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Pool deck repair service near youFor many homeowners, having a pool is not just simply for taking a relaxing dip whenever needed.

Homeowners use their pool spaces for all sorts of outdoor gatherings including birthday parties, barbecues, family get-togethers, and many other events. Therefore, homeowners want to ensure that their pool decks are in tip-top shape and don’t have any blemishes.

Over time, pool decks can begin to crack, warp, and become uneven.

When there are gatherings at a home around the pool area, cracked or uneven concrete surfaces don’t just look unappealing, but they can also pose a danger to guests and household members.

Especially with children running around, it’s important to utilize the pool deck repair services provided by the team here at Olshan Foundation Repair.

Olshan Foundation Repair’s team of concrete leveling experts know how to effectively and efficiently utilize our PolyLift™ System to restore uneven and cracked concrete pool decks to satisfactory condition.

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In situations where access is limited and low intrusion is required, our PolyLift™ method is ideal for lifting and leveling pool decks. The Olshan Foundation Repair company is capable of leveling and raising sunken pool decks with a minimal amount of damage to the concrete and surrounding structure.

The process of leveling a cracked concrete pool deck is simple. The affected areas of concrete are drilled through, our PolyLift™ method is applied, and the space becomes fully functional again within just a few hours if not minutes.

This is as simple as it gets!

Learn more about our pool deck concrete crack repair services near you by scheduling an onsite or video quote with Olshan Foundation Repair today.

Why Should You Repair Pool Deck Cracks?

Pools and pool decks are designed to be spaces where families can relax, catch up with old friends, and generally have a good time. When pool decks become damaged, it can be difficult to enjoy the beauty of the pool and backyard.

Best concrete pool deck crack repair near youThere are two main reasons why homeowners should choose pool deck leveling or pool deck repair services.

Safety – When pool decks become cracked, sunken, or uneven it creates a significant safety hazard to everyone in the area. Children who are running around or back and forth from the pool may trip and fall causing injuries. No parent or homeowner wants to see their children or their children’s friends get injured while simply trying to have a day of fun. Repairing the cracked, uneven, or sunken pool deck will prevent any injuries from happening, and keep everyone safe.

Value Of Home – Cracked and uneven pool decks are an unpleasant sight for prospective homeowners. When looking for a new home, prospective buyers do not want to have to look at an ugly pool deck while enjoying their new home. Therefore any pool deck that is in obvious need of repair could lower the value of the home, which could result in the homeowner losing more money than the repair is worth in the first place. Pool deck concrete crack repair provided by Olshan Foundation Repair is the best way to restore the pool deck back to satisfactory condition, and even increase the value of your home.

Signs That Pool Deck Repair Service Is Needed

There are a few signs that homeowners can look for to notify them of the need for pool deck repair services. The following are the most common warning signs of damage to the pool deck.

Cracked Concrete – Identifying pool deck cracks is one of the easiest ways to determine when a pool deck needs to be repaired. When concrete cracks, it exposes itself and everything underneath to the natural elements, which can cause the entirety of the concrete pool deck to deteriorate and break down. This is much more than an eyesore, as cracked concrete is often a sign of trouble for the home’s pool deck, and the cracks could be signs of underlying issues that need to be attended to immediately.

Overlapping Concrete Pool Deck Slabs – In many cases, overlapping concrete pool deck slabs are the result of slabs sinking and should be rectified as soon as possible. As overlapping slabs are often uneven, they are dangerous tripping hazards that may result in the home becoming a liability. Furthermore, overlapping slabs make it difficult to decorate the pool deck of a home, and can seem unappealing to guests or prospective buyers.

Sinking Concrete – Homeowners may need to seek pool deck leveling or pool deck repair services if they notice that the concrete slabs are sinking into the ground. Expansive soils can easily sink into the dirt, resulting in uneven slabs as they shrink and grow according to the weather.

What Method is the Best Concrete Pool Deck Crack Repair?

There are various methods that can be used to perform concrete pool deck crack repair. However, many of these methods are not long-lasting and take copious amounts of project time.

If homeowners notice that their pool decks are sunken, uneven, or have cracked, they tend to wait to have them repaired instead of seeking pool deck concrete crack repair immediately.

In some cases, homeowners may choose to ignore unlevel, cracked, or settling concrete pool decks entirely. It may not be necessary to determine the type of repair immediately, depending on the severity of the unevenness and cracking.

Homeowners should not delay repairing their concrete pool decks for an extended period of time if they are unlevel or have excessive cracking.

In the absence of action, not only may a hazardous environment be created, but it may also lead to further problems beneath the concrete. Without the homeowner’s knowledge, exposure to natural elements can cause further problems under the concrete pool deck, leading to costly repairs in the future, or even the need to totally replace the concrete pool deck.

Homeowners that choose Olshan Foundation Repair’s PolyLift™ System to level or repair their concrete pool decks will experience much more benefits than traditional patio deck leveling methods.

The PolyLift™ Concrete Leveling System

Olshan PolyLiftTM System has the advantage of being simple, quick, and efficient without leaving a mess behind. Here’s how our process works:

  1. Before PolyLift – The dangers associated with uneven concrete are numerous, in addition to the fact that it is an unsightly feature. On a positive note, the PolyLift installation process is straightforward and easy on your home.
  2. PolyLift Step 1 – In order to reach the emerging void under the concrete structure, a hole of approximately 5/8″ is drilled through the slab. Afterward, a Polyurethane mixture is pumped deep beneath the slab to fill the void between soil and concrete, working to help stabilize the structure.
  3. PolyLift Step 2 – Clean up of the work site commences. In order to maintain a clean and tidy work environment, the minimally invasive repair process is conducted with the utmost care. In cases where the concrete is structurally deficient and highly susceptible to stress, this repair is the most cost-effective and effective option.
  4. After PolyLift – It takes only minutes for the concrete to be gently lifted, with little or no mess left behind. The affected area is then patched and smoothed by our team. It’s as simple as that!

Benefits of the PolyLift™ System

Our team of foundation experts can install the PolyLift system to quickly and efficiently level or repair a concrete pool deck.

With PolyLift, a concrete pool deck is leveled faster, cleaner, and at a lower cost compared to concrete replacement or outdated mudjacking methods. Furthermore, this product is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Whether the concrete is sagging, damaged, or uneven, our PolyLift system can restore it in only minutes.

During construction, customers and homeowners are not disrupted, so they can continue with their daily routines without interruptions.

For a free pool deck inspection, or to learn more about the benefits of our PolyLift™ System can benefit your pool deck, contact us today!

How the PolyLift™ Pool Deck Concrete Leveling System Works

Our foundation experts use the Olshan PolyLift™ System, which is simple, fast, efficient, and leaves no mess behind.

This is how our process works:

  • Before PolyLift™ – The presence of uneven concrete is associated with a variety of dangers, in addition to being an eyesore. There is no need to be concerned about the installation process of PolyLift™ since it is straightforward and efficient.
  • PolyLift™ Step 1 – In order to reach the subgrade, a hole of ⅝ inches, about the size of a dime, must be drilled through the slab. After that, a Polyurethane mixture is pumped deep beneath the pool deck slab to fill the void between soil and concrete, which helps stabilize the structure.
  • PolyLift™ Step 2 – Cleanliness and tidy work environments are maintained throughout the minimally invasive repair process. This repair is recommended if the home is structurally deficient and highly susceptible to stress.
  • After PolyLift™ – With little to no mess, the concrete is gently lifted within minutes. We then patch and smooth the affected area. The process is simple.

Reviews of Olshan’s Pool Deck Concrete Crack Repair Services

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”Contacted Olshan regarding a free estimate for potential foundation repairs. After a short simple call, they scheduled me for an estimate the next day. Shortly after scheduling the estimate, my technician, Don, called me and quickly informed me of the general protocol, what to expect, and what steps would be taken if the foundation was found structurally compromised. The next day, Don gave me a courtesy call approximately an hour in advance to inform me that he was on his way. He arrived promptly and on-time, and was courteous, professional, and extremely knowledgeable throughout the entirety of the estimate. We concluded that I wasn’t in need of Olshan’s services at the time, but we setup a follow-up 6 months out. The entire experience was pleasant and non-intrusive, which I feel is a rarity when dealing with “free estimates.” I highly recommend contacting Olshan if you suspect any issues with you homes foundation.”

Zack Baker on Google

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”The crew of Miguel, Jose, Gabriel, Luis and Kevin supervised by Teo did a great job of installing a new below ground drainage system with utmost care and attention to details. Thank you very much for fixing what was a long term water management issue.”

Peter Hecht on Google

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”I had an appointment with Olshan for a foundation assessment and received a call ahead from Tracy Gibbs to ask if she could come earlier than our scheduled appointment time. During the appointment, we discussed our past experience with the foundation assessment and she addressed my concerns after taking elevations that our elevations were within tolerance and no foundation repairs were needed at this time. It’s very reassuring to know that there are companies out there that still operate with integrity as a core value and don’t try to sell you something you don’t need. I was very pleased with her communication, professionalism, and honesty.”

Eman Esmaily on Google

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