Crack Repair & Concrete Lifting

Concrete Crack Repair
With CrackLock™

Are cracks in your walls, floors or outdoor walkways becoming an eyesore? Have the cracks been getting worse over time? Are you looking for a clean and easy way to patch them?

See CrackLock™

The Concrete CrackLock System is uniquely engineered to help stop cracks in concrete slabs, poured walls, masonry, concrete block foundations, columns, industrial buildings, bridges, foundations, swimming pools, as well as preparation for floor coatings. Learn More Now

Lift & Level Sunken

Concrete With PolyLift™

Sagging floors? Sinking driveway? Uneven sidewalk? Uneven concrete is an eyesore than can also become a safety hazard.

See PolyLift™

PolyLift™ is a clean and efficient technology designed to gently lift sunken concrete in minutes. Our environmentally-safe approach is faster, cleaner and more affordable compared to outdated mudjacking methods. Learn More Now