Repair Cracks in Pools

Cracks in your pool?  Make pool cracks disappear with CrackLock and start using your pool again!

pool crack sealedWhat’s better on a hot day than a cool dip in a sparkling pool? Building one can be a huge investment, but for many homeowners, the joy they get from a swimming pool makes it the best part of any backyard paradise. After that kind of outlay, the last thing you want is to have to tell your family and friends that the pool is closed because of cracks or structural failure.

What causes in-ground pools to crack?

First, any time dirt and concrete get together, some minor settling is normal and expected. Occasionally, you might see superficial cracks in the plaster surface coating that don’t go all the way through the deeper structural shell of the pool. Contractors refer to this underlying reinforced concrete structure as the “pool body” which is surrounded by a wider “bond beam” that keeps the whole thing stable.

Most concrete pools can last for years with the right routine maintenance. There are several reasons why they can fail:

  • The supporting soil can erode and recede from the concrete shell

  • Tree roots can press in on the concrete causing it to weaken

  • The soil around the pool may not have been properly filled or compacted

  • Moisture conditions in the soil can cause it to dry out and lose its load-bearing properties

  • Improper construction practices can lead to early failure of the pool body

What can you do about cracks in your pool?

Fortunately, if you see bigger cracks in your pool or signs of deeper structural failure, there are affordable repair options out there. With the right expert help, you can quickly get your pool back in top shape and ensure worry-free use again for years to come. A trustworthy repair company will help you diagnose the true extent of the damage and identify the best repair solution.

The first step is to locate the source of the trouble and eliminate the underlying cause. Again, this could be a problem with the soil, the materials used, the way they were installed, or some other factor like invading tree roots. Next, the area around the crack has to be prepared and cleaned to ensure an effective repair that will remain stable once the pool is refilled.

The best pool repair experts will use a durable, yet lightweight technology to lock both sides of the crack together and prevent any further movement. Next they’ll seal the repaired area with industrial grade epoxy paste, allowing for a smooth and easy-to-finish surface.

The best technology also happens to deliver the best value

Olshan uses an innovative technology for pool repair called Crack Lock™ that gives you the combined advantages of reliability and affordability. Crack Lock™ is a minimally invasive pool repair method that not only restores the cracked area to like-new condition, it also improves seismic strength of the repair. The repair process is fast, simple, and easy on your budget.

Another Crack Lock™ advantage is that the process is much cleaner than outdated pool repair methods. Because of the advanced carbon fiber technology that Olshan uses, you get far greater strength with much less disruption to the surface of your pool. Olshan technicians remove less concrete and use less epoxy material, resulting in a much more efficient repair.

Sealing cracks in pools. How it works

What about cracks in a concrete pool deck

cracks in pool deck sealed

Crack Lock™ isn’t just for the interior of your pool. It’s also ideal for repairing surrounding concrete pool decks and just about any other type of concrete surface. Imagine being able to quickly and inexpensively upgrade the livability of your entire pool area! Olshan makes this possible with affordable and non-invasive Crack Lock™ advanced repair technology.

Crack Lock™ not only seals cracks securely and completely, it also helps to prevent further movement around the cracked area. It’s easy to finish and restore a like-new appearance, and is also effective at eliminating dangerous trip hazards around your pool deck so friends and family can safely enjoy your backyard retreat again.

Go with the industry leader

Crack Lock™ is a proven pool repair option you can choose with confidence. For over 90 Years, Olshan has been a trusted concrete repair expert, known for superior customer service and industry leading warranty protection.

To learn more about how Olshan’s Crack Lock™ pool repair technology works, or to schedule a free inspection, contact your local office today. Olshan is ready to get you back in the pool and protect your investment (and your enjoyment!) for years to come.