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Crack in concrete driveway. Olshan's Driveway Leveling & Repair can fix this!Driveways are a common area of high traffic around a home. More often than not, homeowners, as well as their guests have to walk across their driveway to enter and leave their homes. Additionally, homeowners park their cars in their driveways, host garage sales, and allow their children to play in their driveways. Therefore, when a driveway is uneven, cracked, or crumbling, it’s important to have a driveway leveling & repair service near you. 

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Unlevel driveways can be dangerous for a number of reasons. An uneven driveway surface can make it difficult to walk on, particularly for older individuals or those with mobility issues, thus increasing the risk of falls or other accidents. Furthermore, unlevel driveways can also lead to water pooling, which can cause damage to the driveway itself, as well as create slippery conditions that can be dangerous for pedestrians, family members, guests, delivery drivers, etc. In addition, unlevel driveways can also divert water to the foundation of the house, which can lead to the need for foundation repairs and in some cases, needing basement waterproofing. Overall, it is important to seek the professional concrete driveway leveling services near you provided by Olshan Foundation Repair

What Is Driveway Leveling & Repair?

Driveway leveling is the process of smoothing out and leveling the surface of a driveway. This is done to improve the appearance of the driveway, increase its durability, and prevent issues like water pooling or damage to vehicles. Additionally, leveling a driveway can also increase the overall curb appeal of a home, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Overall, driveway leveling is a beneficial process for homeowners as it improves the function and aesthetics of the driveway. Our team of professional driveway leveling and repair services near you can help! Contact us for a FREE estimate.

Is Your Driveway in Need of Repair?

Due to the fact that driveways in need of leveling or repair can cause further damage to the driveway as well as the foundation of the home, it’s important to be able to recognize the warning signs of driveway damage. When a homeowner knows and is able to identify an issue with their driveway, they can quickly and efficiently schedule driveway leveling or driveway repair. If left unrepaired or unleveled, a driveway could cause damage to the home’s value, as well as the homeowner’s finances. Therefore, here are the warning signs that a driveway needs to be leveled.

Cracks In Driveway

A crack in the concrete is one of the most common indicators that it needs to be leveled. Cracks that are beginning to form should be addressed by one of our professionals as soon as possible. Cracks in a driveway can be dangerous as they can cause tripping hazards and can be a risk for accidents. Additionally, if left unrepaired, these cracks can worsen over time and can cause further damage to the driveway. Furthermore, cracks in a driveway can also allow water to seep through and can cause issues with the foundation of the house, and can lead to costly repairs.

Water Pooling In Driveway

As a result of an unlevel or damaged driveway, water can begin to pool and stand for a lengthy period of time. When a homeowner notices water pooling in the driveway, they should contact our driveway repair experts near you to ensure it does no further damage to the driveway or even the foundation. Water pooling in a driveway can cause foundation damage as water can seep into the foundation and cause erosion or destabilization of the foundation over time. Additionally, if the water is not drained properly, it can cause hydrostatic pressure to build up against the foundation, which can lead to cracks and shifting in the foundation. Furthermore, water pooling can also lead to mold, mildew, and rot, which can cause significant damage to the structure of the home over time.

Tree Roots & Driveways

Large trees with extensive roots can create problems for concrete structures like driveways. Large trees can remove vital moisture from the soils supporting the concrete driveway, causing the soils underneath to erode. Over time, as the dirt continues to deteriorate, voids begin to form between the poured concrete driveway and the soil it sits on. To remedy this, polyurethane foam or slurry can be injected to fill the voids and raise the driveway back up. A root barrier should be added to block the tree roots from stealing important moisture away from the driveway (and foundation).

Warping Of Driveway

A driveway that is warped may be indicative of unlevel concrete. Our experts at Olshan Foundation Repair recommend that homeowners contact us if they notice warping or sagging in their driveways. Warped driveways should be repaired as they can be dangerous to walk on and can cause damage to vehicles.

Additionally, a warped driveway can also lead to water pooling, which can cause damage to the driveway itself and the foundation of the house. Furthermore, a warped driveway can also decrease the curb appeal of the house and make it less attractive to potential buyers.

Separation & Crumbling Of Driveway

Over time, an uneven or damaged driveway may start to separate or crumble. Homeowners may notice their driveway pulling away from their home, or the edges of their driveway crumbling. It’s recommended to contact our experts in driveway leveling and repair near you before this separation or crumbling allows water to seep down into the foundation. Additionally, crumbling or separation of the driveway can cause it to become unstable, which could cause someone to get hurt in the long run. 

Mudjacking Driveway Vs. Driveway Foam Lifting

What Is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking driveway repair is a method of leveling a concrete surface by pumping a mixture of soil, water, and cement under the slab. While mudjacking was once a common method of leveling driveways, it is now considered an outdated technique. The process of mudjacking can be messy, time-consuming, and can cause damage to the surrounding landscape. 

Additionally, mudjacking is not a permanent solution as the soil mixture used will settle over time, and it will require to be redone. The process also requires drilling multiple holes in the concrete slab, which weakens the slab and can lead to additional cracking over time. Furthermore, mudjacking may not be the best solution for heavy loads or high-traffic areas. Overall, there are more advanced and effective methods of driveway leveling, such as our PolyLift™ concrete leveling system, which is more efficient and long-lasting.

The PolyLift™ Concrete Leveling System: The Better Alternative to Mudjacking

Our team at Olshan Foundation Repair use polyurethane foam, to efficiently, and effectively level sinking driveways. We refer to this process as the PolyLift™concrete leveling system.  Our process allows homeowners a quick and efficient solution to their unlevel or damaged driveway problems. Our custom-designed process allows polyurethane driveway leveling to be completed without creating a huge mess, or taking an extended period of time to complete. Here’s how our easy process works:

  1. PolyLift Step 1 – A hole of ⅝” is drilled through the slab, approximately the size of a dime, in order to reach the subgrade. We then inject a polyurethane mixture deep beneath the slab, assisting in the stabilization of the structure. 
  2. PolyLift Step 2 – We take the utmost care in undertaking this minimally invasive repair process in order to maintain a clean and tidy work environment. Many homeowners do not want a repair process that takes up a great amount of space and takes an extended period of time to complete. Therefore, this type of repair is an excellent choice as well as the most economical
  3. After PolyLift – It takes only a few minutes to perform driveway lifting near you, with little, if any, mess left behind. The affected area is then patched and smoothed by our team. The process is as straightforward and simple as can be. 

Benefits Of PolyLift™ System

Using the PolyLift system, which is installed by our concrete experts, we can level your driveway quickly and efficiently. By contrast to the outdated mudjacking method, PolyLift levels concrete driveways in a faster, cleaner, and more economical manner. Furthermore, it is suitable for use both on a residential and commercial scale. With our PolyLift system, sagging, damaged, or uneven driveways can be restored in just minutes. The construction process does not disrupt the daily routines of homeowners or business owners, which allows them to continue with their daily activities (or operations) without interruption. 

PolyLift™ can be used to help level almost any type of uneven concrete.

  • Patios, Porches & Sunrooms
  • Pool Decks
  • Concrete Pads
  • Almost any type of Flatwork

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I cannot express enough of my deep gratitude to the team members at Olshan Foundation Repair. The customer service was exceptional each and every step of the way. [the team] used their magic to get the job done within the time frame as indicated. [the team] along with their dedicated and hardworking team did a fabulous job. Our house needed foundation repairs due to some damage from large roots from the Oak tree along with sidewalk and driveway repair. The whole experience was seamless and each and every member of the team was very professional, courteous and went above and beyond their call of duty to ensure that everything was exactly done to our our liking. Special thanks to the numerous workers who worked tirelessly in the heat to get A+ quality work done.

Sharmeen Baria