causes concrete to settle?

Moisture or poor construction can cause your concrete structures to become uneven and crack – sometimes creating a tripping hazard in your home, yard, sidewalk or driveway.  Tree roots can also cause issues that need to be fixed to make sure the areas around and in your home are safe.

The PolyLift™ System Explained:

PolyLift™ is an industrial-strength concrete leveling solution that is used to gently raise sunken concrete in minutes, with little-to-no-mess.

PolyLift™ works by injecting a long-lasting, environmentally safe polyurethane mixture beneath the structure, and can be used to help level almost any type of uneven concrete.

  • Concrete Slab Foundations
  • Basement Floors
  • Sidewalks
  • Streets
  • Patios, Porches & Sunrooms
  • Pool Decks
  • Concrete Pads
  • Almost any type of Flatwork

Most of the time small ⅝” holes are drilled in your concrete to inject the PolyLift™ so it’s minimally invasive and does not involve days of work and tearing out whole sections of your concrete slab, patio, or driveway.  Most repairs can be completed in just minutes!

Quick, clean, and effective concrete leveling

polyurethane foam injection

Benefits of the PolyLift™ System

  • Minimal Disruption – Your landscaping and surrounding areas are left undisturbed
  • Fast – Can often be completed in just a few minutes for simple fixes
  • Easy Process – No large crews, loud noises, or unsightly excavation. You can go about your day and keep your business open during service
  • Modern Approach – New technology makes this much more affordable than antiquated mudjacking techniques.
  • Environmentally Friendly – 39%-49% renewable and recycled materials – also little to no waste once the polyurethane has been injected.

Concrete Leveling for business properties in Dallas, TX

If you’re running a business there’s usually no reason to shut down operations during the repair. Our team will keep the mess to a minimum and clean up after themselves – the only evidence that we have been there will be your smooth, like-new concrete slab, streety, walkway, or parking lot.  This means your operations won’t be interrupted and you don’t have to figure lost work hours into your budget for this minimally invasive repair.

concrete leveling

PolyLift™ concrete leveling is faster, cleaner and more affordable compared to outdated mudjacking methods. It’s great for both Residential & Commercial applications. Estimates are 100% free.



What our Dallas Concrete Leveling Clients Have to Say!

Olshan’s crew lead by Pedro Villalobos did an awesome job on my patio slab raising and leveling back to proper height. Prior to the work Pedro went over and explained in detail the process and expectation!  Expanding foam, Two brick post support was used to secure the lifted slab 3 inch of one corner of the patio that supported brickwork around the BBQ/Fridge/side burner. Super knowledgeable and very professional crew.  Awesome work. Thank you! RR in Mansfield”

July 26, 2020