6 Fast and affordable repair secrets that make sunken concrete look like new

sunken concrete sidewalk

Cracked, sunken concrete can make a house look run down way before its time. Those heaved sidewalks and uneven driveways can hurt the curb appeal of even the best kept properties. If you’ve got concrete surfaces that need help, you might have considered busting them out and pouring new ones, only to give up the idea in the face of sticker shock.

Concrete replacement is pricey!

Fortunately, thanks to some smart technology, you don’t have to choose between paying a killer repair bill or living with sagging, broken concrete surfaces around your house. Now, there’s a fast, affordable, and environmentally friendly way to lift that concrete back into alignment without the hassle, disruption, and cost of extreme “rip and replace” projects.

Concrete structures can often settle, heave and crack over time

Over time, even the most expertly placed concrete surfaces — patios, sidewalks, driveways — can shift when the soil underneath starts to erode. As you can imagine, this can be caused by all sorts of conditions, ranging from poor grading to excessive storm runoff. Gradually, patches of soil either wash away completely, or lose their ability to support the concrete above.

New concrete leveling methods can save homeowners a ton of cash

Fortunately, interesting new repair methods are now available to level concrete (and level your driveway) instead of having to shell out thousands of dollars of replacement.

Using an environmentally safe polyurethane foam, installers can drill a few non-invasive holes in the sagging parts of your concrete, wherever it happens to sit on your property. A quiet, pressurized delivery system pushes the polyurethane into the void below, and gently lifts the concrete until it’s near-even with the surrounding surface. In essence, the soil’s holding power is fully restored.

All of this is done with just 1 or 2 technicians and no noisy, heavy equipment. The whole thing only takes a few minutes per section, and leaves no mess, unlike the old-school mudjacking process that contractors used to employ. Even better, you can start using the lifted area immediately — walk, play, drive, whatever. No waiting for days while things cure.

polyurethane foam injection

Here are the top six reasons to go with a polyurethane approach like Olshan’s PolyLift method:

  1. More safety: Immediately clear trip hazards from around your home. Not only does this appeal to trick-or-treaters and holiday visitors, it’s a vital safety issue for older residents, or anyone who might have special mobility needs.
  2. Improved curb appeal: Your odds of attracting the right buyer and getting full price for your house will go up significantly with a PolyLift treatment. This is a simple and affordable way to help maximize the value of your home.
  3. Higher quality of life: You don’t have to put your house on the market to enjoy its full value. It’s great to look around your beautified property and get maximum enjoyment, especially from freshly aligned outdoor living areas like a patio or pool deck.
  4. More responsible ownership: Because products on par with PolyLift are safe for the environment, you can take pride in doing more to keep your family safe and healthy. Clean materials also help you protect your investment in a thriving landscape.
  5. Solid financial value: Because a professional solution like PolyLift costs far less than demolishing and replacing your concrete, you can put that money to work for you in other areas of your life. Save, invest, or spend it on something other than home repair.
  6. Less invasive and disruptive: Outdated technologies like mudjacking used to take a lot of loud, heavy equipment, a lot more installation time, and usually involved making a mess of your property. PolyLift goes in simply and quietly, without messy digging.

Learn more about the affordable alternative to concrete replacement, Olshan’s PolyLift system.

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