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Sidewalks are seldom thought about when it comes to leveling concrete in and around a home. That is until someone trips and falls, or the value of the home decreases due to cracked or unlevel sidewalks. Sidewalk leveling as well as sidewalk repair is one of the easiest ways to ensure that any family, friends, or passersby are safe while walking by the home, as well as ensures the aesthetics and value of the home are not taken away from. 


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What’s Involved in Olshan Sidewalk Repair Services?

Our team at Olshan Foundation Repair uses polyurethane foam to efficiently, and effectively level sinking or cracked sidewalks. The PolyLift™ concrete leveling system is used by Olshan Foundation Repair to provide homeowners with a quick and efficient solution to sidewalk leveling problems such as cracks or damage. We use a process that allows polyurethane sidewalk repair and leveling to be accomplished without creating a large amount of mess, or taking an extended period of time to complete. Here is how the process works:

The PolyLift™ Concrete Leveling System

  1. PolyLift Step 1 – In order to reach the soil underneath the concrete, a small hole of approximately ⅝” is drilled through the slab. A polyurethane sidewalk lifting foam mixture is then injected into the hole, assisting in structural stabilization, and helping to get the concrete to an acceptable more-level grade. 
  2. PolyLift Step 2 – It is our goal to maintain a clean and tidy work environment by undertaking this minimally invasive repair process. The majority of homeowners do not wish to undergo a repair process that occupies a large amount of space and takes an extended period of time. Thus, this type of repair is an excellent choice and the most economical.
  3. After PolyLift – We perform sidewalk lifting in your area in just a few minutes, leaving little to no mess behind. The affected area is then patched and smoothed by our expert team. 


Mudjacking Sidewalk Vs. Sidewalk Lifting Foam

Mudjacking is a traditional method of concrete leveling that has been used for many decades. However, mudjacking and sidewalk foam lifting are two completely different processes with varying outcomes. Knowing the difference between the two processes will help home and business owners fully understand the sidewalk leveling process, as well as educate them on what is best for their sidewalk. 


What Is Mudjacking & Can It Be Beneficial?

Mudjacking sidewalk repair is the process of injecting a mixture of soil, water, and cement under the sidewalk. While mudjacking has long been known as a proper way to level and repair concrete, it is no longer considered the most efficient. 

The mudjacking process tends to be messy, and time-consuming which has the capacity to cause damage to surrounding landscaping. This is problematic for sidewalk repair, as it can create a very unappealing and prolonged construction process that is on full display for the neighborhood to see. 

Additionally, mudjacking is not a permanent solution to concrete sidewalk repair. The soil mixture injected underneath the sidewalk will eventually settle over time, thus causing the sidewalk to sink, crack, and become uneven again. Furthermore, the mudjacking concrete sidewalk leveling cost can be significantly higher than newer and more permanent solutions, such as Olshan’s PolyLift™ system.  For areas with heavy loads or high traffic, mudjacking is not recommended. The PolyLift™ concrete leveling system offers the best method of sidewalk lifting near you


Benefits of the PolyLift™ System

There are several benefits to choosing Olshan’s PolyLift™ system, when compared to traditional concrete sidewalk repair and leveling. Our concrete experts have the knowledge and experience necessary to complete any concrete leveling project efficiently, promptly, and without creating a significant mess while completing the project. Therefore, our PolyLift™ system levels sidewalks in a faster, cleaner, and more economical manner.   

Homeowners aren’t the only ones who can utilize our sidewalk foam repair services, as we also provide commercial sidewalk lifting near you. It is possible to restore sagging, crumbling, damaged, or uneven sidewalks within minutes with our PolyLift system. As a result, homeowners and business owners are able to continue their daily activities (or operations) uninterrupted during the construction process, because our process requires no disruption to their daily routines.


How Much Does Concrete Sidewalk Leveling Cost?

While we have discussed two concrete sidewalk leveling options, they do vary in cost. The same can be said for each individual project, as each sidewalk and home will have it’s own factors playing into leveling the sidewalk.  Based on previous data from, mudjacking projects cost between $3-$6 per square foot, averaging $1,500 per average project.

Based on previous sidewalk leveling foam projects we have conducted, the average cost of PolyLift™ repair is as low as $700 with the average project coming in around $2,300.


A+ BBB-Rated Sidewalk Leveling Service

An uneven sidewalk surface can make it difficult to walk on, particularly for older individuals or those with mobility issues, thus increasing the risk of falls or other accidents. Furthermore, unlevel or cracked sidewalks can also lead to water pooling, which can cause damage to the sidewalk itself as well as the driveway, as well as create slippery conditions that can be dangerous for pedestrians, family members, guests, delivery drivers, etc. In addition, unlevel sidewalks can also divert water to the front yard, which can cause serious issues with landscaping and home foundation. If the cracked sidewalk is directly next to the home, pooling water can lead to the need for foundation repairs. Overall, it is important to seek professional concrete sidewalk repair and leveling services provided by Olshan Foundation Repair


Reviews of Olshan’s Sidewalk Leveling Services

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”Our Tech, Rory, came by today to do an inspection and quote for our foundation. He was awesome – both friendly and professional. I could tell he has excellent technical knowledge and is trustworthy. I appreciated his thorough explanation of the issues with the foundation, and his coordination with our landlord to find the best solutions. I’d be happy to have him/his team/Olshan work with us.”

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”Don arrived on time, actually a little early. He was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. He did a thorough inspection of the property and notified us that there was no action needed in the near term. He told us to contact him in six months, if we noted anything new and he would come back to make a follow-up inspection. We are very happy with how he dealt with us and would recommend him to anyone needing his services.”

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